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Health Benefits Of Super Brain Yoga: How To Perform It & How It Works

Superbrain yoga is an effective practice to keep the brain energized and recharged. This form of yoga is popularly practised by school children, especially those suffering from disabilities like down syndrome, cognitive delays, and ADHD. This form of yoga increases electrical brain activity.

How Super Brain Yoga Works?

Superbrain yoga allows one to utilize all the concentrated pressure points in our body, and thereby restore energy. This form of yoga can help to reduce stress and increase brainpower. Furthermore, super brain Yoga can allow teenagers to control their sex drive.

How to do Super Brain Yoga?

Superbrain yoga should be practised in the morning to increase your concentration and reduce stress levels. For doing this form of yoga, one needs to practice facing east, while the elderly can face north.

Remove all jewellery from your body and stand up straight. Place your tongue on the tip of your mouth from the beginning till the end of the activity.

Step 1: Move your left hand toward your upper body. Touch your right earlobe using your left thumb and forefinger. Keep your thumb in front of your ears.

Step 2: Repeat the steps using your right hand, while keeping your left arm in place. Reach out to touch your left earlobe. Keep your left arm close to your chest while you initiate the steps.

how To Do Super Brain Yoga

Step 3: Take slow breaths through your nose, and squat down to the ground.

Step 4: Exhale through your nose as you continue with the standing position.

Step 5: Increase your repetitions to seven times in the first week, and 14 times in the following week, followed by 21 times the next.

How To perform Super Brain Yoga

Here is the List of Super Brain Yoga Benefits:

1. Increases brain power

Practising Super brain yoga energizes and activates brain power by synchronizing Alpha brain waves.

Note: Parents with children can notice an improvement in test or exams scores.

2. Decreases stress

This form of yoga can decrease the practitioners’ psychological stress and improve mental stability.

Note: It can improve the conduct of children with disruptive behaviour.

3. Improves creativity

Superbrain yoga can result in achieving greater intelligence and a superior level of creative skills.

Note: The child starts being responsive, attentive, and more focused in class while the teacher is imparting lessons.

4. Gives a healthy brain

It can help to promote the overall functioning of brainpower.

Note: This is really helpful for those children suffering from Autism and learning disabilities.

5. Increases calmness

Superbrain yoga can help to release tension and calm the brain.

6. Relieves anxiety

It can relieve one from depression and cope with anxiety levels.

7. Energizes you

It helps in the partial cleansing of mental stress and energizes effects on chakras and auras.

More benefits

8. It transforms low energies into higher forms of energy.

9. Increases flow of energy within the body.

10. An extended form of practice can make one smarter and well-balanced.

11. Superbrain yoga supports your spiritual growth and maturity.

12. It regulates and improves sex drive.

13. It helps to increase the inner peace of mind.

14. Your quads will get a good workout if you continue doing 14 squats daily.

15. This form of exercise can be easily practised at home without any side effects.

Precaution for Super Brain Yoga:

  1. Superbrain yoga should not be practised on an unrest mind. Remember it makes one feel better mentally but not at the cost of stressing one out.
  1. Remember that the benefits of super brain yoga have not been proven as yet. Therefore, not every practitioner can expect to see an improvement in mental functioning.
  1. Do not practice this form of yoga putting jewellery on your body as it requires one to have a high level of mental concentration. Putting on jewellery can distract your practice.
  1. Practice Super brain yoga in a quiet room free from distractions or noise.

Tips for Super Brain Yoga:

  1. Superbrain yoga is most effective if you practice good posture. For standing straight, lift your head and back facing upwards. Next, lengthen your back, front, spine, and torso slowly. Widen your shoulders as you do it keeping your feet flat on the ground.
  1. Before starting, position your tongue in the right method. Your tongue should be kept behind your teeth on the roof of your mouth. Keep your tongue in the same position for the whole exercise.
  1. Repeat a frame that is most comfortable to you while maintaining a straight posture and your tongue on the roof of your mouth.

Final Words about Superbrain Yoga:

  1. Remember, the results will vary depending on your practice. If you practice it daily, you will notice a marked improvement in concentration and cognitive function.
  1. Practice the yoga routine in a safe and quiet place free from distractions. Your bedroom can be an ideal place
  1. Practice this activity in the morning as it requires an area with plenty of sunlight.

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