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Everything You Need to Know About FFS New York Providers

FFS New York providers specialize in facial reconstruction surgeries to help patients achieve a more feminine face. The procedure is mainly intended for transgender individuals who want to have feminine features to complete their transformation.

It is a sad truth that we are often judged by our physical appearance, and one of the most distinct means of identifying gender is the difference between what is considered feminine and masculine.

Women who have manly features often suffer from cruel comments about their facial hair, or their square jaw, and more, at the same time, transgender women cannot seem to fully embrace their femininity if their facial appearance still has male features.

Thus, facial feminization surgery is composed of a number of procedures that collectively make the face become more female-like, from getting rid of Adam’s apple to a brow lift, lip filling, cheek contouring, forehead lift, and nose lift, and more.

Although these procedures are not for everyone, there are individuals who feel that these are necessary to help them establish their new identities and become confident in their own skin.

Some may view this as superficial, but we do not live in a vacuum, we are always going to be judged by others and that judgment becomes the standards by which we judge ourselves.

Getting a more feminine face can help those who need it, and become more confident in their own body, and be able to present themselves to the world who they are meant to be.

Facial Feminization Surgery and FFS New York Providers

Well-intentioned life coaches and motivational speakers often say that we should love ourselves more so that we can live our lives more fully and find happiness.

But what if, every time you look into the mirror and you realize that the image on the mirror is not who you want to be. Not being able to love your own body and face because there is a disconnect between who you believe you are and what nature has given you can be very stressful and emotionally draining.

FFS New York providers are heaven-sent for people who feel this way, they are able to conduct facial reconstructive surgeries that can bring out the change in their faces and help them realize their potentials.

The procedure is mostly concentrated on the face as it allows the surgeons to transform the facial features to become more feminine which helps transgender women and other women who are not happy with how they look.

The surgery basically contours and shapes the different facial features like the arch of the eyebrow, the contours of the cheeks, the shape of the lips, eyes, even the forehead, the nose, the ears, and the neck and jawline.

All of these parts need to be operated on as there are very distinct male and female differences in facial features.

Although unaware, most people have a preset notion of who is considered male or female, and this is very much evident in the face, and to be able to change how others look and perceive you, then these changes have to be made.

Types of Procedures in FFS New York Providers

There are quite a number of procedures involved in the facial feminization surgery offered by FFS New York providers, all of which are designed to give the patient the female face that they desire and need to achieve that sense of identity.

One’s self-identity is closely tied to one’s physical features and appearance and if what you were biologically given is not what you identify with then this could be a potential source of unhappiness and anxiety that can give way to mental health problems and poor quality of life.

The different types of procedures provided by the group of FFS New York include reduction of Adam’s apple wherein the tracheal cartilage is shaved to remove the appearance of the apple as this is one of the key indications of maleness.

Then there is the brow lift which tightens the forehead and raises the brows since women naturally have eyebrows that are higher up than males. The cheek enhancement could either be augmentation or reduction depending on the patient’s face.

Chin recontouring is shaping the chin to become more feminine and losing its angular appearance, most women have small and delicate chins.

Feminizing earlobe reduction is designed to reduce the size of the earlobe and make it more delicate and feminine, men usually have bigger earlobes than women.

Forehead reduction and recontouring surgery are when the forehead is made to look smaller and tight, men generally have bigger foreheads, hairline lowering is done to give the patient a hairline that is just above the forehead as most women have this feature.

Jaw contouring helps in giving the face a softer and narrower jaw as most men have angular and prominent jaws.

Lip lift and filling are done to make the lips appear fuller and shaped like that of women. The nose lift is done to raise the nose bridge to achieve a distinct face and to shape the nose so it is delicate and soft.

Getting Surgery from FFS New York Providers

Just as any medical procedure, FFS New York providers ensure that the patients they see are suitable candidates for the procedures that they offer.

If you are a transwoman or a woman who is unhappy with your facial features, then you need to undergo both physical and psychological assessments to ensure that the surgery is really what the patient needs.

Most transwomen would see this as the culmination of their transformation, as they go through the surgery, they become more of who they really are.

After ensuring that the facial feminization surgery is viable and poses a low risk to one’s health and psychological well-being, the surgery is scheduled and you will be given a long list of what to before, during, and after the surgery.

You will need to closely follow the guidelines that the nurses have given you. You can also choose whether to get all the procedures in one setting or divide it into different phases, although getting it all done in a single sitting is better than having to come back after weeks of recuperating, and going through the knife again.

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