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230+ Weekend Wishes and Happy Weekend Messages

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Happy Weekend Messages

I am wishing you a very joyful and relaxed weekend. Make fruitful your free days. Best weekend wishes to you!

Here comes the weekend again! I hope you are going to enjoy your weekend by any means. Wishing you a very happy weekend!

Life was going so hard! For shaking and chilling us the weekend comes again! Let’s ensure the maximum pleasure from the highly expected day. Have a blessed weekend!

Today is the weekend, for which we have been waiting for last 5 days. Let’s keep a distance from all your routine activity and make sure the joys. Happy weekend!

Finally, the week comes to end. The weekend is short, but it’s time to relax. Enjoy your weekend to the fullest. Happy Weekend.

I have seen your work; you deserve a sweet long weekend. Happy Weekend.

This is the day you have been looking forward to. May you have a relaxing weekend!

Wishing you a peaceful weekend, filled with fun and happiness. Have a beautiful weekend.

This is the time to make it up for the love of your life, find some time, there is no excuse when it is a weekend. Happy Weekend!

Don’t stress yourself that there is no chance for you to relax, the perfect time is here, relax and have a good time with your friends and family. Share the love and laughter. Have a great weekend.

Happy Weekend! There are more activities waiting to be unlocked. Be easy on yourself, and life will be more enjoyable.

This is the day to hang out with your friends and family. Find some time to be with your special friends and family members, far away from your daily work. Good morning and happy weekend!

The weekend is one of the best motivational moments in one’s life. It is a time to reflect on your past, a time to plan how to execute. It is not a time to be sad, Relax, and be ready for new opportunities that will be on the way. Happy Weekend!

Don’t stress yourself, the weekend is finally here, it’s time to relax, free your mind, and come out energetic. Have a wonderful weekend!

Set the weekend rolling with any of these wonderful weekend prayers for your loved ones.

May the weekend bring with it renewed hope and strength to keep going. Have a wonderful weekend.

This weekend, may you thrive and blossom like flowers in spring. May you find renewed strength to face all the challenges ahead. Happy weekend.

May the joy of the Lord never depart from your life and home. May all your enemies come to bow before you. Have a victorious weekend.

Never give up. God is still in the business of answering prayers and He will definitely answer yours in Jesus’ name. Have a blessed weekend.

May all your dreams come true. May your enemies fall before you like a pack of cards. May you never be put to shame. Have a really splendid weekend.

May this weekend come with answer to all your prayers. Have a happy weekend.

I pray that the hand of the Almighty will elevate you and fulfill every of your unmet expectations. It shall be well with you day and night. Have a beautiful weekend.

May you never experience disappointments again. Henceforth may favour line your path. Have a really nice weekend.

Every goliath that stands on your way shall be destroyed. Every tongue that rises against you shall be condemned. You shall be celebrated at home and abroad. Have a happy weekend.

May the Lord visit your home with lasting peace this weekend. God bless you always.

The Lord bless and keep you and make His countenance shine upon you always. Have a beautiful weekend.

Good things come to those who believe. May goodness locate you today and always. Have a nice weekend.

When the Lord restored the captivity of Israel, they were like them that dreamt. May the Lord restore every of your captivity in Jesus’ name. Have a blissful weekend.

May your hope rise with the sun, may you soar always. Have a splendid weekend.

No matter the agenda of the enemy for you this weekend, you will overcome. Have a beautiful weekend.

May every of your supplications to God this weekend be met with speedy answers. Have a great weekend.

Whether the enemy likes it or not, you will overcome every of your challenges and shine. Have a beautiful weekend.

Rejoice in the Lord, again I say rejoice. Do not let the devil steal your joy ever. Have a peaceful weekend.

The name of the Lord is a strong tower. As you make Him your refuge, may He always come to your refuge. Have a restful weekend.

May the peace of the Lord which passes all human understanding encompass you and yours this weekend. Have a great one.

May the great and mighty God be a shield round about you and your family. May you prosper greatly. Happy weekend.

May you stand secured like zion’s mount. May you never be moved or overthrown by challenges bigger than you, amen.

Right before your enemies, may you be elevated. Have a really happy weekend.

May your enemies be confounded. May your success silence them and put them to shame. Have a splendid weekend.

When others say there’s a casting down, in your life, there’ll be a lifting up. Have a beautiful weekend.

May nothing hinder your glory. May your light shine for all to see. Have a wonderful weekend.

This weekend and always, may you find the grace to forge ahead. Have a blissful weekend.

My earnest prayer for you this weekend is that your joy be full always.

May favour, joy and love line your path always. Happy weekend.

May the Lord always come through for you. May you never be put to shame. Happy weekend.

May you be blessed in the morning, may you blessed in the noon, may you be blessed at night, all the days of this weekend. Amen.

Good Morning my Friends. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Wishing you all a happy and blessed weekend, Have a Great Day Everyone.

The week is over, it’s time to have fun, enjoy to the fullest. Have a great weekend.

Good Morning, everyone, my doors are open, welcome home, and let’s celebrate the weekend together. Have a great weekend!

Good morning everyone, hope you had a wonderful week, the long weekend is here, have fun and enjoy. Happy Weekend!

The weekend is like God’s blessing! Tomorrow is the weekend! I wish the day also comes with a lot of fun and a blessing for you. Have a very happy weekend!

Dear, I am wishing you have a good celebration of favorite foods, day out, date, dinner and lots of fun activities. Wishing you for the most remarkable weekend!

Best Weekend Wishes

Maybe you have waited for this weekend through the enter week. Now, it’s time to give rest to your all official accessories. Have a crazy and joyful weekend.

No more discipline, no more hard work. It’s the time to make your day according to your desire! May the weekend enrich your day with pleasure and blessings.

Weekend means the freedom from daily routine life. As it is the weekend, Be like a bird and the wings of your dreams keep extend in the sky. Wish you a nice weekend!

I wish you a very joyful and relaxed weekend, make use of every moment. Happy weekend!

I will you the best in everything you do. Believe in yourself and God will answer your prayers. Happy weekend!

You were amazing this week; you pulled all strings to ensure we made it through. You deserve this long weekend. Have a fun-filled and restful weekend.

Thanks for being there for me all week. Here’s wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with happiness.

The weekend always reminds me of the sweet moments we share. Happy weekend my love!

To achieve your goals you have to plan and the best time to do that is over the weekend as through the week you are busy chasing your dreams. Set some time to plan your week, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Have a lovely happy weekend!

I wish you unending favor, happiness, and blessings this weekend. Happy weekend, my love.

I wish you a great weekend. May you have lots of fun but remember to stay sober for the next week.

It’s weekend again, time to look back and take stock on the week’s achievements. Have a beautiful weekend.

Have a very happy weekend!

Darling, this weekend is not complete without you by my side. I love you.

Hope you have your plans right. Looking for an amazing weekend with you.

Happy Weekend, may every second of your weekend count, don’t let anyone steal away your happiness. Happiness is worth fighting for and enjoying.

Forget about the days you have toiled, it’s time to refresh and relax for another new week. Have a happy weekend.

Saturdays and Sundays are the best days of the week, they are stress-free days where you get to share the love with your loved one. They are days you create some of the best memories. Happy weekend!

As you proceed for the weekend, I wish you good health, and may you remain happy throughout the weekend. Happy Weekend!

The week’s worries and anxieties are past tense now. Get into the weekend with a big smile and enjoyment for a new week will be on the way. Happy weekend!

May you find a reason to smile and be happy this weekend!  Happy weekend my princess!

There is much joy when you share with those you love. Spend your weekend with those who greatly matter to you and you will never regret it. Have a wonderful weekend.

Saturday is a beautiful day, it gives you time to relax and be with your family away from the hustles of daily work. Plan your weekend; share the love and happiness with those who are sp dear to your heart. Have a great long weekend!

Make your weekend memorable; forget what happened over the week. The weekend ushers in a fresh start. Have fun and celebrate your weekend. Happy weekend!

This is a day you can party with your friends without any disturbance. What are you waiting for, get out, and enjoy the party! Have a great weekend!

I hope your weekend will be very much enjoyable. May the little vacation bring happiness and peace for you. Wishing you the best weekend!

Do you know the meaning of weekend?
W- Work free.
E- Enjoying.
E- Engage in the fun.
K- keep a distance from work.
E- Excitement.
N- New adventure.
D- Dearest relaxing days.
Have a Happy Long Weekend!

Weekend Wishes for Friends

My dear best friend, be relaxed from all the tension because it’s the weekend. It’s the time to chill, Made it enjoyable. Have a great weekend!

I will never let you get lonely. However, it’s a good or bad day of the week or whatever it’s the weekend. I will hook up with you like a tiny orchid on a big tree. Let’s have a good weekend!

Dear friend, forget your past, think about the future and enjoy the present. Now, here is a fresh new start, so rest, relax and fun are the must. Happy Weekend!

Happy weekend to you and your loved ones! I hope you’re having a great time and enjoying these days as you should. Don’t forget to sleep well and drink a lot of water!

It’s crazy how much you can do on weekends. Go on a vacation, stay home, read a book, party all night long, visit your family or spend a whole day in bed. It’s up to you to decide. Enjoy your weekend!

The end of the week means the end of the stress you’ve been experiencing for the past week. Thank God it’s over! Now you can relax and let your body heal for 48 hours. What a blessing! Have a nice weekend!

Hard work pays off, and now you have time to let yourself breathe deeply and relax for a moment. You deserve these 48 hours of pure joy and happiness. May your mind find peace and harmony. Happy weekend!

Weekend is a perfect occasion to do something you’ve always wanted to do but have been afraid to. Sounds right? Embrace the moment and don’t be scared to make mistakes. They make us who we are. Happy weekend!

Hey Moron! Do you know that there exists a weekend in the week! However, today is the weekend! So, You should keep away from any kinds of official job. Let’s enjoy the day. Have a great weekend!

Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness. So, enjoy the weekend and come to me when the trouble and stress begin.

As the letters begin with A B C, so as the digits start with 1 2 3. All the music composed with do-re-mi, and the best friendship made with you and me. Wish you a nice weekend!

Funny Weekend Wishes Messages

I’m praying to God to grant you a break from stress, reduce tension, leave from workload and a fresh new start. You know, God answered my prayers and you will get all those in each 5 days leap. Happy Weekend!

Basically, at the weekend people used to make joys. Though you are a super donkey, still you should celebrate the day. Have a superb weekend.

Hey dear, it’s the weekend and so it is mandatory for you to throw a party for your friends. And I am going to join the party as it is totally free of cost for me.

As today is the weekend, everyone may take rest at home. But you have no right to spend time at home. You have to enjoy this with any funny activity. Wishing a happy and energetic weekend.

Hey, Here is good news for you! Now you may go for a trip, or put some time for your hobby. Because it’s the weekend! And I am here to wish you the best weekend ever!

Inspirational Weekend Messages

One thing you will never get back that is your wasted time. So never be too lazy to enjoy yourself, celebrate and making lots of funny. Boost up and get ready for the weekend celebration.

In this weekend forget all the tears, fears and worries and thanks GOD for the beautiful life. Have a good weekend.

If you are waiting for the perfect time to start anything you will be waiting forever. So, gear up yourself and make it happen now. Wish you all the best and a very special weekend.

No matter how hard and stressful the week has been, you have always the chance to cheer up during the weekend and enjoy the holiday feelings. Wish you a happy long weekend.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and be prepared for starting the new week with a new enthusiasm. But first, you should say goodbye this week and make it most. Have a blessed weekend!

It can’t get any better. The weekend is finally here! I hope you are just as happy about it as I am and have some amazing plans for these couple of days. May it be magical and unforgettable. Enjoy your weekend!

It feels so nice to spend a whole weekend in your bed doing absolutely nothing. Not worrying about your everyday problems at all. I wish you to have this type of weekend and enjoy every minute of it.

Stress can affect your health in the worst way possible. Therefore,I highly recommend you to spend this weekend getting rid of stress to make yourself healthier and happier. I know you can do it! Happy weekend!

You will never be able to get back your wasted time. So be wise and spend this weekend on things you love. Things that make you happy, that help you to feel better. Have a very nice weekend!

Weekend is a perfect time to start something new. Use this time to go to the gym or start to learn a new language. Life is full of opportunities, don’t miss it. Enjoy your weekend!

It’s time to let go of your problems and do something that makes you happy. Weekends are fun days, and there is no place for nerves and sadness. May your weekend be full of laughter and happiness. Enjoy!

No more hard work, fella! It’s time to let it go and enjoy your free time. May this weekend enrich your life with unforgettable memories and beautiful experiences. Happy weekend!

5 long days of hard work. Let’s keep a distance from all of our troubles and let our hearts enjoy peace and harmony. Have a very happy weekend!

Have a day out, because weekend is finally here! You deserved at least 24 hours just for yourself. Use it to relax and enjoy the moment. Have a very happy weekend!

Did you know that weekends were made to make all your sorrows go away? It’s such a perfect time to think about your plans for the upcoming week and treat yourself with things that you love. Happy weekend!

Do you have plans for this weekend? I highly recommend you doing nothing and being the laziest person in the world. These activities can really make you as happy as a human can be. Have the best weekend ever!

What a wonderful day to do nothing and leave all of your troubles behind. Stress do so much harm to your body. Let it go, and you will immediately feel so much better. Happy weekend!

I don’t know a person who doesn’t like weekends. I think there is no such thing is not liking it. But if you know one, show them how amazing a weekend can be. Spread love! Happy weekend to you! Enjoy every moment of it.

It’s so important to spend weekends with the ones you love. These 48 hours must be filled with love and understanding. May it always be like that in your life. Enjoy every second of your wonderful weekend!

Weekends are like mini Christmases to me. I wait for them with such excitement and pure joy, and I feel so happy when they are finally here. May your weekend be full of laughter and happiness. Happy weekend!

Enjoy this wonderful weekend! Always remember, that you are loved and important to this world, and everything you do means so much to the universe. Wishing you the best weekend ever.

Doesn’t it feel great to finally fall into your bed and don’t leave till Monday? I think it’s pretty amazing. Wishing you to spend this weekend just as you like it. Enjoy!

Let’s take a moment to appreciate this wonderful time of the week, that was given us to rest and concentrate on things that we love and enjoy. May you find peace and harmony this weekend.

I can’t believe the weekend is finally here. We’ve work so hard. It’s time for us to relax and do something for ourselves. May this weekend be memorable and amazing. Enjoy!

Life wouldn’t be as good and amazing without weekends, so let’s celebrate it for the next 48 hours and appreciate this chance to sleep till noon and have breakfast for dinner. God bless the weekends!

Don’t waste your time on thinking what to do during this weekend. Just jump right into your bed and don’t do anything for twenty-four hours at least. It will change your life. Happy weekend!

Days like these have been made for doing absolutely nothing. Use it and let your body melt into your bed. You will thank me later, buddy. Have a very happy weekend!

Being happy on your weekends is essential. Therefore, you are allowed to do whatever you want if it makes you happy. You should never be judged for that. Enjoy your mini-vacation, happy weekend to you!

The weekend is so much more than just forty-eight hours. It’s pure joy and happiness. A great opportunity to plan the upcoming week and take some time to relax. Sounds great, right? Feels great either! Have the best weekend ever!

Have you ever thought about how great weekends are? I don’t think we appreciate it enough. Weekends give us an opportunity to forget about the stress and nerves, and it does so much for our health. God bless the weekends!


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