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How to Build a Rabbit Hutch: A DIY Guide

Hello, wear your engineering kits, because you are about to build your rabbit’s hutches.  Even as a new owner you can construct a hutch, it is not a hard deal to do. 

Although there are many cheap already-built hutches in the market, building your rabbit hutch is a rewarding venture especially when you are less busy.

Building your rabbit hutch will give you the option to customize and design the rabbit hutch the way you want them to be.

Even with a DIY rabbit hutch, you can choose larger dimensions without any extra cost that bigger cages or accessories usually bring.

If you are a new rabbit owner and you are more focused on making a rabbit hutch than buying already made ones then this post is for you.

This article will show you a step-by-step guide on how to build your rabbit hutch from scratch. 

We suggest you read this article till the end so that you can grab all the information we are giving out.

Materials For Building Your Rabbit Hutch

The first step in building a rabbit hutch is to select or choose the material you want to use and construct it. 

To choose the best material you have to put into what to include in the hutch to meet your rabbit’s basic living needs.  You should also add some other features that your rabbit can explore.

Below are what to Consider when planning to build a bunny’s  hutch:

  • If you are planning to situate your hutch outdoors ensure that the hutch is weather resistant.
  • Materials used should be easily cleaned.
  • The hutch should have enough space for your rabbit.

Here are the materials you need to build a budget-friendly rabbit hutch.

  • Wood: there is the best material for your rabbit hutch framing.
  • Wire mesh: wire mesh is used to create walls of the cage.
  • Aluminum: is mostly used for the floor of the hutch. They can also be used for creating bars.
  • Hard plastic: you can also use hard plastic to make the base of the hutch as well as the roofs

Type Of Rabbit Hutch

There are several types of rabbit hutch you can try out, here are a few of them.

  • Outdoors cage
  • Indoor cage
  • Cage with open roof.
  • Hutch on the floor
  • Multi-partitioned hutch
  • Multi-unit hutch
  • Portable hutch.

Once you choose the type of hutch you want to build, it will help you to also determine the material you will use to construct your rabbit DIY hutch.

Step-by-step Guide On How To Build A Rabbit’s Hutch.

Firstly, there are different types of rabbit cages and hutches, and each of them has different ways of building them. 

In this section of the article, you will find how to build the basic type of hutches at home.

This basic hutch could be an indoor, or outdoor hutch.  Don’t limit your creativity while building this hutch, you can customize it the way you want it to be.

Step-by-step Guide To Building a Basic Rabbit Hutch

STEP 1: The first step in building a rabbit hutch is to measure the space. It could be in your home or outdoors, where you are going to keep the hutch/cage.

Measuring will help you to determine the size of your rabbit hutch. While measuring, ensure to allocate enough space for your rabbits.

STEP 2:  The next step is to determine how the hutch will look, and note down its dimensions.

You can as well take a stroll to a nearby farm and take a look at how their hutch where designed. 

If your hutch is for a single rabbit, make sure that it has at least an area of 80 cm2.

STEP 3:  It’s time to choose the material that you will use and build the hutch.

The Basic material to build your rabbit hutch has been listed above, wood, wire mesh, hard plastic, and aluminum can be used to build a budget-friendly rabbit hutch.

STEP 4: It’s time to do the actual work, get your work too small ready.  Begin by cutting the materials to the size of your hutch, measuring each dimension, and cutting it out appropriately. 

STEP 5:  After cutting the materials, the next stage is to begin mounting the frame and also the base of the hutch,  you will also attach the wire mesh to the wood by using a stable.

When you are done with the construction ensure to check for sharp edges or bits of wire that could pose a danger to your rabbit. Cut them off.

Remember to include a door on the hutch Walther will allow your rabbit to get in and out.  Building a hutch with a removable roof can also facilitate easy cleaning of the hutch.

Precautions to Take When Building Your DIY Rabbit Hutch

Apart from making sure that your hutch has enough space and is free from any sharp edges that can harm your rabbit.

There are also some other precautions you have to take while building a rabbit hutch at home. Here are a few of them.

Height: when building an open rabbit hutch or pen, ensure that the height is tall enough to prevent your rabbit from escaping. Rabbits can jump high, so the sides of the cage should be tall enough. 

Rain: Rabbits are fragile pets, unlike dogs and cats, weather conditions can affect them easily.

If you are locating your pen outdoors, make sure that the hutch has an insulated roof that will prevent rain from touching your rabbit. 

Sun: Your rabbit needs sun, but too much direct and constant sun is not good for your rabbit. 

Make you make a place where your rabbit can take cover in case there is too much. The place should be shady and out of reach of sunlight.

MATERIALS: Choosing the right material for your rabbit hutch is another thing to consider. 

If you choose to construct your rabbit cage with wood only, over time your rabbit can bite through the woods and escape or rain can’t dampen and rot the walls of the hutch.

However, it is important to choose a suitable and durable material for your rabbit hutch/cage.


Building your rabbits can be a daunting task, but it comes with numerous advantages that will complement all the stress it causes.  Choosing the right material is also necessary for building a durable hutch. Enough space is also required.

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