The Right Type Of Jeans For Different Body Types

You shouldn’t have to worry about getting the right type of jeans that will suit your body frame, all because you belong to a particular category. Whether you’re tall or short, skinny or plump, there are tricks you can employ that will ensure you get the jeans that suit your body type.

If you will be in the market soon to get a pair of denim, here are the styles of denim you should be on the lookout for to suit your body frame.

If you’re on the big side, it is best you drop your obsession with skinny jeans. There are however a number of tactics you can employ to help reduce the visible optical inches.

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Avoid sloppy loose denim or muffin-top-inducing skinny jeans. Instead, opt for a relaxed low-rise classic fit that helps to provide plenty of room around the thighs for comfort’s sake. You can also go for thinner, lighter denim that doesn’t add unnecessary bulk.

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If you have an athletic and Muscular build, chances are you want to get a pair that shows off all the muscles you’ve gained. Skinny jeans should be your choice. Go for one with a medium rise and a high crotch, as it will help you show off your toned backside.

It’s a bad idea to hide good pins behind loose baggy jeans, heavy denim, or wide boxy legs that will make your already-meaty legs appear too chunky.

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If you’re skinny, then you’re fortunate! Most styles work on a thinner frame, and you can particularly play with contemporary distressed and embroidered styles. Solid, thicker fabric tends to inject a little more mass to your frame, such as selvedge denim in a light colour that expands the perception of space.

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Baggy jeans on skinny legs look messy and skin-tight slim jeans make your legs look like twigs that have been dipped in blue paint. Straight leg jeans, on the other hand, tends to help flatter your slender frame.

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If you’re tall, the best type of denim for you are low or medium-rise jeans that come in boxier cuts to widen rather than elongate your long limbs. It is best you stay away from High-waisted denim, as they only add more fabric and exaggerate your lanky legs even more, as do skinny jeans.

It is best for you if you’re tall, to be aware that there is an ample drop between the waist and the crotch. Leaving the extra room in this area will help you avoid the dreaded chafing. This is not due to any correlation between shoe size and the length of your appendage but to keep your skin intact.

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Short men, on the other hand, should do all they can to avoid low-waisted jeans and should instead, stick to a balanced medium-rise or a leg-lengthening high waist. Choosing this style of the denim will help to elongate the limbs with a flattering fit.

Loose baggy jeans will make you look like you just cupped your big brother’s denim and you’re swimming in the excess material, just as a high crotch and dark raw denim will do the same. Ensure that it fits around the seat of the pant to get an overall good look.


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