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Islamic Anniversary Wishes – Happy Anniversary Duas

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Islamic Anniversary Wishes

To a lovely couple, I sent the heartiest congratulation and a lot of love for your anniversary. Happy Anniversary Dear! May Allah bless you and your spouse!

Mubarak for your marriage anniversary! Always keep in mind that the person who always tries to raise your Iman is the best person in your life. I heard, from your spouse, you have started Namaz. You are the lucky one. Best wishes to you!

A marriage becomes successful when you can live with your spouse in every situation. The situation may be good or bad that doesn’t matter. If you can do this that means Allah always with you. Happy anniversary dear!

Its blessing to hear about your anniversary. Alhamdulillah! Stay together rest of the life. Our wishes are always with you! Barakallah!

Time and tide wait for none. That’s the truth. I remember about your Wedding ceremony. How fast the time goes! Today is your anniversary. Subhan Allah! Always stay together. Wish you an eternal life of togetherness!

Alhamdulillah! You stay together! If you can stay together peacefully for the rest of your life, you may stay together hereafter in Jannah! Dear, my duas to you for a happy married life together forever. Happy anniversary both of you!

In a relation there always remain bad time as well as good time. But you should encounter all the situation together. If you can do that means you are under the blessings of Allah! I wish you and your spouse a sweet marriage anniversary!

Islamic Anniversary Wishes For Couple

Dear, you are the lovely couple I had ever seen! Barakallah! It seems that you both are made only for each other. Be happy always. May Allah’s blessings and protection be with you always. Wishing you a happy anniversary!

Today is your anniversary but it looks like yesterday was your marriage day! Time goes so fast. Stay together always as now. May Allah bless you! Happy anniversary both of you!

May Allah bless you both. Allah unites you in one tie. I wish that Allah give you a pious, healthy and a beautiful child and you teach them according to Islam and make them perfect for Muslim Ummah! Happy anniversary dear!

Always keep in mind that staying together happily is a kind of blessing from Allah. So, pray to Allah for staying together for the rest of life. Wishing you a joyous happy anniversary!

Marriage is a very important part of our life. Every person can’t deal with it properly. You guys did it beautifully. So I want to congratulate you once again. May Allah bless you! Happy anniversary and wishing you a happy life!

Alhamdulillah! You walked together! It’s blessing. I hope you’ll walk together rest of the life. Be happy always. Happy anniversary!

Dear, I become very glad to know about your anniversary! And eagerly waiting for an anniversary party! By the way, May Allah bless you! I’m praying to Allah for your happy life. Anniversary Mubarak!

May Allah keep you and your family happy and filled your existence with happiness. Mashallah!, here another year of your glory. I’m really very happy to see you as a cute couple. Happy anniversary!

Oh, Allah! Keep the most beautiful couple in peace. You are the Merciful! Please put mercy in their heart! Nikka Anniversary Mubarak to both of you!

Almighty made you the most beautiful couple in the world! You should pray for such valuable gift! You are the lucky couple. Always keep in mind that staying together is the blessing of Allah! Stay happy always! Anniversary Mubarak!

Our creator! There is a wish of mine! Today is the cutest couple’s anniversary. So, increase their love for each other and make their bonding stronger than before. Dua for peace and happiness in your home!

Oh, Allah! You are the greatest creator. Please, make the couple so loving as they will be the ideal example of a loving couple for whole Muslim Ummah. Give them love, faith, and happiness in the world and in Jannah! Dua for peace and love in the family!

Dear, Do you know that love between a Muslim couple as husband and wife is one kind of Sunnah! So, not only as a married couple but also as a Muslim always try to keep the loving relationship between each other. Happy marriage anniversary!

Allah, keep your blessings upon this loving couple as they can stay together rest of their life! May you have a very happy life with each other! Always love each other Dear. Happy Anniversary blessing to both of you!

Today I had noticed that everything is getting changed. Can’t understand anything. It looks like the soft air, the sweet sound of birds, the fragrance of flowers all are announce something. Yes, it’s your Nikkah Anniversary Mubarak!

Oh my Lord! Make the bonding of my friends and his/her spouse strong enough as the sea and the river! As if they can’t stay without each other! Stay together rest of the life. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Assalamualaikum! In our life, we face different experiences. Some are good or some are bad. Whether the circumstances are good or bad the real success of a married couples is stay together in every situation. Blessed Marriage Anniversary Wishes for both of you!

Dear, in every situation of your life always try to be the side of your spouse! It’s Sunnah! It’s your duty as a Muslim couple. May Allah bless you! Nikka Anniversary Mubarak!

Islamic Anniversary Wishes For Husband or Wife

May Allah Bless You Both Happy Anniversary!

When I married you on a special day, I knew my prayers had been answered. Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary! Alhamdolillah for another year spent together. May your life continue to be filled with love, laughter, and happiness.

50 thousand years before Allah has written my name next to you. Happy Anniversary!

Our Anniversary is not just a date. It signifies how beautifully intertwined are our fates. Happy Anniversary!

If she is not on the Deen, she ain’t fit to be your queen. If he hasn’t got Imaan, he ain’t fit to be your Man. Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary! Our love is the best love because you make my Imaan rise, you help me in the Dunya and for that reason want to meet you again in Jannah!

Happy Anniversary! The sweetest thing is that when two people love each other but do not communicate. Instead, they pray for each other in their sujood.

It is Allah’s mercy upon mankind that he created Spouses for human beings from themselves. Happy anniversary!Islamic anniversary wishes

You complete half of my Deen. Happy Anniversary.islamic anniversary wishes

If you are looking for a spouse, look for the one who will take you to Jannah. Happy anniversary!

You two were made for each other and nothing else matters. Wishing you the best anniversary ever!

It’s forever you and me, INSHALLAH. Happy Anniversary!

A handsome guy and a pretty girl will make a beautiful wedding, but a faithful man and a pious woman will make a beautiful marriage. Happy Anniversary!

I am absolutely positive that I have the best husband ever.

Real Love starts after Nikah. Happy Anniversary!

It’s easy to fall in love, anyone can. Only the strong will keep it Halal. Happy Anniversary!

Happily ever after is when both of you step into paradise together. That is the true love you should work for. Happy Anniversary!

Islamic Anniversary Wishes for Parents (Mom and Dad)

  • With every passing year, your marriage isn’t becoming dull, old, and thankless. It’s becoming beautifully vintage and exquisitely priceless. Happy anniversary mom and dad may Allah bless your union.
  • To the best mom and dad in the world, I wish you Allah’s blessing and a very happy anniversary. I’m really very glad that you stayed strong in your love and overcame your obstacles together. I love you guys!
  • I thank Allah on your behave, In this world of fake promises, you two are examples of true love and dedication. I wish someday I will have a happy married life for these many years. Happy anniversary!

You have an amazing story to tell. You have been with each other in all the ups and downs in life. Everything good I have in me reflects how wonderful parents you have been to me!

As you begin another year of togetherness, may you both be blessed with good health and long life so that you will spend many more years in love and happiness. I love you so much, mom and dad. Happy anniversary!

You have proven to everyone that there’s no perfect marriage. But an imperfect marriage can still be the happiest, strongest, and most loving marriage. I’m so proud of you, mom and dad. Happy anniversary!

Because of you two, I believe that there’s a love that’s true. Thank you for loving each other, and for teaching us the real meaning of marriage. Happy anniversary, mom and dad!

You are living examples of a happy-ever-after. I’m so lucky to have parents who are still so ridiculously in love with each other. Happy anniversary!

All that I am is because of the two of you. On your very special day, I want to let you know that you mean the world to me. Happy anniversary, mom and dad!

Your reason for celebrating your anniversary maybe love. But my reason for celebrating your anniversary is that you both are like a blessing from the gods above. Happy anniversary mom and dad.

You two are the parents that all kids wish to have. You are the married couple that every husband and wife hope to be. You make me so proud to call you mom and dad. Happy anniversary to you both!


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