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How Beauty School Can Propel You Into Fashion & Makeup Industry

Whether you are a makeup enthusiast or have chosen makeup as a hobby, you can turn your passion into a full-time job. However, to get there, you require recognition and a set of skills. 

Social media and other platforms provide ample opportunity for you to showcase your talent and skills as a makeup artist and beauty guru.

However, it is not enough to launch your career, especially if you lack particular skills. It is where a beauty and makeup school comes in.

A makeup and design school teaches you the basics of makeup and helps you with visual effects skills.

Whether you plan on pursuing a career in the fashion industry or the movie industry as a makeup artist, having a professional degree can set you apart from the competition.

The movie industry, in particular, requires skills in special effects makeup. Moreover, it increases your chances of gaining employment of your choice.

A beauty school takes you from basic skills to more advanced skills. The learning curve is steep, and students have to keep up. It may sound intimidating; however, a makeup school provides students a chance of a lifetime.

In addition to this, students get to interact with like-minded individuals. Moreover, pursuing a degree in makeup allows students to meet industry experts whose expertise and advice are unparalleled.

Hence, students get to learn more than just makeup skills. They get a chance to advance their career in the makeup industry.

Many colleges offer diplomas and certificates to people interested in makeup.

Skills Taught In a Makeup School.

Most makeup schools offer different diploma programs to suit various industries. Some programs focus on the fashion industry, while other courses focus on the movie industry and special effects. In addition to this, a makeup school offers hairstyling and other programs as well.

Special and Digital Effect Makeup Diploma Program

Students learn to bring ideas to life. They first learn to conceptualize ideas by drawing portraits and live drawing. In addition to this, the students learn to sculpt out the features and practice creature design.

Since special effects makeup often goes under processing in the visual effects department, students learn the software. For this, Photoshop is the most popular software. The students also get a chance to familiarize themselves with digital character design. 

At the end of the course, students compile their portfolios and apply for jobs. 

Fashion Makeup Diploma Program

Fashion makeup programs focus on hairstyling and photographic makeup. Typically, these programs involve developing makeup skills in students. Alongside, students are taught to develop interpersonal skills and learn to work in teams.

Moreover, students learn to manage time effectively. Since fashion makeup is a competitive industry, which requires professionals to be at the top of the game, students will find ample learning opportunities in such diploma courses.

The fashion industry is challenging and a completely different ball game as compared to special effects makeup. Such programs also focus on refining a student’s personality. 

People working in the fashion industry have a higher employment rate. Hence, such courses open up various avenues for people. 

Studio Hairstyling Certificate Program

Studio hairstyling focuses on teaching students various hairstyles for the fashion industry and theater. You may find this course as a certificate program. Certificate programs are shorter in duration, lasting a couple of weeks.

In such programs, students learn the basics of hairstyling and move onto advanced hairstyling. Since the time in such programs is less, students may not get the opportunity to practice.

However, they are free to practice in their spare time. Apart from learning skills, students get to interact with other individuals from various backgrounds. Hence, students get the opportunity to network and further their passion. 

A certificate program will not give you the status of a hairstylist, however. So you should check the course outline before enrolling in a course.

Hair Stylist Diploma Program 

Hairstylists have many employment opportunities in the fashion industry as well as self-employment. A comprehensive diploma program will take anywhere between six to twelve months in duration.

During the program, students will learn haircutting, styling, coloring, and other treatments. In addition to this, students get the chance to learn about adding hair extensions to natural hair. During a diploma program, students can practice their skills. 

At the end of the program, students earn a diploma and earn the title of hairstylist.


The duration depends on the complexity of the course. Moreover, it depends on the course outline as well. Typically, for a diploma program, the time varies from four to six months. However, you should check the duration of each course from the college and institution of your choice. 

Diploma courses are longer in duration and focus on developing skills quickly. Certificate programs, on the other hand, are shorter in duration and focus on one skill. No matter what course you choose, as a budding makeup artist, there will be a lot of learning in a short time duration.

Only students passionate about makeup and the makeup industry are likely to make the most of such courses. 

Fees for the Diploma and Certificate Programs

The tuition fees for the course vary from one program to another. The tuition fee of the courses offered by the College of Makeup Art and Design (CMU) at Toronto is around $8,500 to $11,000, depending on the diploma program.

Special effects makeup programs are generally more expensive than fashion makeup programs. Apart from this, the student has to buy the makeup kit. If you are planning to take a diploma course, bear these costs in your mind.

Certificate programs are generally cheaper than diploma courses. At CMU, the Studio Hairstyling certificate program costs around $3,500 (exclusive of the student kit). 

If you are a foreign student looking to apply to a makeup program, you must bear additional fees. Check the details from the program that you are applying for. 


The makeup industry offers many opportunities to those who want to make a mark in this field. With the right skill set, students can catapult their careers as makeup artists and stylists.


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