Major Health Benefits Of Tomato For The Skin

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Getting beautiful and radiant skin is every woman’s dream. But that can also mean a lot of money to some, so many consciously, and ignorantly avoid it. But who says you cannot enjoy beautiful, radiant skin at next to nothing?

Nature has made it possible for humans to enjoy the very best of everything, both nutrition and otherwise. Some of the vegetables and fruits we eat have great beauty value, and when applied the right way, can help improve the quality of the skin.

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Tomatoes happen to be one of the most popular foods out there, but it’s mostly popular for eating. Not many people know that it also has good beauty value, but hopefully, by the time you’re done reading this, your impression will change.

So what are the benefits of tomatoes to the skin?

Tomatoes are natural veggies and they are organic too. They are quite beneficial for skin usage, they have anti-oxidants ingredients and can remove skin blemish.

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Mixing tomato puree and honey together leaves your face blemish-free and your skin glowing.

Mix 2 teaspoons of honey to some tomato puree (enough to cover your face). Wash off after 25 mins. These two organic ingredients are rich in nutrients, with abilities on the skin.

Are you struggling with Blackheads? Well, there’s a tomato remedy for it. Mix some Tomato puree, 1tbsp oatmeal and 2tbsp yoghurt, and apply to your face. Wash off after 25 mins. This beauty remedy exfoliates all dead skin cells from your skin pores.

For those battling with dark circles on their face, a tomato mixture can help fix that for you too. So you’ll need tomato puree and 2tbsp of aloe-Vera gel. Mix, apply, and wash off after 20 mins.

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The benefits of this mixture are that the tomatoes will help brighten the dark areas because it contains some lightening properties while the aloe-vera will rejuvenate your skin.

Using tomatoes daily for beauty remedies will give you glowing skin, with quick results and effectiveness when you mix tomato puree, 1tsp of honey, 3 tbsp of flour and 1 tsp of curd. Mix, apply, allow it to dry off and then rinse with water.

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This beauty mixture, when done daily will enhance your face and make it glow. You can also mix tomatoes with Turmeric powder to get a golden glow.

Try these Beauty Tips and enjoy your beautiful glowing skin. Don’t forget to drink lots of water. You need to stay hydrated daily, and your skin needs enough hydration to stay glowing because a lot of toxins are washed away from your system when you urinate.


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