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How To Get Rid Of Saggy or Loose Skin

There are several reasons you can develop saggy skin, once you gain weight, it can be tough to reverse. The reasons for saggy skin can be due to a number of reasons including ageing, pregnancy, and weight loss.

Saggy skin develops areas around face, neck, stomach, arms, legs, and buttocks. While there are treatments options like cosmetic surgery to treat its visibility, many people are not comfortable with it.

In this article, you’ll learn how to get rid of this loose skin without any side effect.

How To Get Rid Of Saggy or Loose Skin

Here are the best tips you can try out to prevent loose skin.

1. Exercise:

Taking up weight training exercises can build up muscle mass and lessen the appearance of saggy skin, especially if the problem arises from weight loss. If excessive fat swells up the skin for a long duration, the skin may lose its ability to lose weight. Replacing the fat dropped with muscle mass can reduce the appearance of flabby skin.

Or if the problem persists due to a recent pregnancy, you can consult a health practitioner before exercising to know which routine suits your body the best.

2. Firming Creams:

While firming creams are often lightweight, they may improve the appearance of loose or saggy skin, especially dehydrated skin. A lot of times, results can be visible instantly but are not long-lasting.

Deep moisturizing can make fines lines and ageing signs less visible. You may look up firming creams that contain retinoid. This formulation can prevent free radical damage that can affect collagen negatively. Using retinoid products can boost collagen production and treat the appearance of wrinkles.

If you wish to go for a natural remedy, try a topical solution like grape-seed oil. This can instantly tighten and improve the elasticity of the skin.

3. Supplements:

While there are no magic potions to treat saggy skin, certain supplements may help. The names of these supplements are collagen hydrolysate, protein, Vitamin C, and Gelatin.

4. Lose Weight:

Stubborn fat underneath the skin can make the skin look saggy. This type of fat is known as subcutaneous fat. You may cut down on this fat to make the skin appear firmer.

5. Massage:

Massaging saggy skin may increase blood circulation and delay ageing. One study researched the skin massage in combination with anti-ageing formula. It revealed that daily massaging with a manual oscillating massage tool increased the cream effect.

Apart from this, you may opt for a simple method like a sugar or salt scrub for increasing blood flow.

6. Cosmetic Treatments:

There are several non-surgical treatments that can help with flabby skin. These steps include chemical peels, ultrasound skin tightening, ablative laser resurfacing, radio-frequency treatments, and neuro-modulators.

Chemical peels refer to the method of outer skin layer removal which can lessen the appearance of loose skin on face and neck. Once the old shed off, the skin from within appears less wrinkled.

Ultrasound skin tightening procedure makes use of heat to boost collagen production.

Radio-frequency treatment is a form of safe energy transfer that can induce collagen production. This treatment treats the skin’s outermost layer.

Neuro-modulators are also known as Botox. This treatment can relax wrinkles by injecting a toxin called botulinum. While this procedure isn’t holistic, the recovery time is minimal and lessens the appearance of flabby skin.

Ablative laser resurfacing procedure is also known as laser peeling. It is comparable to a chemical peel as it removes the old skin’s outermost layer.

7. Natural Home Remedies.

Home remedies for saggy skin are considered to be less expensive and painful. For many people, these remedies provide a simpler option to other treatments. Here are a few of them:

  • Coffee Scrubs- Coffee contains caffeine which can break down fats known for causing cellulite. In the same way, caffeine can protect against free radicals and improve the circulation of blood flow. Due to this reason, coffee scrubs works as an anti-ageing solution for treating cellulite visibility.
  • Egg white mask- Eggs contain protein, Vitamin A, and retinol which can boost collagen production. Because of this reason, egg white face masks are considered to be one of the most effective home remedies.
  • Aloe vera mask- Another great solution is aloe vera which works great on the skin. For saggy skin, you can try using an aloe vera mask for best effect. Apply a generous layer of the fresh gel on your face. Allow it to sit for 10 minutes before rinsing off. Try it twice or thrice a week for best results.
  • Fuller’s earth and yoghurt pack- This is excellent for tightening skin and lifting it. Mix one-third of both of the ingredients with rose water. Mix well and apply evenly across face and neck. Leave for 10 minutes or until dry.

These are some of the ways to get rid of loose skin. Alongside, avoid the use of smoking, and skin products with harsh chemicals, and use sunscreen whenever you step out.


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