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Best Bedding For Rabbits

Are you wondering what the best bedding for rabbits is? Either for indoor or outdoor use?

Beddings are materials used to line rabbit hutch or living spaces, providing comfort, absorption of waste, and insulation. It is a soft and clean surface for rabbits to rest and move around.

In this article, we will discuss the best bedding for your bunnies and if they must be used.

Is Bedding a Necessity for Rabbits?

The subject of whether rabbits need bedding can be pretty contentious.

Contrary to popular belief, bedding is not always a necessity for rabbits.

We do not use any bedding in most units of our rabbitry.

However, this does not mean it’s never required. Let’s discuss the scenarios when rabbits might need bedding and when not.

When Rabbits Would Need Bedding

Bedding is typically needed for rabbits in hutches with rough or tough floors to prevent sore hocks.

It offers cushioning and warmth and absorbs urine, making the cage more comfortable and hygienic for your rabbit.

For rabbits that are ill, elderly, or have a disability, bedding can be essential. It offers support for their bodies and can help to prevent pressure sores.

Finally, in colder climates, bedding can provide an additional source of warmth for outdoor rabbits.

When Rabbits Won’t Need Bedding

Bedding may be unnecessary if a rabbit is kept indoors, especially in a well-maintained and clean environment.

Indoor rabbits are often litter trained, and their waste can be managed using litter boxes filled with appropriate litter material, such as paper-based or wood-based pellets.

This reduces the need for additional bedding.

Also, some rabbit cages have wire bottoms that allow waste to fall through to a tray or the ground below. In such cases, using bedding directly on the wire floor may not be necessary.

However, ensure that the wire is comfortable for the rabbit’s feet, as constant contact with the wire can cause discomfort or sore hocks.

Rabbits living in warmer climates may not require bedding for warmth.

Too much warmth can cause heat stress in rabbits, so bedding could be unnecessary or harmful.

Types of Bedding for Rabbits

Once you’ve determined your bunny needs bedding, the next step is choosing the type. Numerous options are available, but not all are suitable for every bunny.

Here are some of the most common types of rabbit bedding.

Paper-Based Bedding

Paper-based bedding is a popular choice for rabbits. It is absorbent, generally dust-free, and contains no harmful chemicals or oils. It is gentle on your rabbit’s feet and does not irritate.

Wood Shavings Bedding

Wood shavings, particularly aspen shavings, can be a good option for rabbit bedding. They are highly absorbent and have a natural odor control.

But it would be best to avoid pine and cedar shavings as they contain phenols, which can cause respiratory problems in rabbits.

Hay Bedding

Hay bedding is another option for rabbit owners. It’s natural, absorbent, and provides food for your bunny.

But, it doesn’t control odor as well as some other types of bedding, and it may need to be changed more frequently.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Bedding for Rabbits

Selecting the best bedding for your rabbit isn’t just about picking the first option.

Here are some factors to consider.

Odor Control

Odor control is a crucial factor when selecting rabbit bedding. Some types of bedding have natural odor control, while others are treated to reduce smells.


Highly absorbent bedding is ideal as it will keep your rabbit’s living area dry and clean.

This is particularly important if your rabbit spends much time in their cage, as it must absorb urine effectively.


Rabbits have delicate respiratory systems, so always choose dust-free or low-dust bedding to prevent potential health problems.


Rabbits spend much time resting and sleeping, so the bedding needs to be comfortable. It should provide good support for their bodies and not cause any irritation to their feet.

Best Bedding for Rabbits

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best bedding options for rabbits.

1. Carefresh Small Pet Bedding

Carefresh Small Pet Bedding is a popular choice among rabbit owners. It’s made from reclaimed pulp waste, making it eco-friendly.

This dust-free bedding absorbs three times its weight in liquid, ensuring maximum odor control.

2. Kaytee Clean & Cozy Bedding

Kaytee Clean & Cozy Bedding is another excellent option. It is highly absorbent and can control odor for up to 14 days. This bedding is also dust-free, making it safe for your bunny’s respiratory system.

3. Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding

Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding is a 100% safe and natural option for your rabbit. It’s ultra-absorbent and virtually dust-free.

This bedding is also soft and comfortable, making it ideal for your rabbit’s delicate feet.

4. Oxbow Pure Comfort Bedding

Oxbow Pure Comfort Bedding offers pure, never-printed paper bedding for maximum softness and absorbency.

It’s also dust-free and is guaranteed to control odor, making it a popular choice among rabbit owners.


Here are some frequently asked questions.

What Bedding Should You Not Use For Rabbits?

Avoid using cedar and pine shavings, as they emit phenols (aromatic compounds) that can harm rabbits. These can cause respiratory and liver problems.

Also, don’t use clumping cat litter or corn cob bedding, as these can cause serious digestive issues if ingested by rabbits.

What Do Rabbits Like To Sleep In?

Rabbits like sleeping in soft, comfortable, and quiet spaces, not necessarily on a thing.

This can be a comfy bed inside their cage, a soft blanket, or even a designated rabbit hideout.

Ensure your rabbit has access to a safe and comfortable sleeping area.

What Should I Put In My Rabbits Cage?

Your rabbit’s cage should have a litter box, a comfortable sleeping area, a water bottle or bowl, a hay feeder, and toys for mental stimulation.

Ensure to include a safe chew toy, as rabbits’ teeth grow continuously and must be worn down.

What Is The Best Bedding For Rabbit Pee?

The best bedding for absorbing bunny urine is probably paper-based or wood pulp.

Both are highly absorbent and can help control odor. Remember to change the bedding frequently.

What Is The Best Bedding For Outdoor Rabbits?

Straw is a good choice for outdoor rabbits as it provides absorbent insulation from cold weather.

What Is The Best Bedding For Indoor Rabbits?

Paper-based bedding, fleece, or aspen shavings are good indoor rabbits’ choices. These materials are absorbent, soft, and comfortable for rabbits.

Is Straw Good Bedding For Rabbits?

Straw can be used as bedding, especially for outdoor bunnies, as it provides good insulation.

Best Bedding For Rabbits In Winter?

In winter, extra insulation is essential. Straw is an excellent choice as it provides both warmth and absorption.

Best Rabbit Bedding For Odor Control?

Paper-based bedding is often considered the best for odor control. Changing the bedding frequently will also help keep the smell down.

Fleece Bedding For Rabbits?

Fleece bedding is popular among rabbit owners because it is soft, reusable, and washable. It doesn’t absorb urine as well as other beddings, so it’s typically used with a litter box.

Is Paper Bedding Safe For Rabbits?

Yes, paper bedding is safe for rabbits. It’s often recommended because it’s absorbent, relatively dust-free, and comfortable for rabbits.

Always make sure the paper bedding you use is untreated and dye-free.


If need be, selecting the best bedding for your rabbit requires careful thought and consideration.

You must consider comfort, absorbency, dustiness, and odor control.

The best bedding for your rabbit will ultimately depend on their unique needs and your individual circumstances.

But with the right choice, you can provide your bunny with a safe, clean, and comfortable home.

We hope this article helped you know some of the best bedding for rabbits and if you must use them. If you have further questions, comment below, and we will answer them.

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