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Some Heart-Winning Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Some Heart-Winning Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Messages In A Glass Jar

Take a glass jar and chart papers in different colors. Now cut out the small rectangular strips from the chart papers and write down lovely and heart-touching messages on them.

Roll all the strips and put them in the glass jar. You can also opt to decorate the glass jar with your creativity. It may take a lot of time, but it is worthy enough. Every time your girlfriend feels like missing you, she can open the jar and read a lovely message from you.

52 Reasons Why I Love You

For this one, you will need a deck of playing cards and chart papers of different colors. Now cover the numbering sides of the cards with the chart paper cutouts. And write a reason why you love your girlfriend on all the 52 cards.

Put the cards back in the box and gift it to her. At first, she will feel weird but will hug you as soon as she brings the cards out. This gift idea will surely make her feel loved and special.

Chocolate Explosion Box

You may have heard about the explosion boxes. Usually, they have pictures of the recipient, but we are guiding you to put chocolates inside with a single picture of her in the center.

As making an explosion box needs skills and practice, it is better that you buy it from an online gifting portal. Pick her favorite chocolates and her favorite color for the explosion box.

A Delicious Designer Cake

Being sweet and creamy food, the cake never fails to impress. And it is one of those food items that fit best to convey the feelings of love.

So, put your time and find the best bakery to order a delicious designer cake that displays a couple hugging each other with hearts around them.

Pick up the flavor which you both like and if your girlfriend doesn’t eat eggs and egg-based products then you can place eggless cake online order Bangalore or wherever she lives in.

Red Flower Box

Firstly, we don’t want you to go with a bouquet as flower boxes are a new and exciting thing. And secondly, don’t just use roses; else go with different types of red flowers.

If you have a garden near your home and you know some craft skills, then you can make a flower box yourself. Or can you opt to get a professionally decorated and arranged red flower box from an online florist?

The beauty of different red flowers will tickle your girlfriend’s heart in a romantic way. Don’t forget to add a cute message card.

A Teddy Bear Of Your Height

It is widely known that girls love teddy bears. And, with a high probability, it applies to your girlfriend as well.

So, it means that you can gift her a teddy bear. But, make it special by gifting her a teddy bear which is as tall as you are. This might get you hours to find the perfect one, but we know that you will do it for your love.

The best part about this gift is that your girlfriend can hug the teddy bear whenever she feels like hugging you.

Personalized Bracelet

No, we are not talking about personalizing a bracelet with her name or her picture. The idea here is to gift her bracelet personalized with a short message from you.

And for this one, you might need to spend time on Google searching for a place near you that provides this service.

These bracelets are high in trend right now, and they surely look great. It will be a lovely gift and an accessory for your girlfriend. Make her smile with your thoughtful gesture.

Take Her Out On A Candle-light Dinner Date

Above and beyond all the gifts, real love demands time for each other. And what could be better than taking your girlfriend on a classic candle-light dinner date? Pick a place that has some romantic vibe to it and pick a spot that renders a sense of privacy so that you can talk without any disturbance. This will be the best gift for her if you haven’t tried this.

Go, make her smile!


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