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7 Things Teens Need in a Gaming Room

A gaming room for teens is the best way to keep them from cluttering up the living room with their gaming consoles, DVDs, and miscellaneous junk.

By providing your teen with his or her own space, you can let them invite friends over without worrying about the mess or noise. Simply close the door and ignore them for the rest of the evening. 

To ensure your teens love their new gaming room, it needs to be comfortable and well-appointed. Here are some essential things to add.

Chill-Out Seating

Some kind of comfortable seating is essential. While a gaming chair will be a valuable addition to the room for desktop gamers, group gaming sessions will benefit from a different type of seating.

Many teens love to lounge on the floor, so why not invest in giant foam bags from Comfy Sacks rather than a couch? Large floor bags are versatile and very comfortable. They support the back and are great for long gaming sessions.

By all means buy a couch, especially if you upgrade to a pull-out bed for occasional guests, but floor bags are likely to be preferred by your teen and their friends. 

A Wide Gaming Table

Gamers often have multi-screen set-ups for their desktop gaming rigs. This makes sense for a lot of reasons, most notably because it allows one screen to be used for chat applications and a second screen for the game itself. You don’t need a bespoke gaming desk; a long table will do the job just fine. 

Flat Screen TV

Install a large flat-screen TV on the wall for console gaming and DVDs. The larger the better. Upgrade to a superior OLED screen with deeper blacks and brighter colors for more immersive gaming. Anything 65 inches and above will be much appreciated.  


Gaming sessions can last for hours, and refreshments will be needed at regular intervals. To minimize noise late at night, provide a small mini fridge where drinks and snacks can be stored.

This prevents midnight raids on the main fridge and keeps the thunder of teenage feet clattering through the house to a minimum. A glass door fridge with LED lights will look cool and make it easier to spot what’s inside.

Storage Shelving

Most teens are not known for their tidiness, but why make it harder for them to keep the room mess-free? Install some kind of shelving where they can keep DVDs, games, and other items. This should prevent plastic cases from being strewn all over the floor – at least in theory. 

Adjustable Lighting

Gaming under intense lighting isn’t much fun. Install mood lighting instead, so it can be adjusted to suit the activity, i.e., brighter lights for keyboard work and streaming, and low lighting for movies. 

Blackout Blinds

Finally, fit blackout blinds to the window(s) so sunlight is effectively eliminated during intense daytime gaming sessions. Your teen might not appreciate the importance of Vitamin D, but they will thank you for improving their gaming experience. 

Other items worth adding to a gaming room for teens include a trash can for food wrappers and drinks cans, and some fun wall art. 

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