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Fun Ways to Bond for Mothers & Daughters

Sometimes life feels like it is flying by. Between work, school, household chores, and whatever else it throws at you, it can be challenging to dedicate time to the essential things.

But building and maintaining healthy connections with our loved ones is an indispensable aspect of everyone’s life. 

Spending time bonding with your kids should never be neglected. And working small events into your day is easy and ideal for keeping your relationship strong and healthy. A mother & daughter bond is one of the most important examples.

So whether it is buying some kids sandals together or setting up movie night, there are plenty of ways to keep your relationship strong. 

Things to Remember

While building and maintaining bonds between parents and kids is extremely important, it is equally important to remember that every relationship will look different. What may work with one child will not necessarily work with another. 

Spending time together as a group is equally vital as one-on-one. Speak to your children and find out what they need from them directly. Use their feedback to help guide your planning. It is ok to try a few different things before finding the perfect activity to do together. 


This is one you can do with your daughter of any age. Going on daily walks allows you and your daughter to discover the big, wide world together for younger children. They thrive on routine, and you can use this quality alone time to focus all your attention on just her. 

Walking together will not only be physically beneficial to you both, but it will also give you time to be alone and talk about topics privately.

Additionally, the lack of daily distractions might just be what your daughter needs to open up a little more and talk about more personal things. 

Questions & Answers

Sometimes the most challenging part of bonding with your daughter is trying to find a way to get them to open up to the idea of communicating and building your relationship.

As a mother, you are fully aware of how difficult it can be to be a girl growing up, and showing her that you can relate to some of her difficulties might be the key here.

Offer her the opportunity to have a question-and-answer session with you. Take turns asking and answering.

It will let you get to know each other much more; the questions can be a mixture of silly and serious, and creating an environment for your daughter to answer honestly will build her trust in you as a confidant.

The only important thing to remember in this activity is you need to be as non-judgmental as possible. Don’t push your ideas or feelings unnecessarily onto her.

Again, it is about communicating and getting to know each other better. Mum Daughter Bond

Impromptu Dance Parties

Research has shown that listening to music is a great way to build bonds and create happy memories around certain sounds. So if you feel like things are a little stressful between you and your daughter or are looking for a way to include fun and creativity, an impromptu dance party will get you moving. 

The key here is to emphasize being silly and free and not concerning yourself with looking stupid. Create a safe environment to be your true selves. 

Art Dates

Suitable for everyone, dedicating a morning or afternoon to painting art is a fun way to bond. Not only will it help boost your daughter’s creativity skills, but activities like art have been proven to be excellent anxiety and stress reducers. 

This idea can be used for toddlers to older children. For younger kids, consider using paints that are safe for consumption just to be on the safe side. 


For many people, cooking can sometimes be a huge source of stress or displeasure. It is often viewed as a chore you must accomplish at the end of a long day. But cooking together with your child can be a creative and enjoyable task to do pretty regularly. 

Cooking is a crucial skill to have as we age, and giving your child freedom in the kitchen to create things their hearts and pallets desire offers a wonderful environment to build communication skills and, in the case of a misstep, problem-solving skills.

Of course, it should go without saying that for younger kids, strictly monitor any tasks involving items that could hurt them. 


Reading at bedtime is an excellent nighttime routine to work into your schedule with your kids. It is a fantastic way to wind down before sleeping, where you can sit quietly with your daughter and read some of her favorite books together. 

This task works best with any child under the age of 10, but truth be told, you can find joy in this quality time at any age. Additionally, dedicate time once or twice a month to go to your local library or bookstore to select your next books together. 

Mother Daughter Bond


This is definitely a task that only fits certain kinds of people. If your daughter is someone who finds joy in having pretty nails, arranging a mother/daughter spa date is a fun activity for bonding and catching up. 

The best part of this idea is that you can easily DIY it at home and let your creative juices flow by doing each other’s nails, hair, and even make-up if you have the time and supplies available.


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