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Can Guinea Pigs Live With Rabbits?

Do you want to know if guinea pigs can live with rabbits?

Guinea pigs and rabbits have a lot in common, they are social animals and thrive well in pairs, but can they live together? Is it recommendable?

In this article, we will let you know if it is safe for guinea pigs to live with rabbits and the reasons for our stance, examining the various factors that may influence the cohabitation between these two species.

Can Guinea Pigs Live With Rabbits?

No, guinea pigs and rabbits should not live together.

We have compelling reasons to justify this stance.

These reasons range from differences in dietary needs to behavioral disparities, all of which we will discuss in detail below.

1. Different Dietary Needs

Guinea pigs and rabbits, while similar in appearance, have pretty different dietary requirements.

Guinea Pigs’ Diet: They need a diet rich in Vitamin C, and their primary food includes hay, fresh vegetables, and specific pellets designed for them.

Rabbits’ Diet: Rabbits require a diet high in fiber and low in sugar. Their essential foods are hay, fresh vegetables, and particular rabbit pellets.

These differences in nutritional needs make cohabitation problematic, as feeding them the same food could lead to health issues in one or both animals.

Mixing their diet could lead to malnourishment or obesity, both of which are detrimental to their well-being.

2. Size and Behavior Differences

An essential factor to consider is the stark difference in size, strength, and behavior between guinea pigs and rabbits.

Size and Strength: Rabbits are typically larger and stronger than guinea pigs. They can inadvertently harm guinea pigs during play or interaction.

Behavior: Rabbits often have territorial behavior, which may lead to bullying or even attacking the guinea pigs.

These differences create a power imbalance that can lead to unintentional harm, making it unsafe for them to live together.

3. Health Risks

Cohabitating guinea pigs and rabbits can pose significant health risks. Rabbits may carry bacteria like Bordetella, which can be fatal to guinea pigs.

Also, the risk of transmitting diseases like respiratory infections is higher when these animals are housed together.

4. Communication and Socialization Issues

Though they may seem similar, guinea pigs and rabbits have distinct communication styles and social needs.

Communication: Guinea pigs communicate through different sounds and body language than rabbits. Misunderstandings can lead to stress and anxiety.

Socialization: While both animals are social, their unique needs can cause conflict if forced to interact closely.

These differences are crucial to maintaining the happiness and well-being of both species.

Alternatives to Cohabitation

Housing guinea pigs and rabbits together is fraught with challenges, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be part of the same household.

Here’s a look at the alternatives and how they can be implemented.

1. Separate Living Spaces

Cages and Enclosures: Design separate living spaces that cater to the unique needs of both species. Ensure that each enclosure meets the size, cleanliness, and enrichment requirements specific to guinea pigs and rabbits.

Room Dividers: In cases where space is limited, using room dividers or partitioning a larger space can allow both species to have their areas while maintaining overall room aesthetics.

Multiple Levels: Multi-level solutions, such as stacked or vertically aligned cages explicitly designed for small pets, can be a space-saving solution that still respects their individual needs.

2. Controlled Interaction

Supervised Playtime: Allow guinea pigs and rabbits to interact under controlled, supervised conditions, ensuring each animal feels safe and shows no signs of aggression or stress.

Common Play Areas: Create a shared play area where both species can be let out at different times, allowing them to explore and enjoy a change of scenery without coming into direct contact.

3. Enrichment and Socialization within Species

Same-Species Companionship: Provide companionship within the same species, as both guinea pigs and rabbits thrive on social interaction with their kind.

Species-Specific Enrichment: Provide toys, tunnels, and enrichment items that are specifically designed for each species, ensuring that they receive mental and physical stimulation.

Consider Adoption: If loneliness is a concern, consider adopting another guinea pig or rabbit rather than trying to make an unnatural pairing work.


Here are some frequently asked questions.

What Animals Can Rabbits Live With?

Rabbits are social animals, and while they do best with other rabbits, there are other animals they can sometimes live with.

It requires careful consideration and planning:

  • Other Rabbits: Rabbits usually thrive when paired with other rabbits. Ensure proper bonding and compatibility, usually facilitated with appropriate introductions and under the guidance of experts.
  • Certain Small Rodents: Some rabbits can live with certain small rodents, but it can be a delicate balance. Close supervision and individualized care are necessary, which might not suit everyone.
  • Cats and Dogs: Some rabbits can coexist with cats or dogs, but this requires a highly controlled environment, careful training, and supervision. It’s not a matter of housing them together but allowing controlled interactions.

You should consult with a veterinarian or rabbit expert to understand your rabbit’s specific needs and temperament before introducing them to other animals.

Do Rabbits and Guinea Pigs Play Together?

While rabbits and guinea pigs may appear to interact or play together at times, their different communication styles and physical abilities often lead to misunderstandings.

They do not genuinely play together in the way that same-species animals might.

Supervised interactions may be possible, but long-term housing them is generally discouraged due to the reasons we elaborated on in the article.

What Animal Can Live With a Guinea Pig?

Guinea pigs are social creatures, and they thrive best with other guinea pigs.

Some owners have experimented with housing them with other small animals, but the best companion for a guinea pig is another guinea pig.

This ensures compatible communication, socialization, and care needs.

Are Guinea Pigs Scared of Rabbits?

Yes, guinea pigs can be scared of rabbits.

Rabbits are generally larger and may have different behaviors that can intimidate guinea pigs.

Even if the rabbit doesn’t intend to harm the guinea pig, its size and behavior might lead to stress or fear.

It’s not a natural pairing, and the risks involved, including the potential fear and stress it may cause the guinea pig, are part of why housing them together is generally discouraged.

Do Rabbits Kill Guinea Pigs?

It’s uncommon for rabbits to kill guinea pigs intentionally, but the significant differences in size and strength between the two species can lead to severe accidents.

If a rabbit were to become aggressive or if the guinea pig were to become frightened, physical harm could occur.

Even a playful or accidental move from a rabbit might injure a smaller guinea pig seriously.

This risk of unintentional harm is one of the primary reasons we recommend against housing rabbits and guinea pigs together.

What Smells Worse: Rabbits or Guinea Pigs?

Neither rabbits nor guinea pigs inherently smell worse than the other; both species can be kept quite odor-free with proper care and hygiene.

The smell associated with these pets often comes from their living environment rather than the animals themselves.

Cleanliness: Regular cleaning of cages, litter boxes, and bedding is essential to control odors for both species.

Diet: A proper diet that meets each animal’s specific nutritional needs helps digestion and minimizes unpleasant smells.

Health Checks: Sometimes, foul odors might indicate underlying health issues. Regular veterinary check-ups can ensure that your rabbit and guinea pig are healthy and free from conditions that might cause odors.

Are Guinea Pigs and Rabbits Related?

Guinea pigs and rabbits might look similar and are both popular small pets, but they are not closely related.

Rabbits belong to the family Leporidae, while guinea pigs are part of the family Caviidae.

Biology and Evolution: Both are rodents, but their evolutionary paths diverged a while ago. They have distinct biological differences, including dental, digestive, and reproductive systems.

Behavior and Communication: Their behavior and methods of communication are also notably different. These differences are crucial for appropriate care, housing, and interaction.


The idea of housing guinea pigs and rabbits together may be appealing, but the evidence and reasoning we have provided in this article firmly stand against this practice.

From dietary differences to behavioral disparities, the risks are substantial.

You should seek appropriate care and housing for each species, always considering their well-being and happiness.

We hope this article helped you know if rabbits and guinea pigs can live with rabbits. If you have any questions, comment below, and we will answer them.

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