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A Guide To Wearing The Right Sunglasses For Your Type Of Face

Sunglasses have become a fashion accessory that a lot of people can pretty much do without and for good reasons too. Especially when the sun decides to come out in all its glory, there is a need to wear sunglasses to protect your face.

However, they do more than protection these days as they have become a fashion staple. To this end, it is important to know the different frame shapes that are available and the type of shape of face you have.

Don’t worry as we present to you every face shape and the types of sunglasses that’ll work with it. From heart-shaped to rhomboid, rectangular to triangular, you’ve got your fair share of picks.

Circular Face Type
If you have a circular face, there are sunglasses that can help flatter your features. Aviator style or any type with a rectangular frame that helps to highlight the shape of your face. A good example is a wayfarer style.

Oval Face Type
The oval face type is fairly common and a few frames can work. However, it is best to go for sunglasses that is at least as wide as the widest part of your face. This will help to accentuate your features and make you look better than you envisage.

Square Face Type
If you are blessed with a square face, you can choose to use oval glasses with a slightly elongated frame. It is best for you to avoid using rectangular frames with sharp edges. This is because they are likely to unnecessarily exaggerate the rectangular look of your face.

Rectangular Face Type
If you fall into this category, you can look your best by making use of oval frames to balance the sharp edges and straight lines that are dominant on your face. You can choose a wide frame that has a height that is greater than its width.

Heart-Shaped Face Type
Select a square frame because it will work best to even out the features and proportions of your face. It is best to stay away from raindrop shaped frames and brow liners.

Rhomboid Face Type
Go for any type of sunglasses that the lens height is greater than the width. Do your best to avoid round and rectangular frames because they won’t go well with your face shape.

Triangular Face Type
If you have this face type, use glasses with heavy raindrop shaped frames. This will help to balance the shape of your face. You can also go for rectangular ones with sharp edges to have a more appealing look.


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