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160+ Birth Announcement Messages and Wording Ideas

In this article, we have compiled the best sample letter for new born baby announcement, new born baby message to colleagues, how to announce baby birth in office, clever birth announcement wording, birth announcement template, baby birth announcement SMS to friends, baby boy announcement on Facebook, blessed with baby boy message, etc

Baby Boy Birth Announcement Messages

It’s our happiest moment to announce that a baby boy has arrived in our family. Please keep him in your prayers.

You are what we have been waiting for all these years. You complete our home, our family and everything else. Welcoming our first baby boy!

A sweet little angel has arrived finally. We are really happy and proud of the blessing. Thanking God for everything!

Oh boy! Meet (baby name).

It’s a boy!

Life is full of precious moments but nothing can be compared to this beautiful evening. We are proudly announcing the arrival of a beautiful baby boy. Thanking God for his safe arrival!

Our little man has arrived!

There’s a new king of the house! Please welcome (baby name).

Hello, handsome!

The sweetest period of our life has just begun. A handsome baby boy lights up our life as we gladly let you know of the miracle. Life is awesome!

Introducing our bouncing baby boy, (baby name).

Our baby came dressed in blue! Please welcome (baby name).

It’s a day of great happiness for us as we introduce our baby boy to the world. This moment is so precious and joyful!

The first milestone of our married life has been achieved. A new journey of parenthood starts today. It’s a boy!

Our family has been blessed with a baby boy so handsome and cute. We don’t know any right words to express our feelings. It’s wonderful to be a parent!

Believe in dreams, they do come true.
Ours came dressed in blue!

Our first son was so much fun,
God couldn`t wait to bless us with another one

One son was so much fun
We thought we`d have another one!

Our family rejoices—a new life`s begun,
our circle is richer with the birth of our son.

With love and joy we introduce
our beautiful baby boy…

The only thing better than two sons, is three!

Little brothers are so much fun
You can bet he`s number one!

What a joy to know it`s a bouncing baby boy!

Tiny yawns and sleepy sighs
Nursery rhymes and lullabies
A brand new life has brought us joy
Oh, what fun to have a boy!

Magical moments to share and enjoy,
for into our lives came a bouncing baby boy!

Baseball, football, tennis, anyone?
Lookout Little League, here comes our (second/third) son!

We are roaring with excitement and fun,
to announce the birth of our son!

Looking forward to the excitement and fun,
announcing the birth of our wonderful son!

There is a new cowboy in town!

One son was so much fun
We thought we`d have another one!

The Lord has blessed us with great joy by giving us another boy!

He`s roped our love and branded our hearts
(baby`s name) Rode into our lives on ___

Baby Girl Birth Announcement Messages

A beautiful little angel has just landed in our house. She is the sweetest baby I have ever seen. Pray for us so we can keep her happy and safe forever!

She came and stole our heart with her innocence. Now the only thing that matters to us is taking care of our baby beauty queen. Keep her in your prayers!

Pretty in pink! Meet (baby name).

It’s a girl!

We are now officially parents of a beautiful baby girl. It’s a great pleasure to let you know a small party has been arranged. Come to give your blessings to our little angel.

Once upon a time, a little princess was born. Meet (baby name).

Announcing our darling daughter, (baby name).

She doesn’t need an introduction. She is the most beautiful flower in the garden, which is bound to be noticed and praised. Thanking God for the gift!

It’s a sweet little baby girl!

We’re tickled pink over the arrival of (baby name).

Life is so full of miracles. Just like our newest family member, a sweet baby girl. She came and turned our home into a piece of heaven!

Introducing (baby name), the new queen of the cutie pies.

She’s sugar. She’s spice. She’s everything nice. Meet (baby name).

It’s the most beautiful gift from almighty. It’s a baby girl for us. Introducing our precious one to you. Keep her in your thoughts.

Never before life seemed so wonderful as now. It’s all because of the arrival of our first child, a little beauty queen, who brought a full package of happiness right from heaven!

She has already arrived at our small hut. Now she is waiting for you. Introducing our greatest achievement in life, a beautiful baby girl!

So sweet and neat and such tiny little feet, our precious baby girl makes our lives complete!

She may be small when it comes to size, but she`s the queen of the cutie pies!

A new baby sister, as cute as can be.
I`ll be the best big brother/sister, just wait and see.

From the top of her head to the toes on her feet, our new little girl has made our lives complete!

___ doesn`t mind that she`ll have to share the throne…
she`s very excited to have a sister of her own!
Introducing our new little princess…

Dresses and bonnets in the air are now hung, our sweet (second/third) little girl has finally come!

Sent down from heaven into our arms, our sweet (second/third) baby girl is sharing her charms!

Jump ropes, swings and teddy bears, pretty ribbons for her hair, giggles, hugs and love to share, oh the joy a daughter bears!

Sweet as candy, good as gold, our precious baby girl, a miracle to hold.

With patience and love, we waited for our baby girl.
With excitement and joy, we announce her to the world.
She`s all girl, tiny and sweet, ___ has a new sister we`d like you to meet!

Pretty bonnets, bows and lace
Frame her tiny, smiling face…
Letting you know that we`re tickled pink
over the arrival of our new baby girl…

We made a wish and she came true!

Twins Birth Announcement Messages

We have just been blessed with a twin baby. Our hearts leap up with heavenly joy as we introduce them to the world!

Sometimes god is much more generous than we think he is. We are gladly announcing the gifts he just sent us. It’s a twin pair!

Twice the love, twice the joy.

Becoming a parent is a wonderful experience. But parenting a twin pair is a bliss way beyond imagination. Announcing our baby twins!

The more the merrier!

Happiness has been doubled up as two angels joined us in our small family. Keep us all in your prayers. Introducing our twin gems.

We are “two” happy to announce (baby names).

Happiness isn’t abstract always. Sometimes it can be touched and felt. Just like I can touch my twin babies. Introducing our newest family members!

Two times the love—and the dirty diapers!

This beautiful evening has become more beautiful with the arrival of our first twin babies. It’s a kind of joy that is inexpressible in words!

We asked for one miracle, and we got two! Please welcome (baby names).

My wife has just given birth to a twin pair. Both are safe and well. Thanks, almighty for such precious gifts. Introducing our twin baby!

Life has been so wonderful for the last couple of days. We are too busy taking care of our twin pair. It’s a late announcement but totally worth your presence at tonight’s party!

Twice as precious, twice as fun.
We have been blessed with two, not (instead of) one!

I thank the Lord above for sending me two sisters/brothers to love!

Thankful for one
Now we have two girls/boys double the fun!

We are full of joy.
Our four boot addition is a girl and a boy!

The love and blessings we\`ve shared as two will now be shared by four.
We are pleased to announce the birth of our twins…

Double the trouble, double the fun.
Our life with twins has just begun!
Twenty fingers, twenty toes, plenty of work heaven knows.
Four little arms to hold tight, four little cheeks to kiss goodnight!

(parents names) ___ are excited to announce that (baby names) ___ and __ have doubled our home`s population on (birth date).

Our home has expanded by four feet!
With twice as many hugs and cuddles, twice the diapers too, and twice as many feedings there`ll be twice as much to do… But what is most important after all is said and done
is that we are twice as happy for twins are twice the fun!

Two miracles sent from above. A daughter and a son for all to love.

Two special lives have just begun, two times the joy, two times the fun!

We are proud to announce our two bundles of joy, one little girl and one little boy!


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