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Do Bunnies Like Music?

Have you ever wondered if bunnies like music?

Understanding your rabbit’s behaviors, likes, and dislikes is a significant part of creating an environment where it can thrive. Most of us like music, but does it apply to rabbits too?

In this article, we will discuss rabbit music preferences and what we observe with rabbits in our rabbitry with respect to music.

Do Bunnies Like Music?

There isn’t a straightforward answer to whether bunnies like music, as it largely depends on the type of music, its volume, and the specific rabbit’s personality.

In general, bunnies tend to have sensitive hearing, meaning music must be played appropriately to avoid distressing them.

Although some rabbits seem indifferent to music, others may display clear reactions – these can range from signs of relaxation to signals of discomfort.

Just like humans, bunnies too can have individual preferences when it comes to music.

In our rabbitry, we play calm music when we clean in the morning; the essence of this music is to motivate us and reduce stress while cleaning their hutches and environments.

But we observed that our rabbits are always more relaxed and calm than when we attend to them later in the day without music.

This calm and relaxed reaction suggests they love the music, at least the type and volume we usually play.

On one occasion, we also have seen our rabbits scared of loud phone ringtones, so now, our phones are always on silent mode when around them.

The Science of Bunny Hearing

Understanding the auditory capabilities of bunnies can give us better insight into whether they like music or not.

How Bunnies Hear

Rabbits have an extraordinary sense of hearing.

They possess large, flexible ears that capture sounds from all directions and help regulate body temperature in hot weather.

With the ability to hear frequencies between 96 Hz and 49,000 Hz, bunnies can pick up sounds much higher than humans.

This sharp hearing can detect predators from afar, a vital survival tool in the wild.

But, in a domestic setting, they can be more sensitive to noises, including music, which humans may find harmless.

What Music Do Bunnies Prefer?

Given the sensitivity of bunnies’ hearing, you might assume they prefer softer, soothing sounds.

Although we have not conducted any research specifically on the musical preferences of bunnies, our anecdotal observation seems to support this assumption.

So it’s safe to say that music with a slow tempo and lower frequency, such as classical music, has a calming effect on many bunnies.

On the other hand, loud, high-tempo music like rock or electronic could cause stress or discomfort due to its intense sounds and high frequencies.

The Effects of Music on Bunnies

The reactions of bunnies to music can be varied. Here are some potential effects.

Physical Reactions to Music

Rabbits express their emotions through a variety of physical responses.

When listening to music, they might lie down, close their eyes, or even grind their teeth lightly – these are all signs of contentment.

On the other hand, if your bunny starts to thump its hind legs, hides, or exhibits signs of agitation, such as quickened breathing or widened eyes, the music might cause distress.

Behavioral Changes Due to Music

Behavioral changes are another way bunnies express their feelings toward music.

They might become more relaxed and sociable with soothing music playing, while loud, intense music could make them more withdrawn or jittery.

These physical and behavioral reactions are crucial in ensuring that your bunny’s encounter with music is pleasant.

Playing Music for Your Bunny

Here are some considerations for introducing music into your bunny’s environment.

Choosing the Right Music

Generally, choose music with a slow tempo and low frequencies. Some owners find that their bunnies enjoy classical music or instrumental sounds.

However, always observe your rabbit’s reactions to different types of music and adjust accordingly. Remember, every bunny is unique.

Creating a Calming Environment

Creating a calming environment is about choosing the right music, keeping the volume low, and setting comfortable.

If you decide to play music for your bunny, ensure that the volume is low enough not to cause discomfort and that your bunny can retreat to a quieter spot if they want to.

Observing Your Bunny’s Reaction

Constantly observe your bunny’s reactions to the music.

You’re likely on the right track if they display signs of contentment and relaxation.

If they show signs of distress or discomfort, it’s better to turn off the music and try a different genre or decrease the volume.


Here are some frequently asked questions.

What Song Do Rabbits Like?

It’s difficult to determine a specific song that rabbits might like. But, they generally seem to respond better to calming and quiet music.

Does Bunny Listen To Music?

Rabbits have very sensitive hearing, and they can listen to music. But, their enjoyment or response will depend on the individual bunny and the type of music.

Are Bunnies Sensitive To Loud Music?

Yes, rabbits are very sensitive to loud noises. It’s best to avoid playing loud music around your rabbit as it can cause stress and fear. You should see this article: Can Rabbits Die Of Fear?

Do Rabbits Like Soothing Music?

Generally, rabbits may be more comfortable with soothing, quiet, and calm music. But monitoring your rabbit’s behavior is important to ensure they aren’t showing signs of stress or discomfort.

What Sounds Annoy Rabbits?

Loud, sudden, or high-frequency sounds can be distressing to rabbits. They have a keen sense of hearing and prefer calm and quiet environments.

Do Rabbits Like Loud Music?

No, loud music can be stressful for rabbits.

Their hearing is very sensitive, and they’re naturally prey animals, so loud sounds can make them feel threatened or scared.

Do Rabbits Like Rock Music?

The genre of music itself probably doesn’t matter as much to a rabbit as the volume and tone.

Rock music tends to be loud and intense, potentially stressing a rabbit.

However, a quieter or more mellow rock song might be just fine.


So, do bunnies like music? The answer is it depends. Much like us, every bunny is unique and has its preferences.

Some may enjoy a soothing symphony, while others might prefer the quiet. You should understand and respect these preferences to ensure your bunny’s well-being.

We hope this article helped you know if bunnies like music. If you have further questions, comment below, and we will answer them.


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