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7 Tips To Rehydrate Your Body

Keeping yourself hydrated is critical for your health. Water plays a significant role in your body. Without enough water, your body will react abnormally, and it will impact the other organs.

Water essentially helps your body maintain an average temperature, controls the heart rate, protects the spinal cord, and plays a significant role in bowel movements and other essential processes.

Not drinking enough water may result in dehydration. And dehydration can cause complications like sunken eyes, heat injury, seizures, urinary and kidney problems, or low blood volume shock. So, if you’ve taken part in intensive activities that cause heavy sweating, like exercise, sauna, or hot yoga, you should always rehydrate after.


There are many ways for you to rehydrate your body, including the following:

1. Drink Water
This one is a given. One of the leading causes of dehydration is the lack of water in your body. It plays many health roles and is a critical requirement for your body systems. To rehydrate yourself, make sure to drink about eight glasses of 8-oz water every day, which is approximately two liters.

Many health experts mention the need for adults to gradually drink water throughout the day, which includes the times when you’re not even feeling thirsty. If you’re counting calories for your diet, water is the perfect alternative for other beverages as it doesn’t contain any calories or other components that can make you gain weight.

2. Eat Fruits And Vegetables
Eating fruits and vegetables as part of your daily meals is an essential aspect of proper nutrition. They also contain plenty of water, which helps in keeping you hydrated. Some healthy fruits with high-water content include watermelon, pineapples, strawberries, peaches, cantaloupe, and honeydews.

As for water-rich vegetables, you can select and eat fresh cucumbers, leafy greens, celeries, zucchini, iceberg lettuce, radishes, broccoli, tomatoes, and eggplants.

If you’re not a fan of drinking water during meals, make sure you incorporate these healthy fruits and vegetables into your diet.

3. Drink Milk
Another nutritious and beneficial beverage is milk. Go for low-fat or skim milk, as they’re healthier options and contain lesser fat. Milk is known to have a large concentration of electrolytes and protein. It has excellent hydrating properties that will keep you healthy.

Because of its electrolyte content, milk acts as the balancer of water in your body. You may drink milk as an alternative to other sports drinks after an intense workout or sports game.

Another benefit of milk is its ability to repair muscles that have been overly used during your activities. It helps in the rebuilding process and ensures that you’re able to maximize your gains from your workouts.

One thing to be careful about is that milk may not be ideal for everyone as it can cause stomach discomfort for some. Lactose intolerant people should also avoid drinking milk and go for a different rehydrating option instead.

4. Drink Coffee And Tea
This is good news for all the caffeine-lovers out there. However, coffee and tea contain the stimulant caffeine, which has a counter-effect if the volume is not controlled. Hence, it’s crucial to consume moderate amounts of these beverages when you’re trying to rehydrate.

Aside from their hydrating advantage, these two liquid beverages are also famous for their energizing effect. They’re suitable to be consumed after a challenging exercise when your body has been physically drained.

Herbal teas are known to be good for weight loss, so they’re a great choice not just for rehydration, but also if you want to maintain your physique.

You may opt to drink your coffee or tea however way you wish, but try to avoid adding sugar or other artificial additives as they can harm your health in the long run. Adding milk or organic spices like cinnamon or nutmeg are better alternatives instead.

5. Eat Soupy Dishes
Broth-based soups and dishes are good sources of water. They contain enriched liquid substances that are nutritious and are great options when you want to rehydrate your body.

Try soupy dishes like chicken noodles or vegetable soup. One of their ingredients includes sodium which also helps your body retain more water and supports your body’s rehydration.

As you exercise, expect your body to secrete sweat, which means you’ll also be losing sodium. Eating soup can help your body regenerate the sodium you’ve lost while you were working out.

One healthy tip is to make your soup from scratch, as they’re always a more nutritious option than ready-made and canned ones. Plus, you can easily control which ingredients to include and avoid those that may not be the healthiest choice.

6. Use Oral Hydration Solutions
Although this may not be commonplace for many households, people who want to bolster exercise recovery and treat hangovers may use oral hydration solutions. These are specialized formulas that you can create with some existing kitchen ingredients.

They’re also typically used to treat dehydration caused by diarrhea or vomiting.
While you can make your oral hydration solution at home, some companies also sell commercially manufactured ones that contain prebiotics and zinc.

They help your body recover from the lost fluids and electrolytes.

7. Get An IV Drip
Patients in hospitals who have been dehydrated due to unpredictable and accidental circumstances need IV treatments as an instant solution. The effect of this rehydrating substance is rapid as it helps restore your body and provides you with vitamins and minerals.

An IV drip’s ultimate advantage is its instant absorption since it doesn’t need to travel to your digestive tract. You’ll be hydrated immediately using this method. However, before you consider this option, make sure to consult with a doctor first. You want to be certain that your condition actually calls for this treatment.

Drink Water

Let water detoxify and cleanse your body from all the impurities and toxins you’ve accumulated throughout the day.

Keeping yourself hydrated all the time gives you more benefits and helps prevents certain disorders. Choose from any of the options provided in this article, and you’ll be able to rehydrate yourself in no time.

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