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Best Islamic Birthday Wishes, Messages, Prayers and Quotes

Islamic Birthday Wishes: Birthdays are without a doubt an exceptional event for individuals, all things considered. A birthday wish doesn’t contain simple greetings just, yet in addition gathers heartfelt wishes, prayers, and expressions of blessings!

In the event that you are an individual of faith in Islam, you should arrive at your friends and family with Islamic Birthday wishes on their uncommon days! Wish them a happy birthday and furthermore broaden your blessings towards them. Tell them that they are in your thoughts and prayers regardless! Locate some Islamic Birthday wishes underneath and pick a reasonable one!

Islamic Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday! May Allah keep showering his blessing on you!

Happy Birthday! May Allah accept all your heartfelt wishes and prayers today.

May Allah accept my prayers and keep you safe from every harm and evil. Happy Birthday!

May all your dreams come true by the grace of Allah. May success follow you in wherever you go and whatever you do in life. Happy Birthday!

I pray to Allah that he always keeps you surrounded by happiness and guide you towards the path of honesty and integrity! Happy birthday!

Enjoy this special day of your life to the fullest. Always remember that my prayers are always with you in all the good and bad times in life. Happy Birthday!

May Allah bless you with boundless happiness and endless joy throughout this year and in all the years of your life yet to come. Happy birthday!

May the light of almighty guide you to a place in life where joys are endless and smiles never fade. Happy birthday to you!

May Allah bless you with total integrity and greatness in life. May all you wish for in life come true as soon as possible. Happy Birthday!

I sincerely pray to Allah that he showers your life with his divine generosity & heavenly love. Happy birthday to you from the deepest part of my heart!

May you enjoy a marvelous birthday this year. I pray to Allah that he gives you endless happiness and eternal joy in life. Happy birthday!

You were sent to us as a perfect gift from Allah. Today is the day for being grateful for what we received through you. Happy birthday!

May Allah bless you with knowledge and wisdom. May you find peace and joy in wherever you go in life. That’s my sincere wish for you on your birthday!

Birthday is the best day to thank the Almighty for His precious gift of life. Value it greatly, love it and respect it. Happy Birthday.

May Allah bestow you with a prosperous and joyous long life! Happy Birthday!

By the grace of Allah, may you become a righteous person. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Wishing you a blessed and virtuous life ahead.

Happy birthday. May Allah guide you in every step of your life and make you happier than yesterday.

May Allah add lots of happiness and beautiful memories to your life. Happy birthday.

May Allah make your birthday memorable. Many happy returns of the day.

With Allah’s blessings, you have successfully completed one more outstanding year. There’s no doubt that many more prosperous years are on the way! Happy Birthday.

May Almighty bless you with all the happiness and joy in your life! Wish you a wonderful birthday.

May all your wishes come true with Allah’s grace and you have another year of your life full of laughter and joy. Happy Birthday!

Islamic Birthday Duas

Happy Birthday to you! May this special day be the start of an amazing, prosperous and bright future for you. Sending you my sincere wishes and prayers!

May Allah bless you with a long life! this is my sincere prayer to Allah on your birthday. Happy Birthday!

I pray that the loving and soothing hand of Allah will touch your life now that you are passing another year of your life. May you feel His love on your special day. Happy Birthday!

May the Almighty Allah showers you with more success and the glorious years as you enter your new year. Wishing you happy birthday.

I wish that Allah will guide you every step of the way not only today as you celebrate your birthday, but every day of your life. Happy Birthday!

Today, may Allah bless you with all the desires your heart wishes for. You deserve it for being such a good person.

May Allah fill your life with endless happy moments, countless wonderful surprises, and infinite success! Happy Birthday Dear.

As you blow the candles tonight, I silently make a wish to Allah, To guide you all your life and to care take of you every time! Happy Birthday Sweet Heart!

With age comes wisdom and sensibility. On your birthday, I pray to Allah for his generosity upon you. May He make you wiser with time! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you! May you be empowered with the strength of your faith and shine in every aspect of your life! Stay blessed!

I pray that the merciful Almighty removes all the obstacles of your life and bless you with the patience of tolerating hardships! Happy Birthday!

May Allah always protect you and guide you throughout your life. Wishing you all the happiness of the world on your birthday.

Every day in my prayers I take your name and ask for your better health, happiness and prosperity. May you get every help you seek from Allah. Happy birthday, dear.

Islamic Birthday Wishes for a Friend

Dear friend, Happy Birthday to you! May Allah blesses you with the willpower of living a good life and becoming a better person. Have a good celebration!

Happy Birthday, my friend! You are one of the kindest souls I know, so I genuinely pray to Allah for showering you with good fortune and joy!

Allah has blessed me with you as my dear one and nothing can be more precious than that. May He guide us in the true path and keep us together.

My friend, with you turning a year older, may the Almighty makes you wiser and happier. Happy Birthday! My sincere prayers go to you!

Sending you my warm wishes on your birthday, mate! On this special day, I pray for your good health, prosperity, and happiness to Allah. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, friend. May Allah always be merciful towards you, accepts all your good deeds, and rewards you generously! Enjoy your day!

Islamic Birthday Wishes for Brother

Dear brother, Happy Birthday! You are not only the pillar of our family but also a great brother and a kind son! May Allah grace you with constant happiness!

Happy Birthday to you, my brother! We are thankful to you for being so humble and caring towards us. I sincerely pray that you have a prosperous life ahead!

My brother, you have always been a great inspiration for me! May Allah always lead you in the right path and guides you to good deeds. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! You have always been an attentive and generous brother to me and I am lucky to have you in my life! May Allah fulfill all your dreams!

Brother, life has been tough on you but you never stepped aside from your strong faith. May you be rewarded grandly by the Almighty! Happy Birthday!

Islamic Birthday Wishes for Sister

Dear sister, you are an embodiment of loveliness and care! A big Happy Birthday to you! May Allah grants all your aspirations and wishes!

My sister, as you turn over the old book today, I pray that every page of the new book is filled with blessings of Allah! Happy Birthday to you!

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, sister! May your prayers be answered sincerely and good deeds are rewarded vastly by Allah! Have a joyous day!

Happy Birthday, my lovely sister! You deserve all the good things for how caring and helpful you are! May Allah’s blessing never leave your side!

I am so thankful to the Almighty for blessing me with a sister I can always look up to! Happy Birthday! I pray for your health and happiness!

Islamic Birthday Wishes for Son

My lovely son, Happy Birthday to you! You have never failed to care for your parents and I always ask for Allah’s mercy upon you. Bless you!

Happy Birthday to you, my son! I sincerely pray to Allah to add more joyful days to your life and take away all the sadness and sufferings!

Happy Birthday, dear! We are blessed to have a virtuous son like you! May Allah keeps strengthening your faith and guides you to Jannah!

My son, you are the life of our family and the source of our happiness. Happy Birthday to you! May Allah bless you with a long, prosperous life ahead!

Son, Happy Birthday to you! May you never deviate from the path of Islam and seek the truth in every sphere of your life! We love you!

Islamic Birthday Wishes for Daughter

As today is your birthday, I would like to thank Allah for sending you in our life and making it joyous. Always have your faith in Him. We are blessed to have you.

Dear daughter, you are indeed a blessing from Allah. May He guide you and help you find the truth about life. Enjoy your life and always remember to say your prayers. Happy Birthday.

My life has completely changed since you arrived. Thanks for being my happy pill. Dear daughter, you are my gem in life. May Allah always bless you. Ameen.

Happy birthday to my most precious person. Dear daughter, I always pray to Allah for your better health. Never forget to thank Allah for all His blessings.

Sending lots of love and good wishes to my dear daughter on her birthday. I love you so much, baby girl. May Allah bless you on your birthday.

Islamic Birthday Wishes for Husband

May Allah grant you a life filled with happiness, love, and prosperity. Never forget to thank Allah for everything he has blessed you with. Many happy returns of the day.

Happy birthday, beloved husband. On your birthday, I pray to Allah to guide you to the truth and help you live your life by the means of Islam. I love you.

Dear husband, happy birthday. May Allah fulfill all your dreams and make all your difficulties go away. I love you so much. Always be brave and generous.

On your birthday, I pray to Allah to give you a joyous life. Hope you have a great day and year ahead. I am really thankful to Allah for making me blessed enough to be your wife.

Happy birthday, dear husband. May Allah accept you as a good servant of his and make life easier for you. I love you so much.

Happy birthday, dear love. I am forever thankful to Allah as he has blessed me with you. May we reunite again in Jannah.

Islamic Birthday Wishes for Wife

On your birthday dear wife, I am sending you lots of love, positivity, and blessings. May Allah make things easy for you when you are struggling. I love you, happy birthday.

Happy birthday my favorite person. Sending my prayers and asking for blessings from Allah. May Allah bless you dear.

May Allah accept you as a good person, bless you to have a great life now & forever. Keep on blooming dear. Have the nicest birthday, I love you.

I pray to Allah for providing you positivity, generosity, happiness, and success in your life. Always pray to Allah. Happiest birthday, dear. I love you so much.

May the light of Islam touch your heart more vividly and guide you to live a decent life in this world. Happy birthday, wife. I love you.

Islamic Birthday Wishes for Father

Allah has truly blessed me by making you my father. I always pray to him for your better days. Happy birthday, Dad. May Allah bless you, always.

I pray to Allah on this precious day for your good health. May the divine grace and blessings of Allah always stay with you, dad. Happy Birthday, I love you.

May Allah guide you to limitless success and happiness dear father. I will always be making duas for you, may you live a healthy life. Happiest birthday ever.

I am forever grateful to Allah for adding another year of joy, prosperity, and blessings in your life. May we share a stronger bond in the upcoming year.

I hope Allah give you patience, strength, and courage to deal with everything in your life. Happy birthday, dear father. Enjoy your day and the rest of the year. I love you.

Islamic Birthday Wishes for Mother

On your special day, I pray to Allah for your happiness. May you get blessed with lots of blessings. May I get to serve you well, mom. Happy returns of the day, I love you.

I always had my every ounce of faith that Allah has stored only good things for you, dear mom. Many happy returns of the day. I love you.

Happiest birthday, my dear mother. May Allah fulfill all your wishes and make you content with life. May Allah also keep you healthy and fine.

May Allah give you a prosperous life ahead, mom. I Hope Allah allows you to share more of your joyous moments with us. Enjoy your day.

Sending lots of love and blessing on this special day, mommy dearest. I pray to Allah for your betterment and may you live the best life here and the afterlife. Ameen.

Muslim Birthday Messages

Hope on this special day of yours, Allah shower his blessing on you making you the most lucky and happy person on this planet! Happy Birthday! Stay Blessed!

Allah has added another year of blessings and joy to your life because you are that deserving of a person. I wish you a happy birthday.

Another year has come and gone & it’s your birthday once again. May Allah bless you with health, wealth, and pleasure! All the best for your future!. Happy birthday!! Stay blessed & have a splendid day!

With Allah’s grace you have completed one more year of your life. And I pray to him that may this New Year bring new joy and happiness in your life. Wish you a very prosperous and pious birthday.

My dear, Allah loves you very much. That’s why he has blessed you with this life. Now you have to make the best out of it. Just set your goal in life & do the good things to achieve it. Have a blessed birthday!

Allah is truly great to have sent a wonderful friend like you to all of us. I pray that this special day will be filled with good and happy moments.

With Allah’s generosity and divine grace, I feel really lucky that he have someone so sweet and adorable like you in my life.

Birthday is a special day to thank Allah for the beautiful gift which he has given to us… A gift of life! Treasure it, respect it and love it. Happy birthday!

Birthdays are meant to forget the past and welcome the future with a new zeal. Embrace this coming year and may Allah show you the way to great success. Wishing you a very happy birthday.

With Allah’s kindness & elegance, I truly feel privileged to have the best father/mother/wife/husband in the whole world. May Allah bless you a long healthy life. I wish you a sweet happy birthday!

Islamic Birthday Quotes

Allah is great. He is the creator of everything. On your birthday, sincerely thank Allah, for giving this beautiful life to you.

I can never thank you enough for what you so profusely gave me all those years. May Allah bless you with peace and happiness. Happy Birthday to you!

I am thankful to Allah, For blessing me with a friend/lover/sibling like you! Your birthday is really a special day for me. Happy Birthday!

You are glowing like a star, you are beautiful like an angel and rare like a diamond. You are one of Allah’s brightest creations. Happy Birthday!

Birthday is beginning of a new year of your life. I hope Allah sends his angles to care and guide you in the coming years ahead. Happy birthday!

The almighty send me a gift once. A gift that filled my existence with love, joy and happiness. That gift was everything. That gift was you.

Never once have I doubted Allah, because he has given me the world greatest father. I wish for you day to be filled with joy and wisdom and more life.

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