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Thoughtful 31st Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Anniversaries are memorable milestones in your life. The joy of being with your loved one for an extended period is priceless. When you are in a happy marriage with your significant other, year after year, it feels like time flies very quickly.

It is more special when your loving relationship surpasses the 30-year mark and enters into a new decade.

Let’s make it more special this year. Going to the same restaurant every year gets boring. If you’re looking for something different this year, relax:

There are a variety of ways to reignite the flame and celebrate your long-lasting union. Here are some creative ideas to commemorate your 31st anniversary of togetherness.

Timepiece Can Be a Great 31st Year Anniversary Gift Idea

As a 31 year anniversary gift, consider getting a timepiece. It is a contemporary symbolic present associated with this year’s special occasion. There is no greater way to express your undying love for each other and to treasure it as a keepsake for a lifetime.

You can wear matching watches. There are a plethora of options that are available online. Your beloved and you can then have gorgeous watches that highlight your shared experiences, and you can look forward to more glorious days ahead together.

It can be difficult for many couples to beat last year’s milestone anniversary, but each year you spend with your spouse is just as valuable and timeless as the last.

As a result, now is the ideal time to get them a 31st wedding anniversary present that will last. A timepiece can be the perfect gift. 

Check Off Your Couple’s Bucket List

There are probably some activities that you and your partner have always talked about doing together, such as paragliding or bungee jumping. If you have enough resources, you can go to some exotic location you have been meaning to visit.

Experiencing diverse cultures and cuisines together will surely liven up your relationship.

You can also consider a backpacking trip in Europe or Asia. A leisurely vacation in the Bahamas can also be enough to refresh your lives, giving you a break from the usual grind.

If you have children, you can take them along for a family vacation that you will all remember for the rest of your lives.

Even just a simple getaway on the weekend can be ideal to spice up some romance. You can also do something simple like going to that new cool food truck or watching a movie marathon.

You can also liven things up in the bedroom by attempting a new activity that both of you have been wanting to try.

Grant Your Spouse’s Wishes

You can do the activities your better half has always wanted to attempt if you do not have anything on your bucket list. Make their simple fantasies become a reality.

Register for a fitness class or visit that avant-garde abstract laser art shows that your partner has always been curious about.

Get the gaming console that your significant other always wanted but did not buy like a PlayStation 5. You can also get your dearest one the limited edition comic book they have been eyeing.

Basically, give them something they have always wanted or take them somewhere they have always wanted to go but haven’t yet.

For instance, if your husband has always fantasized about being a rock singer, you can take him to a neighborhood karaoke club and encourage him to sing in front of others.

Or you can arrange something in your backyard with speakers, a mic, and fairy lights to set the mood.

However, do not put too much pressure on him or compel him to do anything he does not want to do. You can give him that comfort at home by turning the TV into a karaoke machine.

With the help of Spotify or YouTube, you can play a crowd cheering sound to set the ambiance.

Just do everything within your means to set concert vibes at home. You can also get some inspiration from online sites like Pinterest.

Blast from the Past

You can reminisce with your partner in crime in every manner imaginable. You can re-enact your first meeting, date, or kiss. Perhaps revisit the bar where you had your first dance. Make it a day to commemorate all of your relationship’s first milestones together.

You can also visit the same place where you and your partner took your first journey together as a couple. You can also go back to the areas you went on dates.

How about the time you went to a theme park together and anxiously held hands for the first time on one of the rides? Or go back to that abandoned building where punk concerts used to be hosted and you met the love of your life for the first time.

On this noteworthy day, you can arrange an intimate dinner or brunch with all your closest family members and friends. You can also recreate your wedding where both of you renew your vows. Arranging a small party can also be a great way to experience the best day of your life again.

For SOs Who Love Booze

This one is for significant others who love drinking craft beers or think of themselves as whiskey connoisseurs. An engraved wooden cooler with their initials or favorite sports team can be the perfect gift for your spouse.

The sleek finish and the texture of the wood will set the mood for enjoying a cold beer after a long day. 

Customized wooden tap handles are another commendable choice as gifts. Your man can fix one of these bad boys into his beer kegs.

Get-togethers and beer tasting parties will be taken to a whole new level with these accessories. Before buying them, you need to make sure that they are high quality and can be installed into any kind of beer barrel.

To carry beer easily, you can give your better half a nice-looking beer caddy. Beer carriers or caddies reduce the chances of breaking a bottle and make them easier to carry.

You can get a wooden caddy made of cedarwood as they are gorgeous and also have long durability. It is best to opt for the ones with a built-in bottle opener for more convenience. 

A wooden beer mug set is also a good gift option with which he can live out his Viking dreams. You can also acquire a customized wall mount bottle opener. This can be used by your life partner to open bottles with panache.

A sophisticated iron cap opener with a collector at the bottom to catch the opened caps can be mounted on the wall, and the cap opener can be made of decorative wood, such as walnut.

If you have the means, you can treat him with a personalized wooden bar cart to house his treasured whiskey bottles.

Alternatively, you can get him a handcrafted wooden whiskey box paired with a crystal glass set and suave whiskey stones. You can also purchase the ones with whiskey decanters if you want to go the extra mile.

Your man can embrace his inner Don Draper and enjoy each sip in style. You could also get him classy embossed coasters. Besides being pretty to look at, these can effectively prevent any formation of rings on the table from the chilled beverages.

Such gifts will surely elevate your beloved’s drinking experience and will make it more enjoyable.

Consider Getting Him a Customized Wallet

Wallets are always very handy. You can get your beloved a premium one made of high-grade leather. You can also customize it and get his initials embossed on the wallet.

To add more oomph and an additional useful feature, you can install a wallet tracker so that he can find it within minutes whenever he is in a hurry. It is best to opt for the ones that are spacious and have sufficient slots.

Maybe Gift Him a Shaving Kit

If your man is particular about his grooming, you can consider gifting him a gentleman’s shaving set. The shaving kit can come with a premium quality shaving cream or foam, shaving brush with high-quality bristles, top-notch razors, and an after-shave balm.

You can also get him a pair of trimmers that is properly waterproof and has commendable durability.

Final Thoughts

Having a happy and healthy relationship for such a long time calls for a celebration. Getting your long-time partner something special and unique for the 31st anniversary can seem a bit difficult.

Simply think of what your partner likes and his preferences and come up with items that match his interests. You can also pamper him by gifting him something he has always wanted but has never treated himself to, like a spa treatment or a trip to Fiji. 


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