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The Best Sports Events to Watch for the Rest of 2021

Spectators are making their way back to the sports grounds and are quickly occupying the seats in stadiums all over the world. Fans have certainly missed these events, and players suffered from the lack of spectators cheering as their favorite teams scored goals. 

The progressive waves of COVID-19 have been intense and frightening. With everybody wearing masks and sanitizing after every interaction, it became nearly impossible to host sports events and tournaments without risking the health of players, not to mention the spectators. However, the sport has continued, and the best is yet to come!

The year is not over yet so let’s take a look at the most anticipated sports events to look forward to for the rest of 2021. 

1. The US Open

2021 US Open Tennis tickets are on sale and fans cannot wait to be a part of one of the world’s most celebrated tournaments. Though the fans will not be allowed to attend the US Open qualifying rounds the main tournament, running for the first two weeks of September, invites capacity crowds. 

The United States Open tennis championship is a big deal in hardcourt tennis tournaments. This modernized version of men’s exclusive singles and doubles tournaments is a two-week entertainment extravaganza that not only features world-class players but emerging champions too.

It is easily one of the most awaited and most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world.  

2. T20 World Cup

All die-hard cricket fans clear their schedules to watch this remarkable series. The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup is one of the most popular events in the sport. It is a platform for all participating teams and players to showcase their talents and compete against the best playing nations. 

Players from teams across the globe work immensely hard to prove themselves and make their mark in the Cricket world. And as 2020 was a disappointing year for cricket fans, this year’s T20 World Cup will have fans glued to their TVs. Check out the ICC’s official website for all round fixtures. 

3. FIFA Club World Cup 2022

The 18th edition of the FIFA Club World Cup will be held in November 2022 amongst six continental confederations and the host nation’s league champions. This year Qatar is hosting the tournament and the fans could not be more excited.

However, you don’t need to wait until next year for your dose of world-class football, with the qualifying matches kicking off this September. 

4. India-England Test Series

If your cricket-loving friends are not meeting up with you at the moment, it is because they are riveted by India’s tour of England. This series of test matches is not only intriguing, but it is getting more exciting by the day. Team India forged into the lead after winning the high-emotion second test at Lord’s. You can follow match updates via the official ESPN page

5. The Ashes

The ashes are arguably the world’s most prestigious cricket series that has always attracted a buzz since its inception. The 2021-22 series will start at the GABBA in Brisbane followed by the Boxing Day Test Match at the MCG. The Aussies currently hold the trophy for their successful victory in the 2019 Ashes fourth test match leveling the series 2-2, resulting in the first tie since 1972. 

6. Ryder Cup

The 43rd Ryder Cup matches will take place in the United States in September 2021. Fans are looking forward to enjoying the complete experience as this tournament was postponed from 2020 to 2021 so the fans could be a part of this great event. 

7. Indian Premier League

The second phase of IPL is all set to begin from 29th September in the United Arab Emirates. And the good news is that the crowd will be right there in the stadium to witness the fierce matches and legendary games. Check out the official IPL website to learn about the match highlights, schedules, and players’ updates.

The second phase will resume with a clash between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings. Over the course of 27 days, 31 matches, including the final, are scheduled. So, hold on to your horses because you are going to be mesmerized as the top IPL players blow your mind! 

The Post-Pandemic Sports Arena

It is no secret that 2020 was a terrible year for sport. Sporting bodies have strived hard to prevent that from happening in 2021. With strict new policies and stringent adherence to COVID protocols, fans have been able to enjoy sport once more. 

If you’re just getting back into the sport, don’t worry because there are plenty more amazing events in store for the rest of 2021. From the US open and test matches to qualifiers for the FIFA World Cup, you’ll be on the edge of your set!


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