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Facts About Rabbits (Top 10 Most Interesting)

Do you want to know some interesting facts about your rabbits?

If you own a rabbit, you must understand some facts about your bunny because this will help you know what your rabbit wants at a particular time.

In this article, we will look at the top 10 facts you should know about your rabbit.  

Top 10 Facts About Rabbits

Below are some facts about rabbits you should know.

1. A Single Rabbit Is A Lonely Rabbit

Bunnies are social creatures, just like human beings. They are more comfortable and happy when they are two or more.

To avoid indiscriminate mating, you should neuter the male and female rabbits before keeping them together. (As rabbit breeders, we take this into serious consideration, as we don’t need offspring with undesirable traits)

When alone, rabbits can become extremely depressed and lonely. Your take point is that rabbits love company and are readily depressed when they don’t have one.

2. Bunnies Have A Lifespan Of 8 To 12 Years

Are you surprised?  You read it right; most rabbits can live up to 12 years. 

Knowing this fact can help determine if you can look after your pet rabbit for that long. 

This lifespan is only possible when your rabbit is well taken care of.

If you know you won’t be able to look after your rabbit for that long, we advise you not to adopt anyone unless you plan to sell it off one day.

3. Bunnies Are Masters Of Hearing

They can rotate their ears to about 180 degrees to pinpoint a specific sound location. This fact is what differentiates rabbits from other pets. And guess what? This is a wow fact!

4. Rabbits Are Born With Their Eyes Shut 

Rabbits are born with the lower and upper eyelids stuck shut to protect the eye, including the optic nerve and the eye globe.

Kittens don’t open their eyes for a week or so after birth and can’t see as well as a fully grown cat until they are several months old.

5. Homegrown Bunnies Are Closer Than Wild Rabbits

This fact may not go down well with some rabbit owners, but that is true. They may look innocent with their domesticated behavior, but the fact remains that their approach and perspective of their surroundings are not different from that of their wild counterparts.

This is because, naturally, they are pretty, meaning that they are hunted by other animals in the wild, and so to survive, they are always in a state of constant alertness. 

This fact shows why several rabbits don’t enjoy being picked up. Eventually, they will run away, hide, nip, or even bite you if you try to pick them up.

6. Rabbits Can Communicate Through Body Behavior

Some rabbit caretakers call it a secret code, but to us, it is nothing close to that. It is just a bunch of body movements or behaviors that rabbits use to communicate with their owners. 

For instance, a bunny can clench its facial muscles and constantly change its body position when worried; this sign is hard to pick up easily if you don’t know about it.

Rabbits are so misunderstood because of body language and signs. You must learn about this.

7. Rabbit Teeth Are In Constant Growth

The most common problem that rabbits suffer is the case of overgrown teeth. It is very common, and the good news is that most overgrown tooth problems are preventable.

As a result of this weird teeth growth, many rabbit owners have become regular visitors to the vets.  But you can prevent this problem by feeding your rabbit hay. 

8. Rabbits “binky’ When Happy

When a bunny is a binky, they try to tell you they are happy. They do this by hopping in the air, twisting their body, and sometimes they will kick their feet. All are signs of pure joy.

9. Rabbits Need Lots Of Space

If you want to adopt a rabbit, ensure you provide them with a large space. According to studies, young rabbits that don’t have space to jump about are likelier to break bones. 

This is because they don’t have enough space to exercise and build up their body appropriately. Bunnies love large spaces, and you should not deprive them of that.

10. Trancing Your Rabbit Is Traumatic For Them

Tracing is the process of placing a bunny on its back.

Over the years, rabbit owners thought tracing their rabbits and stroking their feet for a long time could make them happy and relaxed; sadly, that is not true.

The opposite is the case; subjecting your rabbit to trancing can put them in a traumatic stage, increasing the stress level they have to deal with.

When a rabbit is held in a trance position, they unconsciously go into “tonic immobility,” meaning that they are trying to tell the predator that they are dead, so they will be let go.


From the list we provided above, we are in no doubt that you have learned new facts about rabbits in this article.

These facts will enable you to understand your rabbits better and develop an unspoiled bond between them.


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