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What All Should A Perfect Table Have?

Spending hours at your work desk regularly, actually the insignificant features of the place where you work – for example, the way your monitor is positioned or your chair height – can notably affect your results as well as your general physical state.

According to the opinion of scientists, first of all, you should pay attention to your desk and replace it if it does not give you the feeling of complete comfort.  

When you come to the workplace, you should be ready mentally and physically to work the whole day without any outside distractions like inconvenient chairs, back pain, or tension in the muscles. With only several important adjustments, you can forget about them.

By the way, if you plan to purchase a new desk, pay considerable attention to the standing desk frames you choose. Add more light around, as working on the computer screen daily is not that easy. And do not forget about the clutter around, you should simply organize it and hide it somewhere so as not to disturb you in the process of work. 

It’s a mistake to underestimate the environment where you work, as it really greatly influences your productivity. Different studies confirm that the office atmosphere can consistently lower or increase the productivity rate of employees. The problem is that most of them don’t even know about it.

The statistics show that cool workspace design is able to raise the level of job satisfaction up to 10% and more than by 16% when it comes to productivity improvement. This is the reason to think about standing desks set up letting your workers perform more tasks per day. 

Automated standing desks will add more opportunities to move and be active. A sedentary lifestyle is not about successful people. When you change the position of your body while working, your brain functions quickly allowing you to experience better cognitive performance.

I hope, everything is more than clear about it, so it’s time to discuss the features of an ideal standing desk these days. 

What Makes a Perfect Standing Desk: Key Features to Know

To help you experience healthier work conditions, it has been decided to collect key features a good work desk must-have. Of course, the choice is not limited only by the purpose of daily working conditions.

You probably want a new table for gaming, hobby, learning, or other interesting activities. In this case, try to meet your needs to be sure it will completely respond to any of your purposes. 

These important 5 features below can help you to make the eligible choice and please yourself with a new well-designed desk. 


When a product responds to your needs and is fully customizable it becomes even more valuable for the owner. This great feature is about up-to-date standing desks that have special frames that easily operate together with any selected tabletop.

You will obtain complete control of the desk to let you use the desk exclusively for your individual preferences. Furthermore, every user can construct the necessary table online with the specifications you need just by trying an option of Desk Builder.

There are diverse styles and designs of tabletops and frames to choose from and create a unique desk. A powerful and simple in-use control panel allows the desk owner to adjust the height and width and make you feel comfortable.

Keep the balance between two different body positions and remember to take breaks. One more advantage of the desk is that its surface has been covered with durable material to make it resistant to scratches, so this one will look perfect for many years of active use. 

The quality of materials

After checking the tabletop material, go further and estimate the durability of frames which are considered the major part of the whole construction with the actuators incorporated. High-quality frames are supposed to be produced using a long-life material.

When choosing the mode you need, the process of transition must be silent and seamless. The Progressive Desk will provide you with all of these features, including numerous color variants, and a user-friendly smart control panel. 

User-friendly control and smooth operation

If any kind of noise can easily irritate you or distract you while working, it is better to search for a desk that works without any sound and is seamless. The normal level of noise should be no more than 50 d.

Some models of remotes can even “remember” the positioning you choose the most, allowing you to use the adjustments you prefer when sitting or standing just with the push of a button.

The opportunity to choose the design

Be very careful when choosing the model you want because the desk reflects to some extent your professional attitude and individuality. Select leading and reliable manufacturers to meet your needs. Various colors, materials and designs will allow you to create your perfect desk. 

Accessory options 

To minimize unnecessary movements when looking for something necessary as well as create appropriate ergonomics, pay attention to different additional accessories. These are, for instance, special drawers for standing desks, holders for documents, desk grommets, power solutions, various types of remote controls, and stands for monitors. 


Hayley Mann is a technology enthusiast specializing in automation methods of ergonomics devices. Her engineering background helps her to create interesting articles on technical topics, making them understandable for all readers


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