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How to Stay Connected to Your Partner Through Pregnancy

There’s no doubt that women’s bodies are fantastic. The fact that women can grow and nurture mini-humans inside their bodies, whilst taking care of their own needs is amazing.

It is a big decision for a couple to make space for a third little being to come into their lives. In stressing to make sure everything is ready for the baby’s arrival, many couples can struggle to maintain the initial orgasmic energy that they had in the other stages of their relationship. 

Relationship & Pregnancy

According to sex & relationship expert, Steffo Shambo, it is completely normal for couples to go through this rough patch. On one hand, the woman has other priorities to consider.

Her mind is probably occupied with whether or not she is taking care of the fetus she is carrying. Her body is changing everyday, which is something she may not be used to and it may cause her to be self-conscious about how she looks. 

On the other hand, the man may be feeling like a secondary part to the relationship as he may not be the first priority to his partner.

He may also be feeling disconnected from the baby – unlike the mother, he doesn’t carry the fetus around for nine months and therefore the true father-child bond may only truly come into play once the baby is born.

Whatever the issues may be, there are ways that couples can find their way around these issues. All it takes is some honest communication and quality time together.

Good communication is the backbone of any successful relationship. Telling your partner how you feel will help build trust between the two of you and allow them to find ways to be there for you however they can.

Shutting down and losing communication during pregnancy, a time when stress is already running high, may not be the best move for either of you and may lead to more problems in the future.

One way to ensure that both of you know what is going on in each other’s lives is to have weekly date nights where you’re able to reconnect.

Whether this is physically or on a more emotional level, that is completely up to you, as long as you are both on the same page about what you want. Having a scheduled date night could also prove to be a great way to minimize the conflict that occurs over the rest of the week.

Sometimes you may feel like you are fighting for your partner’s attention. Although this can happen at any point during the course of your relationship, it is quite common during pregnancy.

By having a date in the diary, you will be able to relax knowing that for those few hours, your partner will be giving you all the attention you need and deserve.

Another great way to remain connected to your partner is to prepare for the baby together. Most mums-to-be will start nesting in their second trimester, and there is no reason for their partners to not get involved.

Spend a few afternoons going to stores and picking up bits for the nursery and the house together. Talk about what you want to pass down to the baby from your childhood.

You should get to know your partner as a parent, hopefully, it’ll be a side of them that you adore, which will further strengthen your commitment to be good parents together. If that doesn’t keep you connected, what will?

Just remember, the next few months will be the last time it will just be the two of you. Once the baby comes, you will have a third wheel infiltrating your space for the rest of your lives.

So cherish the time you have together and feel the love. You’re going to need each other’s support even more once you’re parents!

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