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Things You Should Consider When Buying A Wristwatch

Wristwatches are fashion accessories very few people give the attention they deserve. This may be because they adorn a part of the body which is not often glanced upon or because there are several time devices we can glance at from public clocks to mobile phones.

This, however, shouldn’t be the case as a lot of us seem to miss the point that wristwatches are no longer devices meant to keep us abreast of time but also fashion accessories which makes a statement as to the kind of person we are.

Just as a good suit or sharp pair of shoes will enhance your look and appearance, a good wristwatch has the potential to completely transform your entire outfit.

In addition, watches have the ability to convey sophistication, style, wisdom and class to whoever you come across. As such if you’re the type that doesn’t care much about wearing a wristwatch or you care little about the type of watch you wear, it’s time you change your mind and find a good timepiece you can mix with your wardrobe.

We’ve got your back with these four things you should have at the back of your mind when buying a wristwatch.

Select A Bracelet Band

The age group you fall into or your individual style can go a long way in determining the type of band suitable for you. Older people are more akin with choosing a calfskin leather band because of the formal look it provides for them. You may opt to choose this style if you work in a formal setting as it speaks volumes of your personality.
Leather bands, however, don’t match well with casual wears especially denim. Bracelet bands are the way to go and they can also go along with suits in a heartbeat for more formal occasions.
The ideal material to choose is stainless steel or White gold bracelet which adds versatility to your dressing.

Focus More On Fit

It’s common to see guys keep their wristwatches too loose but that’s not a good way to go. Keeping your timepieces too loose will make an expensive watch look cheap.
The easiest and quickest way to tell if a wristwatch fits your wrist is to shake your wrist while donning it. If the watch slides down or around at all, have a jeweller remove some links from the metal bracelet till you’re able to achieve the perfect fit.

Choose Wristwatches With Simple Chronographs

Avoid wristwatches with bogus faces. Ideally, a wristwatch with a medium-sized face that measures between 38 and 42 millimetres in diameter is suitable for almost all wrist sizes. Choosing anything bigger than that will only make your wristwatch stand out from other fashion accessories which are not an entirely good thing.
The face details should be as simple as possible. Avoid choosing watches that have too many chronographs or stopwatches on the face.
Except you’re an athlete looking for precise timing, all you need is a wristwatch with accurate time and date. If you’re however keen on getting one with chronographs, ensure you’re comfortable with the complex timepieces and its multiple features.

Get A Price That Suits You

The best price for any timepiece is entirely dependent on your budget. It’s however best not to exceed 5,000 Naira if it’s your first purchase except you have a lot of cash to throw around.
It’s best to be confident with your taste and style of timepieces before going ahead to spend a lot of money.


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