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5 Key Pieces You Need In Your Autumn Wardrobe This Year

As much we love the summer season, the one thing that gets us excited about autumn/fall is the fashion collection. Some of the best outfits in fall are made of classic key pieces such as jeans, boots, trench coats, and blouses.

The rich and warm hues of autumn are universally flattering and bring a much-welcomed change from the cotton and chiffon weighted summers. 

If you are looking to put together a fall wardrobe for yourself, look no further as this is the guide for you. Given below are 5 key pieces that you need in your autumn wardrobe this year that can be mixed and matched together to make endless chic combinations: 

1. A Good Pair of Jeans

A good pair of long-lasting jeans can last you for a lifetime. You probably have a couple of favorite pairs in your wardrobe already, and can carry them forward for this fall season too.

Be sure to stock up on any new trending jeans that you may not have already. Some of the popular denim trends of this season are two-toned denim, mom jeans, and cuffed jeans.

2. A Leather Jacket

While most trends may come and go, the leather jacket is a fall staple that has stayed all these years and is likely to stay for many years.

A change that has been noticed by fashion connoisseurs however is the emergence of oversized leather jackets for women. A leather jacket can enhance absolutely any look without trying too hard.

3. A Pair of Good Boots

A good pair of boots can elevate almost any look and hence this is a wardrobe staple you absolutely cannot miss out on. The most trending pair of boots this season are heeled, knee-high black boots, and investing in a pair of boots is a good decision as they are likely to last you for several years.

4. A Good Blazer

The great thing about a blazer is that it can be dressed up and down accordingly with what you feel like wearing that day. To dress up for the office, pair your blazer with a tank top, scarf, and tailored pants.

For a casual night out, pair your blazer with a t-shirt and mom jeans. If you are having trouble finding the right blazer that is both functional and trendy, head over to Viktoria & Woods Australia for their well-curated collection of blazers and jackets.

5. An Oversized Button-down

Another staple piece that you should be adding to your fall wardrobe is an oversized button-down shirt. This trend is a throwback to the ‘90s and pays homage to Valentino’s popular designs.

It can be worn in endless ways and can be paired with jeans, a blazer and knee-high boots, and whatnot.

Setting your wardrobe for every season is almost therapeutic for most fashion lovers. The fact that you curate your wardrobe in preparation for the oncoming season speaks volumes about your self-care and sense of style and these key pieces are wardrobe essentials that you simply shouldn’t miss out on.

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