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Can Rabbits Be Left Alone For The Weekend?

Making decisions about leaving your pets while going on vacations or weekends can be very difficult.

We know many will ask, can I leave my rabbit alone for the weekend without anyone caring for her?

In this article, we explain how long you can leave your rabbit alone and what to put in place to make their alone time easier.

Can Rabbits Be Left Alone For The Weekend?

Yes, they can be left alone for the weekend.

A few days in their hutch with the necessary things they need is not harmful.

Rabbits can easily be left alone for the weekend. They should have well-contained food and water to remain clean and last the weekend.

They should also have access to some toys to help keep them busy.

Their hutch should be comprehensive and comfortable to play in and sleep in for a few days.

Their hutch is comfortable and spacious so they can stay a few days without you.

You can also ask that a neighbor or caregiver come around once or twice daily to see how your rabbit is doing.

How Long Can Rabbits Stay Alone

Even though you keep two rabbits in a hutch, the maximum time you are supposed to leave them alone is 24 hours.

Leaving a lone rabbit alone for too long can make them unnecessarily stressed and anxious.

You can only leave your rabbit alone for more than a day if you keep them with another one.

With this, the two animals will keep each other company. They will play and do things together and won’t be lonely.

Domesticated rabbits are supposed to have a scheduled time for almost all their activities.

They have basic activities like time for food, time for exercise, and also time for other stimulation.

Things To Make Available While Leaving Your Rabbit For An Extended Time

There are some vacations you won’t be able to carry your pet along with you.

Therefore leaving your rabbits alone sometimes can not be avoided. It is better to be prepared at all times.

Below are some of the things that you need to keep handy in case of emergency;

1. Improvise Your Presence

No matter what happens, your rabbit will still miss your companionship. Try leaving something that will help remind them of you while traveling.

Leave something that smells of you for their temporary guardian. Rabbits have a strong sense of smell.

This will help make them more comfortable with whoever will care for them while you are away.

Also, try drawing up the same schedule you use for your rabbit for their temporary guardian.

This will name your rabbits happier because despite you not being present, they also enjoy routine.

2. Exercise

Since your rabbit’s sitter will use the same schedule as you, ensure she gets a daily exercise allocation.

Ensure you provide everything that will ensure your rabbit’s safety, like playpens.

Also, ensure that your rabbit’s caregiver is always close by while they are running around to prevent them from wandering because rabbits are curious.

3. Food And Water

To ensure they are comfortable while you are away, ensure their water is changed twice daily.

Also, instruct that fresh hay is made available most of the time and ensure that the regular healthy diet you use for your rabbit is followed.

4. Constant Cleaning

Although rabbits are naturally clean pets, their hutch must be cleaned daily.

Ensure that their hutch is adequately cleaned daily, that the food tray in the hutch is cleaned, and that the rabbit is properly groomed.


Here are some frequently asked questions.

Can I Leave My Bunny While On Vacation?

Ideally, you should not leave a rabbit alone for more than 24 hours, especially if they are a single rabbit.

It can be tempting to leave your rabbit alone while you go away for a weekend, but you should at least get someone to come in and check on your rabbit to ensure they are doing okay.

Will My Rabbit Forget Me If I Leave For A Week?

As prey animals, rabbits have neurologically developed a robust long-term memory for places and routines.

Rabbits will remember the people they spend a lot of time with, including their owners and caretakers, as long as it is not too long.

Can Rabbits Live Alone Happily?

In the wild, rabbits live in big groups, and they enjoy being with friends who will play with them, groom them, understand them, and look out for them.

So these sociable animals should always be left with a partner to make them happy.


Can rabbits be left alone for the weekend?

Rabbits are not entirely self-reliant; therefore, they shouldn’t be left alone for more than two days without being checked on.

Although they can stay with the necessities, they must be checked on occasionally.

We hope this article answers your questions about how long your rabbit can be left alone.

If not, ask them in the comment section.


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