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8+ Commonly Asked Questions On Hymen & Tampon

Menstruation is not always easy for women. And the products that they use have many pros and cons.

Same with tampons that you will have to insert inside your vagina during periods. The method of this menstrual hygiene practice is not as simple as using a sanitary pad. 

However, tampons have many pros. You can use a tampon and perform any activity during periods without fearing leakages.

But sometimes, young women become afraid of breaking their hymen by using a tampon.

That brings the question, “will my hymen break if I use a tampon?” Since a hymen is a sign of virginity as defined by our culture, it is really important to find an answer to this question. 

Well, in this article, we are going to address certain things that concern almost every woman. So keep on reading and explore the facts about tampons and your virginity.

1. Does Using a Tampon Make You Lose Your Virginity?

Technically, your virginity has nothing to do with your hymen. Mythically, if you break your hymen, you are not considered a virgin.

Young women and teenage girls practice different types of activities today. For example, if you swim, do cycling, work out, or dance, etc., on a regular basis, there is a fat chance of your hymen being broken.

The insertion of a tampon is a similar kind of thing. It goes through your outer vaginal walls and inside your vagina to absorb the menstruation fluid.

Virginity refers to a person who has never had penetrative sex with a partner. So it does not matter if you have a hymen or not; you are still a virgin if you have not had sex yet. 

2. Does Inserting a Tampon Breaks the Hymen?

Yes, inserting a tampon in your vagina can break your hymen. The hymen is a thin tissue that covers the entrance of your vagina. This entrance keeps you safe from infections and bacteria.

However, the hymen is so thin that it can be easily broken through simple activities. Even horse riding can have your hymen broken. And inserting a tampon is the easiest way to break your hymen. 

Since a broken hymen is considered a sign of lost virginity, it’s apparent why many girls avoid tampons. However, the idea of a vagina with a broken hymen of not being “pure” is completely cultural and social; it holds no scientific truth. 

3. How To Know If Your Hymen Is Broken?

The easiest way to feel if you have a hymen or not is by self-examining it with a mirror at home. You can bring out a flashlight and a small pocket mirror and position it well so that the vagina is completely visible.

Make sure your hands are disinfected with soap water or hand wash before you try doing this. Once your vagina is in front of the mirror, you can start by parting the labia with your two fingers and see through the vaginal entrance. 

4. What Does a Hymen Actually Look Like?

The shape of the hymen varies from woman to woman and there are four types of hymen. Generally, a hymen is a thin tissue that surrounds your vaginal opening. The tissue is so thin that you could almost miss it.

While having sexual penetration or while inserting a tampon, if your vaginal muscles are relaxed, the hymen can stretch, making the penetration possible. Therefore, you cannot see or feel what a hymen looks like.

Moreover, not everyone comes with a hymen. But those who do have a crescent moon shape or a round hole; lobed-shaped, or fringing hymen, their opening of the vagina is fully covered with this thin tissue. 

5. Does Hymen Grow Back?

No, your hymen can not grow back once it is broken. Even if you stop having sexual intercourse or using a tampon or menstrual cups, it will never be reformed.

So once it is broken, there is little to no chance of growing it back until and unless you’re opting for hymenoplasty surgery. You can choose to undergo hymenoplasty surgery in Gurgaon from experienced gynecologists.

6. Does Breaking Hymen Hurt?

Tearing or breaking your hymen does not always hurt. While having penetrative sex or other activities, your hymen will stretch out. It does not really “break,” so the pain level of breaking your hymen is so low that many people do not even feel it.

But if the penetration feels painful while sex or inserting a tampon, it can be due to a different reason.

Reasons such as not feeling relaxed can make your vaginal area tighten, and that would make inserting a tampon difficult.

During having sex, if you are not aroused enough, you can feel difficulty in penetration. One way to eliminate this is by doing a lot of foreplay before sex and using lubes. Painful sex is not always a fact.

Many people, however, report that first-time sex is painful, but that can be due to many reasons. Lack of proper lubrication is one of them, and an underlying vaginal infection is another. 

If you experience dryness while having sex, talking to a doctor will be your best bet.

7. Does Breaking Hymen Exude Blood?

You can lose a little blood while having sex for the first time, but the amount should not be a lot. The bleeding happens due to the stretches of your hymen. When you insert an outside object inside, your body tries to make a place for it.

And if you are okay and relaxed at the moment, bleeding might not always occur. Even if there is bleeding, it will be slight and of bright red colour. 

8. How Does a Tampon Feel Like Inside of You?

If you position the tampon right inside of you when you are in your period, you won’t feel that you have anything inside at all.

But due to the absorption of menstrual fluid, when the tampon gets heavy, it will feel a little uncomfortable.

You should not be wearing a tampon for more than 8 hours, no matter what its absorption level is. 

There are regular absorbency tampons and super absorbency tampons. If your period rate is heavy, you can use the latter, but other times it is suggested to go for the former option. 

9. What Happens if You Leave a Tampon for Too Long?

The safest way to use a tampon is to change it every 6 to 8 hours and not to leave it inside yourself after that. The longer you will keep on a tampon inside of you after 8 hours, the more chances of catching an infection is there.

Yes, you may suffer from toxic shock syndrome (TSS) that includes symptoms like vomiting, high fever, low blood pressure, etc. If you sleep for more than 8 hours, don’t put on a tampon; use other menstrual products instead. 


We hope that your question- ‘Will my hymen break if I use a tampon?” is answered here. If you are looking for more related information, get consulted with a gynecologist who can help you answer all related queries.

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