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240+ Islamic Wedding Wishes, Messages and Duas

In this article, we compiled the best Islamic wedding wishes card, Islamic wedding wishes Barak Allah, islamic wedding wishes in Arabic, islamic nikah wishes, dua for blessings in marriage, nikah wishes dua, islamic wedding quotes, islamic prayerful wedding wishes, etc

Islamic Wedding Wishes and Wedding Duas

The journey you two are starting today, may never end. May your love for each other always remain strong like this.

The day you two had been waiting for has come to you at last. Make the most of it and enjoy this special wedding day.

It’s great to know that you guys are getting married. I always knew you guys would end up being with each other. Wish you guys a beautiful married life.

Congratulations to you guys! Have a great wedding day full of enjoyment and precious moments. And stay together forever!

Allah created a soul at first and then he divided it in two. So that he can join them again together in marriage! You two complete each other!

Oh Allah, bless them. Bless them with untold happiness and joy. They may love each other and cherish each other forever.

May Allah strengthen the knot that keeps your hearts together and blesses two hearts with faith and love for each other! Happy wedding!

May this marriage last as long as eternity and bring endless joy to everyone close to these beautiful souls. May Allah shower you two with everlasting peace and happiness!

All praises be to Allah that he brought two pure hearts close to each other and tied them in a holy knot of marriage. May his blessings be with you always!

Mas Allah! You’re the perfect couple I have ever seen! Both of you are like soul mates for each other and together you are so strong that no one can defeat you. Allah! Keep them in your blessings!

Mas Allah! You are both the gift of Allah. Always be honest and loyal. I hope you stay together on this wonderful journey of love. Congratulations!

Assalamualaikum! After a long time finally, both of you decided to get each other for the lifetime. Allah! You are loving and merciful. Put love in their heart. Happy wedding!

Alhumdulillah! Congratulations! As you unite in marriage I wish you years of happiness, love, and joy! May Allah bless you!

My beloved bride and groom! Congratulations on your wedding! You know love is the basis of all happiness, keep loving each other!

May Allah always guide you on the right way and help you to take the right decisions, always follow the instruction of the holy Quran and make your life peaceful and easy. May God bless your marriage and keep it safe.

Islamic Marriage Wishes Messages

Now you start this new journey in your life. Subhan Allah! Hope you‘ll always give each other unconditional love. Wishing you the best luck and the most beautiful life ahead!

Dear! To getting married is amazing. But it’s not all about fun and enjoying, rather a great responsibility. As a Muslim it’s Sunnah! Nikah Mubarak!

Oh Allah! You are loving. Give this loving couple the ability to stay together! Wishing you the happiest conjugal life. May Allah bless you!

You look so happy on your wedding. Alhamdulillah! This happiness is the indication of your love and the blessing of Allah! Wishing you a very happy beginning of your new life.

Mash Allah! It looks like you both are made for each other. May Allah make you the world’s best beautiful couple! Best wishes on your wedding!

Without trust, there can be no love! So, keep trust in each other and fell the happiness of life. Go ahead by following the way of the Holy Quran. Our prayer is always with you. Mubarak of Weeding!

Nikah Mubarak friend! You have started a new life, this is totally a new phase of your life. Stay honest always, Allah will help you in every step!

Dear! Mubarak on your special day! Always try to feel each other’s heart and soul. Always support and understand each other. And never let go of this love of your life. May Allah bless you!

By the marriage you get the recognition of society and family. You also perform a Sunnah! There may be ups and downs in life, make sure never stop holding each other‘s hands for the lifetime. Best wishes!

Congratulations on your wedding day. May Allah give you full of happiness and joys, and happiness remain until the last day of your life.

Today two souls of yours have turned into one. MashAllah! Make the bonding tighter. My heartily Mubarak to you on your special day! May your life be filled with light.

Dear, the most important part of your life has already started. Alhamdulillah! Always show respect to each other and never leave even when life becomes more painful. Nikah Mubarak!

Mubarak on the special occasion! You know, Trust is the main basis of love and happiness. May you always hold on to each other with trust and faith. Allah always with you!

Mubarak on your wedding! You have a bright future. Face life together and make the promise that you will never leave each other. We all pray for your happy life.

Muslim Wedding Card Messages

To the special couple who always stood by each other in every situation and loved each other, may your love grow more and more! Happy wedding!

Happy Wedding! wishing you an amazing start to a wonderful life together. May Allah show you guys the right path in life.

No couple is as perfect as you two. Congratulations on your wedding. Allah created you too just for each other.

Many years will go by but only the strongest of bonds shall stay intact. I wish you two have the best wedding. May your bond grow stronger.

An Islamic wedding is the best reward for a pair who is truly and deeply in love with each other! I wish you two long-lasting and fruitful marriage!

There is nothing in this world so pleasing as seeing a happy Muslim couple. I hope to see the same spark of joy in your eyes forever! Happy wedding!

Islamic Wedding Messages for Son

My prayers are always with you son. May Allah bestow his blessings on you and your wife.

You were raised to be a devoted Muslim and that is exactly who you are now. May your married life be full of joy and happiness.

As a Muslim, you should respect your wife and love her immensely. I wish you a happy married life son.

All the best of luck to you my handsome son. May today mark the beginning of open doors in your life. Happy married life.

Allah who has been with you from the very beginning will continue to stay be you in every decision you make as you become a husband today.

Today you are taking a bold step to become a family man. Trust Allah to guide you, my son. It is well with you. Happy married life.

You have been a blessing to me since you came to this world. I pray Allah will continue to make you a source of blessing even to your new family.

My son, I am more than happy to witness this day. My prayer is that I’ll continue to rejoice over your choice today. Happy married life, dear.

The day we have been looking forward to is finally here. How can I thank Allah for giving my wonderful son an awesome wife? May Allah bless your marriage, my dear.

The joy of every mother is to witness her child’s wedding. As I have witnessed today, may Allah keep you in sound health to witness your children’s. Happy married life, dear son.

My prayer has always been that you’ll find a wife who’ll be a lover, mother, and friend to you. I am happy Allah answered my prayers and here we are today. Happy married life, son.

What more can I say than to give all thanks to Almighty Allah, who kept me to this joyful day. May your marriage never be a mistake, dear.

May the blessing that follows marriage be lavished on you. You’ll see your children, children. Happy married life, my son.

You are very special to me my son. Today I release you to another woman to care for you more than I’ll do. May Allah give you peace with her. Happy married life to you.

From the day I gave birth to you, I have always known you’ll make me proud. You brought a jewel and today you’re marrying her. May Allah be with you both.

Today, you have added to the number of my children. You have brought to me a wife like a daughter. May Allah make both of you best friends forever. Happy married life, dear.

You can’t know how excited I am today. My small boy is finally becoming a family man. All thanks to Allah. May your joy in marriage be real. Happy married life, dear.

I heartily congratulate my son today, for Allah has been merciful to him. You will never regret marrying your choice today. Happy married life.

May Allah bless your marriage and keep you united till the end of time. Happy wedding, my dear son!

We are blessed that how much she cares for you and makes you happy. Congratulations you two and welcome!

Islamic Wedding Messages for Daughter

You brought me happiness from the day you were born till now. I am happy to see you getting married to such a devoted young man. I thank Allah for everything!

May Allah grant you and your husband a lifetime of beautiful and joyous moments. The memories you make, treasure them forever! Have a happy wedding.

I have always dreamt of this very day for you ever since you were a little girl. I have also prayed that you find your perfect match in life. May Allah bless you.

My beautiful daughter. I can’t believe you’ll be taken away from me today. I’ll miss you but I can only pray that Allah will go with you. Happy married life, dear.

Your beauty shines bright like a star, my baby. I pray the peace and joy of marriage will increase your beauty for me. Happy married life, dearie.

A man has found you and chose to make you his wife today. May Allah help you both to make a perfect couple. Happy married life.

What this man see in you that brought him down here to ask for your hand in marriage, may Allah sustain it. Congratulations, my daughter.

You have not only brought your husband to me, you have also added to the number of my children today. My daughter, you’re in safe hands. Happy married life.

The Grace that gave you your destiny husband, may it continue to guide you through this journey. Happiness shall not seize from your home. Happy married life.

As you have honoured us and made us proud today, may Allah give you wonderful seeds that will honour you. Happy married life, dear.

May you never regret the decision you’re making today, my daughter. Allah will make your husbands heart your dwelling place forever. Happy married life.

You’re the bride of today. The reason we have come together to celebrate. I pray to Allah to keep you as an object of joy and jubilation. Happy married life, dear.

Finally, here is the man who has stolen my daughter’s heart. I pray your heart will forever be in his possession. Happy married life.

As from today, the Almighty Allah will make you both inseparable. Nothing shall ever come between you two. Happy married life, dear.

Congratulations on your wedding, dear daughter. May Allah make this man become your best friend, father, husband, and companion. Happy married life.

Joy overflow in my heart of heart today as I give my sweet daughter to a capable man. I know he’ll take good care of you. Happy married life, my darling.

I have trained you well and I am sure you’ll make a wonderful wife and mother. May Allah continue to teach you how to run your home. Happy married life, dear.

May Allah give you the fruit of marriage which is wonderful seeds early enough. You’ll live to see your children, children. Happy married life, dear.

It was Allah’s ever so generous gift that we had you as a daughter. Now its time for us to wish you a peaceful and blissful married life ahead!

You were raised as an obedient Muslim and now you’re joining a Muslim family as a proud wife to your husband and a precious daughter to his parents! Happy wedding!

Islamic Wedding Wishes for Friend

Dear Friend, I congratulate you two and wish a happy and safe beginning of a new chapter. May Allah keep you away from every difficulty in life.

As candles illuminate, I wish you guys illuminate each other’s life. Never give up on each other. Stay together. Wish you a happy married life.

Now that you are married, fill your life with the proper amount of love, compensation, consideration and understanding. Never forget to thank Allah for everything!

May Allah give you the wisdom and knowledge you need to run this new phase of your life.

May Allah give you peace of mind and protect your, going out and coming in.

May Allah watch over your home and shield it from the wicked ones. Happy married life.

May Allah bring the plan of the enemies concerning your marriage to nothingness. Happy married life.

Allah, the Al-Malik shall raise your home. He shall make your marriage the best thing that ever happened to you. Happy married life.

May Almighty Allah bless your home abundantly. He shall give you happiness within and without. Happy married life, friend.

May the great Allah bless your marriage with fruit at due time. Your children shall surround your table. Happy married life.

May Ar Raheem go with you on this journey and guide each of your steps. Happy married life.

May Allah, Al Quddus pour sweetness into your home. Your marriage shall be sweeter than honey. Happy married life.

May Allah grant your heart desires as He upgrades you today. Blessings of marriage shall follow your union. Happy married life.

Lots of warm wishes for you as you start another chapter of your life today. May Allah go with you. Happy married life.

I pray Allah blesses your union with lovely children, both boys and girls. Happy married life.

May Allah grant you wealth to run your home and peace to keep it. Happy married life, friend.

May Allah be gracious unto you and protect your home from the wicked ones. Happy married life.

May this sacred marriage of you may last forever. Have a happy married life, my friend.

May this wedding open the door that welcomes a thousand blessings from Allah. Have a beautiful married life. Happy Wedding!

Islamic Wedding Duas

May life be filled with lots of love, care, fun, and adventure. Mubarak on this happy moment! May Allah bless you!

Alhamdulillah! After a long waiting, today your dream comes true. Mubarak to you! May your marriage be strong and bright. Wishing the best things in life for you. May Allah bless you!

Mubarak on your wedding and lots of love! Always be together and makes true all the desires and dreams of life. May Allah bless you!

Nikah Mubarak! Make your nest with love and trust. May your hearts be always near both in good and bad times, Oh my Lord! Make the couple world’s most beautiful couple and the inspiration of others!

Mubarak! Here wishing you a fabulous start to the wonderful life together. Oh, Allah! Show them the right path of life. Weeding Mubarak both of you!

Islamic Wedding Wishes in Arabic

الرحلة التي تبدأانها اليوم قد لا تنتهي أبدًا. قد يظل حبك لبعضكما البعض دائمًا قويًا هكذا.

اليوم الذي كنتما تنتظرانه جاء إليك أخيرًا. استفد منه واستمتع بيوم الزفاف الخاص.

إنه لأمر رائع أن تعرف أنكم ستتزوجون يا رفاق. كنت أعلم دائمًا أنكم ستنتهيون مع بعضكم البعض. أتمنى لكم يا رفاق حياة زوجية جميلة.

مبروك يا رفاق! استمتع بيوم زفاف رائع مليء بالمتعة واللحظات الثمينة. ونبقى معا إلى الأبد! ___ Islamic Wedding Wishes in Arabic

خلق الله نفسًا في البداية ثم قسمها إلى قسمين. حتى يتمكن من الالتحاق بهم مرة أخرى في الزواج! أنتما الاثنان تكملان بعضهما البعض!

اللهم باركهم. باركهم بسعادة وفرح لا يوصفان. قد يحبون بعضهم البعض ونعتز ببعضهم البعض إلى الأبد.

عزز الله العقدة التي تجمع قلوبكم ، ويبارك قلبين بالإيمان والمحبة لبعضهم البعض! حفل زفاف سعيد! ___ Islamic Wedding Wishes in Arabic

رغبات الزفاف الإسلامية رسائل للزوجين المسلمين
أتمنى أن يستمر هذا الزواج إلى الأبد ويجلب الفرح اللانهائي لكل من قريب من هذه النفوس الجميلة. الله يغتركما بسلام دائم وسعادة!

الحمد لله أنه جعل قلبين طاهرين قريبين من بعضهما البعض وربطهما في عقد زواج مقدس. بركاته تكون معك دائما!

ماس الله! أنتما الثنائي المثالي الذي رأيته في حياتي! كلاكما مثل رفقاء الروح لبعضكما البعض ، وأنتما معًا قويان للغاية بحيث لا يمكن لأحد أن يهزمكما. الله! احتفظ بها في بركاتك! ___ Islamic Wedding Wishes in Arabic

ماس الله! كلاكما هبة الله. كن دائما صادقا ومخلصا. أتمنى أن تبقى معًا في رحلة الحب الرائعة هذه. تهانينا!

السلام عليكم! بعد وقت طويل أخيرًا ، قرر كلاكما أن يتعايشا معًا مدى الحياة. الله! أنت محب ورحيم. ضع الحب في قلبهم. حفل زفاف سعيد!

الحمد لله! تهانينا! عندما تتحد في الزواج أتمنى لك سنوات من السعادة والحب والفرح! بارك الله فيك! ___ Islamic Wedding Wishes in Arabic

العروس والعريس الحبيب! مبروك على حفل الزفاف الخاص بك! أنت تعلم أن الحب هو أساس كل السعادة ، استمر في حب بعضكما البعض!


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