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5 Things To Look At In Your Partner’s Birth Chart

Your partner’s birth chart is just as important as your own for assessing compatibility. You can enter the date, time, and location at which your partner was born into a free birth chart calculator to generate a chart to compare with your own.

Birth charts are relatively complex representations of the sky. Medium readings with readers skilled in astrology can make it easier to assess relationship compatibility based on birth charts. Here are five things to look at or ask about during a birth chart-based love reading.

1. The Planet Venus

The planet Venus is named after the goddess of love, pleasure, and beauty and has the greatest significance for relationship readings. The position of Venus on your partner’s birth chart and your own can illuminate your approaches to romance and indicate compatibility.

If Venus is in the same or compatible signs on your birth charts, your relationship may progress smoothly because you feel and express love in similar ways. If Venus is in incompatible signs, you may need to work to communicate clearly and demonstrate affection.

2. The Fifth House

The fifth house on birth charts is associated with dating and romance. Most love psychics devote particular attention to the planets and signs in the fifth house of a chart.

Once again, comparing the fifth house on your partner’s chart and your own can be revealing. Venus, Mars, the Sun, and the Moon are significant elements on every birth chart.

3. The Seventh House

The seventh house reveals an inborn inclination toward prolonged partnerships and marriage. As such, this house is another important part of your partner’s birth chart.

Many medium readings about love closely consider the fifth and seventh houses. For queries concerning long-term relationships, an astrologer may focus more on the seventh house.

4. The Planet Mars

Mars is associated with motivation and passion. The position of this planet on birth charts can provide insight into the progress or status of relationships. You may find that your partner’s agenda is more or less compatible with your own or that you gain intimacy at different speeds.

The celestial body named after the god of war is also related to anger. Your partner’s emotional triggers and how you both behave during disputes directly affect your partnership.

5. The Planet Jupiter

Jupiter is another important planet to locate on your partner’s birth chart. This gas giant is associated with expansion and opening the heart to receive blessings.

Interpreting the position and aspects of Jupiter, Venus, Mars and other heavenly bodies on your partner’s birth chart and your own can help you better understand your relationship.

Whether you have met someone new or want to deepen your bond, it can be helpful to have a skilled astrologer take a look at your charts.

Astrologers can do compatibility readings based on individual birth charts or create a synastry chart to compare planetary positions, nodes, and angular axis. You can schedule medium readings with astrology experts who can help you interpret your partner’s birth chart and take a more intentional approach toward relationships.

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