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Strategies for Building a Meaningful Jewelry Collection

Around 51% of millennial women buy jewelry for themselves and, according to a recent survey by MVI Marketing LLC, the reasons are threefold: being able to get exactly what they want, rewarding themselves for achievement, or commemorating a special memory or trip.

While high-end jewelry is often linked to romance, prestige, and a passion for luxury, modern buyers are going deeper than this, aiming to symbolize their own personal journeys and experiences through the pieces they wear.

If you love nothing more than the world of gemstones and fine metals and you feel inspired to create a collection that you can pass on to future generations, read on.

Finding Unique Pieces during Your Travels
If you travel at least once a year, then you have the perfect opportunity to pick up unique jewelry designs during your journeys.

To do so, you will have to do more than just visit the biggest markets or busiest streets in the cities or towns you will be visiting.

Aim to discover local upcoming designers, visit local jewelers to access pieces made to centuries-old traditions, and prioritize pieces made with gems sourced exclusively in the places you are visiting.

Think Tsavorites from Kenya, Tanzanites from Tanzania, or golden pearls from the Philippines. When choosing pieces such as gold collar necklaces in India or Maasai beaded necklaces in Kenya, make it a point to find out the symbolism behind each design.

For instance, the Maasai use different colored beads to represent different bounties from nature. White beads represent cows’ milk (a staple in their diet), blue represents the sky, and red embodies bravery.

Investing in Iconic Pieces

Some pieces never go out of style and, despite their popularity, they are still oohed and aahed over when viewed in person.

In current times, these include classic collections such as the Love collection of bracelets, rings, and necklaces by Cartier, the intricately colored jewelry of Roberto Coin, or the T collection of rings and bracelets by Tiffany.

Having a couple of these pieces and stacking them up with fine and demi-fine jewelry will ensure you present the perfect blend of individuality and tradition that will mark your sense of sartorial elegance.

Adding Pops of Color with Fashion Statement Pieces

The XL jewelry trend is all the rage on Big Four Fashion Week runways, with brands like Chanel, Versace, and Dior all dressing up their designs with extra-large earrings, bracelets, and rings.

Color abounds in these pieces, many of which are made with a mix of metals and resin or glass. The best thing about fashion jewelry is that it is affordable and can be purchased seasonally.

Fashion also tends to move in cycles meaning that the multi-layered metal chain belt you bought five years ago is now making heads turn again and is actually going to be one of the biggest fashion trends for Spring 2022.

Building a beautiful jewelry collection involves relying on your own sense of style and your unique experiences.

Choose meaningful pieces when you travel and invest in iconic pieces that never go out of style. Embrace yearly trends via fashion pieces that are affordable, replaceable, and likely to come back into vogue every few years.

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