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11 Pastel Color Clothing Ideas to Try this Summer

Summer is the time to splash your wardrobe with vibrant colors and experiment with candy-colored shades. However, if you are not a fan of loud, bold colors, then a pastel palette is for you.

After all, finding someone who isn’t fond of pastel shades is rare as these colors are eye-pleasing and are always in vogue. Pastel hues are not just limited to shades of pink and blue. It goes far beyond that and extends to purple, green, amber, and even yellow. 

In this article, we’ve got the most aesthetically appealing pastel palette clothing ideas for you. If you are looking for some inspiration this summer season, then these ideas will point you in the right direction and jumpstart your irresistible pastel addiction.

Idea #1. Lilac Outerwear 

Lilac color has been quite a trendsetter over the years. Whether you have a basic plain T-shirt and denim outfit or a fancier dress, lilac outerwear adds a dash of pop you need for casual pastel attire.

Whether it’s a blazer, jacket, or a shrug, lilac adds vibrancy to even the most formal attires.

Idea #2. Really Short Bottoms with Oversized Blazer 

Perhaps the most trendy and glamorous combination, barely visible shorts with oversized pastel blazer, is undoubtedly the hottest attire for summer. A huge blazer of any pastel shade can grab attention and make you stand out from the crowd.

However, if you are the shy type and this outfit appears too daring, then you can choose a blazer dress in any pastel hue. Pair the dress with a high-quality cinched belt.  

Idea #3. Lilac and Mint Green 

Lilac is our favorite when it comes to pastel colors. Not only can you wear this versatile color as outerwear, but you can mix it with mint green bottoms to increase your style quotient.

This combination is not only fashionable but has a cool undertone. You can pair a lilac top or blouse with mint green bottoms or the other way round. Don’t restrict yourself to only pants. Bottom pieces can vary from paper bag shorts to capris and skirts.

Idea #4. Quirky Printed, Multicoloured Outfit 

Try experimenting with quirky printed outfits with several pastel hues to be the showstopper at any gathering.

It can be a one-piece dress, jumpsuits, or even a t-shirt and bottom wear. Accessorize the outfit with minimal things and combine it with heels or some funky shoes. 

Idea #5. Light Pink and Blue

For the perfect date night look, try a blue and baby pink ensemble. This simple, basic yet gorgeous outfit is chic and a match made in heaven.

And, of course, it requires minimum effort. Just match a light pink coat with a body con dress in blue color for the ultimate springtime date look. 

You can don this look with the right pair of sneakers, heels, and pink accessories. They are sure to make you look even more gorgeous. Wear this look for holidays or semi-formal events. 

Idea #6. Flaunt a Pastel Feminine Dress 

For women who always look to balance between looking cute and simple at the same time, a pastel shade dress with some special detailing is perfect.

A pastel green color dress with ruched sleeves, tiered hemlines, sashes leaves a big, bold fashion statement at events like birthdays, graduation parties, get-togethers, or even weddings.

Complement this outfit with a statement purse like the ones with sequin or beads. 

Idea #7. Steal the Show with Printed Outfits

If you are super obsessed with brunches, then nothing better than wearing pastel shades to nail your style.

Flaunt your chirpy and enjoyable side with printed A-line skirts and ribbed shirts or plain crop tops in pastel yellow or blue colors.

For a chicer brunch outfit, up the ante on your style quotient by combining light-colored tops with luxe slip outfits. Finish it with a blingy belt and high heels.

Idea #8. Lunch Dates and Pastels

Wear pastel colors on your next lunch date by donning a perfect ensemble that is both sassy and feminine. Get yourself a pretty mint green palazzo and a well-fitted, beautiful top.

Complete the look with pastel makeup, which looks particularly gorgeous on the eyelids.

You can also opt for a breezy pleated skirt in a pastel hue for that dreamy look. Combine it with a floral or striped top based on the print of your skirt. Complete the look with subtle footwear and a pop-hued bag.

Idea #9. Baby Blue Pantsuit 

Rock a baby blue pantsuit to bring out your chic personality. If you love doing things in style, then you need to carry this look at least once in the coming season.

Team up the baby blue pantsuit with lace trims camisole for skyrocketing confidence and innate elegance. You can also top it with a loose-fitting jacket to ensure you do not look too formal.

Idea #10. Dreamy Dinners

For the ones who prefer dreamy dinners over a lunch date or a brunch, then the star of the night. Opt for bling and go for a dazzling crop top. Pair it with a pastel mini skirt and high heels. 

For the stunning diva look that perfectly blends sexy and sharp, layer a blazer over a slip dress with a deep slit. Wear a choker to accessorize. It’s sure to take your date’s breath away.

Idea # 11. Nail the Summer Look with Sleeveless Pastel Top

It is summer, which means vests and lacy tops are all the rage. Wear strappy tops or vests in pastel pinks and blues and contrast them with white or ivory bottoms. You can also opt for pastel blouses or tops with short sleeves

You can also go for short-sleeved pastel blouses or tops. These look great on any skin tone and beautify the overall look.

Then there are also long tops that make a completely different yet gorgeous silhouette.

Make Way – Pastel’s Coming In 

We hope that these clothing ideas will make you wear pastel hues if you’ve never tried them before. Pastel colors are ideal for summers as they are vibrant and soothing.

With these clothing ideas, you are bound to change your wardrobe and ace the pastel palette in no time.


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