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Top Tips for Buying Luxury Massage Table

The massage table is necessary for carrying out an effective professional massage. To make it comfortable for a client of any build to lie on it, and for a massage therapist to work, it is important to choose the right massage table.

The specialized table has a comfortable headrest and a hole for the face. The design is equipped with armrests and height-adjustable legs.

Also, this construction should be ideal in size, have the best upholstery and suit you in terms of weight and price. It is not at all difficult to buy such a massage table if you familiarize yourself with the main characteristics and find the best for yourself and your customers.

What are the benefits of a good massage table?

The primary purpose of the massage table is to position the customer for a massage. The majority of them are designed with the client’s comfort and the therapist’s ergonomics in mind.

The standard table features a face rest that lets the client breathe comfortably while laying face down and has a highly cushioned, readily washable surface.

Owning and utilizing professional massage tables has several advantages, for both the therapist and the client. For the massage therapist and client, this style of massage table offers more stability, simpler operation and adjustment, and greater comfort.

Parameters of Luxury Massage Table

If you need to buy a massage table, then when choosing, you need to take into account a lot of parameters, especially if the purpose of the purchase is to provide professional massage services when the equipment is intensively used and folded and unfolded many times:

  • The width of the massage table should correspond to the width of the person’s body in a relaxed state. If it is too large, the masseur will have to bend over and stretch his arms unnecessarily in order to reach the far reaches.

    He will get tired more and faster, and this will affect the effectiveness of the procedures. With this in mind, the recommended width of the massage table is 50–75 cm.

  • The length of the massage table varies in the range of 1.8–1.95 m. Most often, models are produced with a length of 1.85 m. Couches with a hole for the face, as a rule, are 20 cm longer, that is, they reach 2.05–2.1 m The optimal length of a table with a headrest is 2 m.
  • The height of the massage table determines how comfortable it will be for the massage therapist to work. The height of most non-adjustable models is 70-80 cm. This is the best option for professionals with an average height of 1.7-1.8 m.

Massage Table Mobility

Models of massage tables can be divided into stationary and folding. Each variety has features:

  1. Stationary options are stable. It is advisable to install such tables in specialized salons and clinics. The equipment does not budge, and often has the function of transformation into a chair for cosmetic procedures.
  2. Folding tables are versatile. Such models are quickly folded, and they are easy to transport if necessary. This is the best solution if the task is to choose a massage table for a home or a small salon. The folding couch can be removed at the end of the procedure, freeing up space.

Modern models are equipped with legs that can be adjusted individually. This allows you to place the equipment even on uneven surfaces.

Massage Table Frame Material

For the manufacture of massage tables, different manufacturers use wood or metal. Both options are distinguished by impeccable stability and aesthetics. The main advantage of frames made of metal can be called high wear resistance and durability. Also, a number of models are equipped with a reinforced structure that can withstand loads up to 300 kg.

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