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Common Bra Mistakes Every Woman Should Know And Avoid

No matter how knowledgeable you are about your underwear, chances are you are making certain mistakes when it comes to your bra. It’s not just about wearing the wrong size (which is fairly common). Here are common bra mistakes you should avoid making.

Your Bras Fit On The Tightest Clasp
When buying a bra, choose one that fits good on the loosest hook. As the bra ages and the band stretches, you will have the option of tightening its grip.

You Fold Your Bra Cups Into Each Other
Never fold a moulded cup or padded bra into itself. The proper way to store them is to lay your bras flat or place them vertically in the drawer. If your wardrobe has some space, consider hanging them on small hangers.

You Wear Contrasting Colours Under Transparent Shirts
Wearing a white bra under a white T-shirt or even a light-coloured bra under a dark fabric can become visible to everyone with something as simple as a camera flash or harsh lighting.

As such, it is best to stick to nude bras under whites, and black or navy bras under darks.

It’s Been Years Since You Last Got Fitted
The simple truth a lot of people are unaware of is the fact that their bra size can fluctuate from year to year with changes in weight, muscle tone, pregnancy, and age.

This is why it is important to get fitted in person. There are charts that will tell you how to fit a bra, but they’re not full proof. It’s a very individual process. If you can’t get fitted, start with the standard bra-size formula.

Firstly, measure your band size by looping a measuring tape from your back to front directly under your bust and across your rib cage. If you get an odd number, round up to the next even number to get your band size.

To find your cup size, measure loosely around the fullest part of your chest and subtract your band measurement from this bust measurement. The difference calculates your cup size (a one-inch difference is an A cup; a two-inch difference is a B cup, etc.).

Your Breasts Bubble Out Of The Bra Cup
This means your cup size is either too small, or you’ve chosen the wrong style for your shape. For instance, full-busted women should steer clear of demi bras and instead opt for full-coverage bras that allow for a smoother look under clothing.

When trying on bras, you may want to take a few moments in the dressing room to see how they look under a shirt. If you can see an indent where the bra cuts into your chest, try moving up a cup size or try a different style.

The Band Doesn’t Appear Parallel
If the back band of your bra moves towards your shoulder, it may be a size too big and doesn’t provide the proper amount of support you need.

This may lead to shoulder and back pain. You may want to consider going down a band size.

Your Underwire Pokes And Prodes
This usually indicates that your cup size is too small. The underwire on your bra should come from behind your breast tissue. If it seems like it’s too narrow or digs into your skin, consider going up to the next size.

You Go For Seamless Styles
Women with fuller busts ate often affected by these styles because they offer the least support. Instead, opt for a sleeker look by shopping for a bra with seaming that’s made of a material that’s more rigid than stretchy.

You Wear Your Bra For Two Days In A Row
While you don’t need to wash your bra after every wear, the elastic band in it needs to breathe. Wearing it two days in a row will strain the elastic band and it won’t be able to snap back.

It is best to have four or five bras in rotation. Have at least one nude and black bra for everyday wear, one fabulous lace bra, and a high-quality sports bra. Wash each bra after every three wearings.

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