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When Is It Too Late to Have Braces (And Types Are Available)?

Braces are something that many children and some adults have fitted to their teeth. If looking back a decade or two, metal braces were the only real choice to straighten crooked teeth.

However, now modern oral care has advanced beyond this, so there are additional choices now too. 

Let’s now consider braces for people with angular teeth and whether they’re the best option?

What Age is Typical or Best for Braces?

The presumption is that braces are mostly oral care tools for children, rather than adults. As such, children are typically 7-8 when they have their first set of braces fitted

While it is possible to have braces fitted a few years later, that’s not always the best choice with kids. However, some parents aren’t ready for the expense of it, and so it’s necessarily delayed until it’s affordable.

As such, one child may have braces as a teenager, whereas a second child when younger if the parents have more developed careers by that stage. 

Can Adults Receive Braces Too?

Yes, adults can get braces. 

Why is it left so late? Either parents didn’t feel it was necessary or it wasn’t affordable for them at the time. 

Also, it’s possible that the adult feels self-conscious whereas they didn’t when younger. At that point, they may feel it’s a worthwhile investment or simply to feel more attractive. 

Metal Braces or Other Types?

Metal braces are the traditional ones that people are used to seeing. 

There are various types including colored braces to make them less obvious. However, these are all carefully crafted and fitted.

Once in place, they aren’t usually removed for many months. This timeframe is required to gradually correct the angle of the teeth without making it painful. 

The downside with metal braces is that they’re not removable when needed – such as in advance of a social function – and food can get trapped in them.

There is a degree of feeling self-conscious and needing to check with a face mirror after eating, especially if at a restaurant or on a date. This aspect makes them less desirable. 

Are Clear Braces a Better Solution for You?

One solution is to wear clear braces instead of metal ones – the link offers a useful guide to how clear braces work. These are designed to slide over their teeth and fit the person’s teeth perfectly.

There will be a daytime and a nighttime set to wear too. Clear braces are transparent and because they slide into place, they are removable as needed.

Alignerco can arrange for a pair of these braces to provide their patient with greater flexibility to avoid feeling self-conscious in social situations. 

Are There Limitations with Different Types of Braces?

Metal braces are designed for serious abnormalities to their teeth. The oral misalignment is more severe, necessitating this type of braces.

For more minor corrections to the angle of the teeth, a clear aligning system is highly effective for correctional work.

However, the trade-off is that the more frequently the aligner is worn, the sooner its work is completed. 

While it’s typical for braces to be fitted at a younger age, that doesn’t remove the option to have braces as an adult. Many people do and are happy with the results. 


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