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Tips For Helping Your Teen Understand Safe Sex

Though the stigma is fading bit by bit, discussions with your children about s*x are unlikely to be totally rid of any awkwardness. For some, the thought of the conversation is enough to make your insides shrivel. The biggest problem though is that the way those conversations go will have a big impact on how your child thinks about one of the most important and potentially difficult parts of their life.

S3x is a reality for teenagers and young adults, and if their education is mishandled then it can lead to catastrophic results. That said, getting it right isn’t actually all that complex, it just requires a little bit of bravery on your part and having a plan in place. So let’s look at what you would need to do. Having The Conversation The two key principles to remember when discussing this topic are ‘honesty’ and ‘calmness’.

The worst things you can do for your kids when having conversations about sex are lying about things or delivering half-truths and making them feel panicked. If you can’t keep calm and relaxed when talking about sex then you might need to address some of your own hang-ups before trying to teach your children.

You have to gently demonstrate to your teen that there isn’t anything to be worried about or to get upset about, and show them that sex is a natural part of life that will, at some point, be a part of theirs as well. In talking about safe sex you want to emphasize its importance.

Don’t scare them but do demonstrate that rushing into unsafe scenarios can have major consequences. A conversation on safe sex ought to include topics such as STDs, contraception, abstinence, peer pressure, sexual consent and diversity within sexuality as a whole. Maybe break the conversation up a bit to ensure that you don’t overwhelm your teen with too much information.

And check that they’ve truly understood what you have been talking about in a way that will impact how they think about it moving forward. Handle The Misconceptions About Safe Sex Myths about safe sex can be one of the most dangerous elements to the topic and dispelling those myths is one of your responsibilities in having the talk.

There is a range of myths that you could discuss sexual practices, relating to the conception or to societal expectations. Some of the most important myths that you need to bust in talking to your teen about safe sex relate to STDs. Dealing with these can be vital for maintaining your child’s health.

For example, the potential dangers of oral sex and kissing relating to STDs are often underappreciated and, similarly, what diseases condom use helps prevent against and which they y are not helpful for, genital warts and syphilis, for example. Establishing Guidelines For Safer Sex By the end of the conversation, you want to be able to establish some concrete guidelines for managing their own sexual health and sex lives.

These principles, if emphasized with the correct balance of open-mindedness and authority, could help guide them through life. Some good rules to stick to are to pause before starting sexual activity with anyone, taking time to understand their sexual history, drug use or STD history.

Secondly, making regular trips to the doctor for checkups can be a good decision and using protection all the time, and as often as possible with oral sex. Also help them to understand the importance of monitoring their own body’s health, looking for all of the possible danger signs that can occur.


It can be easy to worry that your conversation is hurrying them into sex when they aren’t ready. In truth, this is almost certainly not the case. But even if it did advance their knowledge of sex, it would be far preferable for them to be having safe, healthy, consensual sex earlier than having dangerous, ill-informed sex later on that could lead to a pregnancy or disease. So, speak clearly, calmly and honestly and don’t be afraid to emphasize that sex is a good and natural thing that just needs to be done with care.

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