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How To Surprise Your Man: Birthday Edition

Do you still remember how it felt to start dating someone new? The butterflies in your stomach, the overwhelming feeling of lightness, bright eyes, and tunnel vision focused just on the person you felt attracted to.

Without a doubt, the excitement and adrenaline that come from falling in love make that period really unique. Sometimes, the feeling might even get addictive, leaving a person always craving more of the so-called love high.

However, in life, nothing is constant. The time passes, months go by, and after some time of dating a particular person – whether it be a few months or a few years – you might feel like that unique kind of excitement is gone.

What should you do when boredom starts creeping into your relationship? How should you act when you feel like, although the love is still there, this magical sparkle has gone?

The answer is simple: surprise your man! His birthday will be the best time to show him how much you care about him and bring some excitement to your relationship at the same time. Here is how you can do it!

Spice Up Your Bedroom Game

One thing that your partner might dream of is a birthday gift that will end up being a spicy surprise. That might be a new sex position he always wanted to try out, a spicy game, such as Kamasutra dices, or a fun sex accessory. There are many ideas for sexy surprise gifts, depending on your partner’s preferences.

One of the most popular choices that you might get interested in includes prostate vibrators or male dildos – if your man has many sexual fantasies, this gift will improve your bed game and your whole relationship.

Another idea is for you to buy sexy lingerie or a unique costume for a little cosplay moment. Maybe he dreams about a date night with Lara Croft? Even if you have always thought negatively about this idea, this year, we dare you to try it out. Who knows, maybe you will like it?

A Handmade Gift

If you want to surprise your boyfriend, you can prepare a DIY romantic gift! That might be a gift basket filled with his favorite sweets, CDs with movies and music, or small items that will remind him of your fantastic relationship.

Another wonderful gift idea is to make a jar with 100 hand-written cards about your partner’s characteristics that you like the most. You can also make a DIY voucher with the things he likes and might ask you for.

For instance, you can create a few cards he can use for his favorite bedroom activities, a few cards for spending a game night with the boys, and a few for choosing the movie for a romantic movie night. While creating cards, think about all the things that make him happy, and go for it.

Date From His Bucket List

The best gifts are the ones that the person doesn’t expect. Every man has some wild dreams, whether it’s going to the shooting range, going to the football game of his favorite Argentinian team, flying on a hot-air balloon, diving with the sharks, or parachute jumping.

Whether it’s for the anniversary of valentine’s day, one of the best ideas will be to allow him to spend a day fulfilling his dreams and do whatever he wants to do with him.

Nobody will be as happy as your husband when you tell him that this one journey he always dreamt of now will become real. On top of that, he’ll get to spend it with you! The time spent together, and engaging with him in the things he loves, will definitely deepen your relationship.

Some things that he might dream of might seem impossible – for example, becoming an astronaut. However, in the era of modern technology, nothing is impossible. After all, there are non-gravity rooms and airplane simulators that you can make use of.


There are different kinds of relationships. In some, you see your partner every day and spend many hours with him. Some relationships are long-distance and based on video calls and messages, where the feeling of happiness which stems from being able to see each other is mixed with longing and sadness.

What all romantic relations have in common is the need to nurture and take care of the other person, no matter how long you have been together. There is nothing worse than experiencing laziness and boredom in a relationship. Thus, the best recipe for a happy relationship is a lot of hard work.

All in all, it is possible to make the relationship grow, even if you’ve spent years together already: simply use our tips, and don’t forget to pay attention to your man and his needs, even if you don’t fully understand them. Good luck!

– Małgorzata Koch

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