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NJ Diet Reviews: Does this Diet Plan Work?

There is more than an overwhelming amount of information about losing weight and becoming healthy. For example, many magazines, books, and websites claim that you can lose significant weight permanently.

The only requirement? Using one of their recommended diets to eliminate fat or carbs.

How can you know which diets work with so much information at your disposal? Below, we look at a series of NJ Diet reviews from clients to help us determine the answer for the well-known nutrigenomic weight loss program.

What is the NJ Diet?

The NJ Diet is a weight loss program based on nutrigenomics principles, or how your genetics influence your nutritional needs.

Before beginning the program, clients are subjected to a series of tests, including blood, hair, and saliva testing, to determine their nutritional status and hormonal balance, among other things.

The team behind the NJ Diet then looks for imbalances in over 2,000 biomarkers. When tests find an imbalance, it indicates that the body requires assistance balancing hormones and detoxifying the body of toxins, viruses, bacteria, and metals.

The program works on the process of natural hormone healing, which suggests that a client’s body will not feel hungry if they have the right information and supplements.

And, since their bodies are running efficiently, they will burn off 2,000-7,000 calories of toxic fats for fuel. To achieve this, the NJ Diet relies on customized supplements to put a client’s body in a fat-burning state.

Since toxins are all stored as fat in the body, and hormonal activity has a toxicity component, clients must first balance their hormones if they want to lose weight.

Aside from the hormonal balancing aspect of the program, there is also a diet component. The personalized diet, in conjunction with hormonal balance, will assist your body, in the beginning, to function properly, with the added benefit of weight loss.

Following steps 1 and 2, clients go into a hormone health diet for 40 days, which includes supplements and a diet plan tailored to allow each client’s body to heal from the inside out.

Every step of the way, the medical professionals at NJ Diet will monitor your progress and plan accordingly.

During the 40 days, clients visit one of the NJ Diet clinics or check in virtually with their doctor online every 10-15 days.

Regular check-ins allow them to monitor your progress and ensure that their client’s body burns fat rather than water. If any changes are needed, doctors will make recommendations accordingly.

What Sets The NJ Diet Apart From The Others

The main difference between this plan and 99% of other weight loss plans is that it takes a completely customized approach to lose fat.

So, for those who have tried several diet programs in the past and have been unable to succeed in achieving their weight loss goals, this plan might be just what was needed.

Additionally, the NJ Diet examines the beginning and end of the digestive process, which no other program in the world does. They test every factor that affects someone’s hormones and metabolism and develop a plan designed for their success.

Therefore, for those who have dealt with hormone imbalances throughout their lives, it can be comforting to note the sound scientific data that backs the program.

Additionally, some have had questions about the contents of the supplements NJ prescribes. After some investigation, clients will find all recommendations made in the NJ Diet are all-natural and free of side effects, hormones, and stimulants.


By limiting your calories, as is done in the diet’s short-term, many saw a dramatic weight loss. Therefore, overall, customer feedback on NJ Diet is extremely positive.

Of course, some people felt it wasn’t the best option for them, but there is no magic pill or program that will make you lose weight. We are all aware that to achieve our weight loss goals, we must put in the necessary effort.

The positive reviews come from people who followed the program accurately. They did not cut corners and achieved excellent weight loss results.

However, as is true with most diets, this weight will only stay off if you continue to follow a healthy eating program.

NJ Diet helps clients retain their results by giving users a personalized daily calorie goal calculated specifically for their body while also giving them eating tools.

The result is that each person knows what they need to eat to keep their body in good shape.

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