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Why Do Rabbits Have Red Eyes?

Have you ever wondered why rabbits have red eyes, mostly white rabbits?

When we think of rabbits, we often envision those with soft, brown fur and big, black eyes. However, there are many rabbits out there sporting a very different look – bright red eyes.

In this article, we let you know why rabbits have red eyes and other things you need to know about red eyes in bunnies.

Why Do Rabbits Have Red Eyes?

Rabbits with red eyes have a gene for albinism, meaning they lack pigmentation in their skin, hair, and eyes.

The red appearance is due to the blood vessels in the eyes being visible through the transparent iris.

This characteristic is not a health problem, just a genetic trait.

Instead, it’s an outcome of their unique genetic makeup.

If the rabbit doesn’t have white fur and the red eye is accompanied by excessive tear production, hair loss around the eyes, and other symptoms.

Then It could be a medical condition called Hyperemia, also known as red-eye, which are a result of inflammation due to excessive blood flow. Hyperemia can be caused by various factors, such as conjunctivitis, glaucoma, or trauma.

If you notice these symptoms, consult a vet as soon as possible as the underlying issue could lead to something more complex

The Science Behind Red Eyes

To better understand why some bunnies have red eyes, let’s discuss the scientific aspects behind it.

What Causes Red Eyes in Rabbits?

The lack of melanin is the primary cause of red eyes in rabbits.

Melanin plays a vital role in absorbing light.

For rabbits with pigmented eyes, melanin takes in most of the light that enters the eye, with only a minor portion being reflected.

As a result, we perceive their eyes as having a specific color. However, bunnies deficient in melanin reflect more light through the blood vessels in their retina, creating a distinct red appearance.

This light reflection is akin to the glow observed in the eyes of other animals, like cats and dogs when illuminated in the dark.

This glow, called ‘eyeshine,’ is significantly more noticeable in red-eyed rabbits due to their low melanin levels.

The Role of Genetics in Red Eyes

Genes play a fundamental role in defining a rabbit’s eye color.

In particular, albino rabbits have a genetic characteristic that halts melanin production, resulting in their snow-white fur and red eyes.

It’s also possible for other rabbit breeds to carry this gene recessively, which could result in red-eyed offspring, even if the parents do not have red eyes.

Other Eye Colors in Rabbits

Although red eyes are relatively common in specific rabbit breeds, rabbits can exhibit a variety of other eye colors as well.

These colors range from brown to blue, and in certain breeds, like the English Spot or the Rhinelander, a unique marbling effect can occur, resulting in eyes with patches of brown and blue.

These different eye colors in rabbits further highlight the diverse genetics within rabbit breeds.

And much like the red eyes in albino rabbits, these various colors are also a result of different levels and types of melanin produced by the rabbit’s body.

White Rabbits With Red Eyes


Here are some frequently asked questions.

Are Rabbits With Red Eyes More Sensitive To Light?

Red-eyed rabbits are indeed more sensitive to light compared to their counterparts with darker eyes.

This increased sensitivity is the absence of melanin, which leads to less light absorption.

Consequently, more light reaches the rabbit’s retina, which can be overwhelming, leading to an aversion to bright light.

Can Rabbits With Red Eyes See Better In The Dark?

Interestingly, the lack of melanin that makes red-eyed rabbits more sensitive to light might also aid their vision in low-light environments.

Since more light can reach the retina in these rabbits, they might have slightly enhanced night vision compared to rabbits with darker eyes.

Are Red-Eyed Rabbits More Prone To Eye Infections?

The color of a rabbit’s eyes doesn’t impact its susceptibility to eye infections.

Whether a rabbit has red, brown, or blue eyes, their risk of developing an eye infection depends primarily on their living conditions, diet, health status, and care received.

What Is The Genetic Cause Of Red Eyes In Rabbits?

The genetic cause of red eyes in rabbits is an allele, a version of a gene that suppresses the production of melanin.

This gene is prevalent in albino rabbits but can also be present, albeit recessively, in other breeds.

Do Red Eyes Affect A Rabbit’s Behavior?

The rabbit’s eye color does not impact its behavior. Instead, a rabbit’s behavior is shaped by its breed, upbringing, living environment, socialization, and individual personality.

Can Rabbits With Red Eyes Still Produce Melanin?

Despite having red eyes, these rabbits can produce melanin in other parts of their bodies.

This production, however, depends on their genetic makeup and the particular breed’s traits.

For instance, non-albino rabbits with red eyes might still produce melanin in their fur, giving them colored coats despite the red eyes.

What Breed Of Rabbit Has Red Eyes?

Several breeds of rabbits can have red eyes, the most common being the New Zealand White.

However, any rabbit breed can exhibit albinism and, consequently, red eyes.

This includes breeds like the Florida White, Himalayan, and some Californian rabbits.

What Is Special About Bunny Eyes?

Rabbit eyes are placed on the sides of their head, giving them a nearly 360-degree field of vision to watch for predators.

They also have a third eyelid, called a nictitating membrane, which helps to protect the eye and keep it moist.

Are White Rabbits With Red Eyes Dangerous?

No, white rabbits with red eyes are not dangerous.

They are just like any other rabbits. Their eye and coat colors are genetic traits that do not affect their behavior or temperament.

Are Rabbits With Red Eyes Evil?

No, rabbits with red eyes are not evil.

This myth is probably perpetuated by their appearance in pop culture and media, where red eyes are often associated with evil characters.

In reality, rabbits are individuals, and their behavior depends on their upbringing, socialization, and individual personality, not their eye color.

White Rabbit With Red Eyes Meaning?

There’s no specific meaning to a white rabbit with red eyes. They are simply rabbits that carry a gene for albinism.

Brown Rabbit With Red Eyes?

A brown bunny with red eyes might be a rare sight, as the red-eyed trait typically comes with a white coat due to albinism.

However, some rabbits can have a condition called ruby eyes, which appear red or pink in a particular light, even if the rabbit isn’t albino.

White Rabbit With Red Eyes Spiritual Meaning?

Different cultures have different beliefs, but a white rabbit can symbolize luck, transformation, or new beginnings in many Western cultures.

The red eyes don’t typically add any specific spiritual meaning. You should read this article: What Does Rabbit Symbolize In The Bible?

Note that these are cultural symbols and interpretations and not universal truths.


The red eyes observed in some rabbits are a natural genetic trait due to the absence of melanin in the eyes.

Although they might look different and have a higher sensitivity to bright light, these red-eyed rabbits are just as healthy and lively as their darker-eyed counterparts.

We hope this article helped you know why rabbits have red eyes. If you have any questions, comment below, and we will answer them.


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