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What to Do Now You Have Finished High School

Getting done with high school is the most exciting phase for many teenagers. It is a transition phase from high school to real-life struggles and space to explore multiple things. 

Despite it being as exciting, it is also said to be a very crucial phase because the choices they make at this stage can be used to determine one’s future and the kind of young adult one will grow to be. This means that they can engage in many activities before joining the university

Below are some activities that teenagers can engage in after finishing high school.

Once you have applied for that university, attend their open days.

Once you have a chance to join a particular university, it is highly advised you take a campus tour to help familiarize yourself with that institution and the surrounding environment, especially if it is far from your hometown.

This is essential for you to know whether that is the right university for you or if you will have to change in the near future. 

You can also attend uni open days, and if you are not that social, following a virtual event won’t hurt.

Volunteer in a hospital or organization.

Volunteering can be local or international: an excellent way for teenagers to engage in safer activities. They also get an opportunity to learn and discover more about themselves, learn new skills, focus their energy on what interests them and finally, make connections.

Find or start a job.

Most of these youngsters, primarily girls, are very good at babysitting; in return, they get paid. The boys mostly prefer working as waiters in coffee shops and movie theatres.

Such a great mindset and focus will enable them to save a coin for college. This is considered healthy instead of lazing around and engaging in drugs and unproductive recreations.

Engage in hobbies that earn you money.

Hobbies are underrated at some point in life, yet they are very helpful and sometimes can lead to earning you a fortune. For example, painting, where you get to sell your portraits, participate in swimming competitions, music and write poems and stories. 

The best thing and a secret about specialties are that if you can make money doing what you love, you will feel like you have never worked a day in your life.

Join the military.

This is one of the options for youth to do after high school. This will allow you to learn and gain unmatched skills in the service and workforce.

The accomplishment you get can be used in your resume. After your training and you decide whether you still want to go to a university, the military offers tuition assistance and scholarships. 


As a teenager, do not relax after high school, and as a parent, encourage and ensure your child is involved in something creative and productive to keep them in shape, for example, joining the military, volunteering, starting a job and attending university functions. 

Enabling them to engage in activities they find pleasure in will keep them away from bad habits and some of these activities will even earn them money. 

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