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290+ Get Well Soon Messages, Wishes and Quotes

On this page, we have a collection of speedy recovery prayer, inspirational get well messages, get well soon messages for loved ones, get well soon messages for him, get well soon messages for her, get well soon messages for friend, get well soon love, funny get well soon messages, etc

Get Well Soon Messages

It’s hard to believe you are taking this much time to recover. Get well soon buddy. I am badly missing you here!

The sickness that you have is not even half as strong as you are. I believe you will make a full recovery in no time. Take care of yourself!

It’s not a time to worry. I wish you all the comfort and care during this time. May you get well soon and be back with good health and a kicking attitude.

You will never find a more effective medicine than hope. So, always be hopeful that God will get you recovered from this sickness in no time. Get well soon!

Best wishes and hoping you’re feeling yourself again very soon

I can’t wait to see that amazing smile of yours again. Feel better real soon!

The most important thing in illness is never to lose heart. We’re right there with you. Never lose hope

You’re always in my heart – get well soon

Recovery is a process. It takes time, it takes patience, it takes everything you’ve got

Take the recovery slowly – we want you to be as good as, if not better than before!

Hoping you feel better soon and just ask if you need anything. I’ll always be there for you

All our prayers will be for you to make a quick recovery

I hope these flowers lighten your day and bring you some joy. Get well soon

Being ill is no fun! Hoping you get better soon

I know these words may seem like nothing but I hope they can lift your mood a little and remind you how much I care

I hope each day brings you renewed strength and much closer to recovery

Hoping you’re 100% again soon!

As you travel the path of recuperation, I wish you comfort, care and speedy healing

Sending healthy vibes your way and wishing for a quick recovery

I’m Florence Nightingale and you’re my patient. We will get through this together

Wishing I could take away all your pain, and sending all my love

There are so many people who want to see you healthy and safe always. I am one of those who is raying 24/7 for you to get around soon!

You being at the hospital made me realize how much you help me being myself and keep me happy just by being by my side, I miss you so much! Get well soon, please.

Nothing feels right as you are laying on the hospital bed! I pray for your speedy recovery. Take my token of love and get well soon, dear!

Sending all my positive and healing thoughts to you and wish you a speedy and full recovery from your illness! I miss you so much dear friend!

My thoughts and prayers are with you in this crucial time of yours! I hope you will be feeling better soon! May God bless you with a healthy life onwards!

Hope you know it’s not you who is missing out things but it’s us who are missing you all the happiness and fun which you have taken away with you! Get well soon, your friends and colleagues miss you.

Get Well Soon Wishes

A hospital is certainly not a decent spot to visit regularly, you know. I’m seeking after your rapid recuperation since I would prefer not to go back there, again.

Dear friend, have some faith and confidence. Everything will be alright, and you will feel as sound as you’ve never felt. Just please get well soon!

Being sick can feel so unjustifiable from time to time, but hope you realize that people out here considering you and sending healing messages and love on your way.

I feel so sorry to hear about your sickness and how I cannot visit you! Sending you lots of love and blissful wishes for you to recover as soon as possible!

We are glad to hear that you are reacting great to your treatment. Hoping you will feel like yourself soon, dear! Sending hugs and kisses!

Get well soon dear, and come back with full energy in your lively soul!

I am praying every moment to the Almighty for your fastest recovery. Get well soon.

I am waiting to hear your beautiful laughter badly, please get well soon.

The house feels empty without your presence and without the sound of your laughter it is really quiet now. Come home soon, dear.

Hope you feel better soon.

Hoping you find strength with each new day. You are in our thoughts.

Have a speedy recovery!

I hope each new day brings you closer to a full and speedy recovery!

May good health envelop you, spurring a quick recovery.

Thinking of you lots and hoping for your speedy recovery.

We’re all thinking about you and wishing you a speedy recovery.

Hang in there, better days are coming.

Hope you feel a little better every day.

Sending good, healthy vibes your way.

Sending hugs and love!

Remember to just take it one day at a time and in no time, you will be completely healthy and smiling once again.

You’re in all of our warmest thoughts as you recover from your accident.

Best wishes for a little progress and a little encouragement everyday during your recuperation.

Best wishes that you will soon be back to doing all the things you love.

May the good wishes and warm thoughts of those who care about you send a little cheerfulness into your world and help you feel better.

Can’t wait to see you totally healthy and happy, full of life and confident. Get well soon quickly.

It has been few days seen you are away, but it feels like ages, I am very lonely without you. Please get well soon and return quickly!

I want to see you active and joyful like you always are. Get well soon. Miss you.

I pray that the Almighty provides you enough strength for the fastest recovery. Get well soon.

Get Well Soon Card Messages

My wishes for your healthy and successful life will be there always with you. Get well soon.

Eagerly waiting for the gleam of your eyes to shine my house bright like you always do. Get well soon.

I know you will come back stronger and healthier, nothing can win over your determination and strength. Get well soon.

You have an aim to achieve in life along with goals that you dream to reach every day. Get well soon and complete all your targets.

We all are missing the happy environment that you create with your soulfulness. Get well soon.

You are bound to recover as I know that your illness got defeated in front of your strength and willpower, get well soon and come back stronger.

Romantic Get Well Soon Messages

I am eagerly waiting for you to hold my hands tightly and this time I promise that I will keep holding your hands’ lifelong. Get well soon love.

We have a lot of dreams to accomplish together and we have a lot more to achieve in life. Get well soon, babe.

I am feeling restless without your presence around me. Get well soon, soulmate. Come back quickly.

Concentrating on work without you beside me is getting hard for me. Get well soon, Love. Cannot wait to see you.

There is no presence of happiness in the house without you, the house is yearning for your presence. Get well soon, Love.

The house seems filled with darkness and sorrow without the sound of your laughter and glow. Get well soon, dear.

You just need to get better soon. I am already tired of living in a world where there is no sunshine. I miss you so badly.

Its hard for me to deal with all the monotony of this world without you. Please get well soon and rescue me from all this boredom.

I promised to take care of you for the rest of my life, but it hurts me to see you lying on a hospital bed. I am praying for your quick recovery!

Take your medicines just as your doctor says. Meanwhile, I will keep on sending my kisses and hugs for you. I’ll make sure you get your daily dose of happiness at right times.

It hurts me so much to see you in pain. I wish I had the magic to get you recovered overnight. May you get well soon my love!

Funny Get Well Soon Messages

Though I hate your mischievous pranks that make me angry, but I am missing them badly. Get well soon.

I miss hearing your bad jokes and your funny laugh. Get well soon, joker!

I am not liking the peace of the house. Get well soon and make it noisy like before.

I have no one to fight with me right now which is making me feel lonely. Get well soon, we have a lot of fights to do.

Do you realize how much your loved ones worry about you when you’re sick? Stop being so self-centered and get well now.

Get well so you can start cooking again, cleaning again, shopping again, and doing all the chores. Oh, I guess I just figured out why it’s taking you so long to recover. Get well fast, please.

Do you know drinking alcohol lowers your immune system? So, because I care about you and want to make sure you get better as quickly as possible, I’ll do you a favor and drink up all of your whiskey. Now that should make you feel better fast.

You’ve always said it would be nice to have breakfast in bed, but did you really have to get sick to get it? Pancakes are so much tastier than cold pills. Make every effort to feel better soon, and let me serve you pancakes in the morning.

Get well soon?? I’d much prefer get well immediately. Thinking of you!!

So…I guess like everybody else, the flu finds you irresistible. I hope its a short-lived romance & you feel better soon.

So now that you’re sick, get well already. The dog won’t poop, the cat won’t eat, and I almost burned the house down trying to heat up a TV dinner.

You’ve been sick in bed for so long I’m surprised the memory in your mattress hasn’t faded. Better hurry up and get well before it gets Alzheimer’s.

If you can’t get well soon, feel better as soon as possible. I’m down to my last pair of clean socks, and the hamper is ready to explode. Hurry before it’s too late!

You’d better get well fast and go home. I hear your husband is just a little too excited about cooking dinner for your mother.

I think you should know your dog keeps rubbing his butt on your white shag carpet. Feel better fast and get home soon before his behavior gets totally out of hand.

Please feel better and come back to work as soon as you’re feeling fine. There are phones to answer, papers to file, and no one here makes coffee as good as you do.

I miss getting a stomach ache because of laughing by hearing your stupidity. Get well soon, stupid. Missing you badly.

Without the sound of your hyena laughter the house seems so silent. Get well soon, dying to hear your funny laughter.

Religious Get Well Soon Messages

Everything happens the way God has planned so don’t feel pressed or upset! God will recover you soon, don’t worry much! Keep your faith strong!

God always tests his favorites, keep that in mind! Be brave, be strong! May God bless you with safe and sound health real soon.

I hope God blesses you with good health so that you prosper in life achieving success. Get well soon.

May God keep your smile bright like always. Get well soon.

I pray that all your wishes get granted and you live a healthy life ahead. Get well soon.

I wish that the Almighty bestows all his blessings upon you so that you get cured faster. Get well soon.

With the love of Almighty and your loved ones, no harm will be caused to you. Get well soon, dear.

You’re in good hands. The doctors are taking care of you, and I’m praying that you have a speedy recovery. With blessings from above, may you be well soon!

May blessings from above heal you. May my prayers reach God’s ears and make you well again. Wishing that your health is quickly restored.

My prayers are with you while you are ill. Have faith in the almighty and in his ability to make you well again. May your health be quickly restored!

As you fight for better health, know that God is on your side, and that I’m praying for your complete recovery. I hope you get stronger with each new day.

May you feel God’s presence as you recover from your illness, and may the security of his embrace fill you with the hope of feeling well again.

Trust in the Lord, and he will make you well again. Have faith in the power of prayers as I pray that you recuperate quickly and experience good health once more.

As you recuperate from your illness, I’m sending prayers to God for you. Your complete recovery and good health is what I’m praying for. May your health be restored soon.

May God’s angels comfort you with the gentle breeze from their wings, and may they help you feel better without delay.

I pray that the Almighty bestows all his blessings upon you so that you heal quickly and achieve all the goals of your life. Get well soon.

I am astonished to see your fearlessness in this hard time. You are a very brave soul, without any doubt. May you get speed recovery!

May God envelop you with great well-being and quality so you’ll be in a good place again! Get well soon, dear!

Inspirational Get Well Soon Wishes

You have a lot to achieve to lead a successful life ahead, get well soon and start working on your dreams.

I pray for you to be always soulful with full confidence, like the sunshine of the early morning. Get well soon.

I have seen how strong you are. Get well soon, with much more strength than before.

I am eagerly waiting for you to come back with more liveliness, to light up our lives, get well soon.

Knowing that you’re feeling so unwell breaks my heart. I would do anything I could to make you feel better, and my one wish for you during this difficult time is relief from your suffering and a swift recovery.

Being laid up in bed is no fun! I wish I could free you from your prison of illness so you could get back to all those wonderful things you enjoy doing. I hope very much that you are soon fully recovered.

The thought of you being sick seems completely unfair. With your vibrancy and love of life, the world deserves your smile. May you get well soon, because we all miss you!

Friends like you make life so much more interesting and joyful. I feel at a loss knowing that you’re under the weather, and there’s nothing I can do. You should know that you are so loved, and that things are not quite the same without you.

I am waiting eagerly to see you healthier and stronger than before. Get well soon.

I know you can fight all the problems of your life, you will be able to fight your illness as well. Get well soon.

Get Well Soon Text Messages

Come back home with a brighter smile. Get well soon.

We are eagerly waiting to see you. Get well soon.

You are a fighter! Fight your illness and get well soon.

Missing you badly, get well soon.

Sending you warm love and wishes. Get well soon.

Praying for your fastest recovery. Get well soon.

Get Well Soon Messages for Wife or Girlfriend

The house does not feel like home without the sound of your footstep. Get well soon, beautiful.

You don’t have to worry, my love will provide you strength to fight your illness, get well soon, love.

I miss having your deliciously cooked meals badly. Get well soon, prettiness.

I believe in your willpower and it is definitely for illness to lose in front of your beauty and strength. Get well soon, beautiful.

Though the sun is shining the house feels dark without the brightness of your smile and the gleam of your eyes. Get well soon, love.

I am missing your sweet talks and angry scolding very badly. Get well soon.

Get Well Soon for Husband or Boyfriend

I am missing your warm hugs and kisses badly, get well soon, handsome.

Without your stupid jokes and naughtiness, the house seems very empty and silent. Get well soon, love.

Sending you lots of loves, hugs and warm kisses to provide you strength and confidence to fight back your illness. Get well soon, love.

Get well soon love. We have a long way to go for achieving all the beautiful things of life.

I feel empty and low as you are not beside me to hold my hands tight and to hug me right now. Get well soon, babe.

All of us are feeling low without your soulful presence beside us. Get well soon, love. Come back quick.

Get Well Messages for Brother or Sister

I am sending my warm love and best wishes for your fastest recovery, you know you are the most valuable to me. Get well soon.

I don’t have anyone to share about my daily life except you. Get well soon, I have a lot of things to talk about.

I have seen your strength grow with your age, and now you are stronger than ever before because of our love and care. Get well soon.

Dearest sister, I know you are in pain now and I pray it subsides as soon as possible. I can’t wait to see you bounce back to good health again because all I want in this life is to see you happy. I love you.

Beloved sister, it hurts me inside to see you battling illness. It’s my prayer that you will receive your healing swiftly and feel happiness again.

Sis, may you be healed in Jesus’ name. Amen.

I know you will recover soon because I believe there’s no problem in this world that sincere prayers to God can’t solve.

I miss having you around, sis. There’s nothing more in this world that I hate more than seeing you unwell and unhappy. For the sake of both our happiness, please get well instantly.

I am sad to know you are not well, but I find solace in the fact that I know that you will receive your complete healing very soon.

Since you fell ill, I pray every moment, driven purely by your speedy recovery. I love you so much and miss you in a way words can’t express.

I promise to share all the chocolates with you, but please come back home quick. Get well soon.

Mom, Dad and I are very tensed about you. Come back home healthy and lively. Get well soon.

I am really worried about your health and every one of us are praying every moment so that you heal faster. Get well soon.

Your pains will subside sooner than you are thinking because I pray for you all the time. All I want is to see you healthy, lively and happy. Speedy recovery, my dear brother.

Get well soon, lazy brother. You have been missed like the Sahara Desert misses the presence of rain.

Dear brother, may God renew your strength and bless you with great health and a heart filled with joy. Get well soon.

My heart can’t help but cry everyday knowing you are still sick. May you be healed as soon as possible. I love you.

I want to see nothing but your happiness, my lovely brother, and that is why I pray that every millisecond will draw you closer to your complete healing.

Brother, I miss watching football and hanging out with you. Please get well soon.

Not having the power to make you feel better as soon as possible fills my heart with great sadness. Please make me happy by getting better very soon. I love you so much, brother.

You are more precious to us than all of the purest gold in the world, and that is why it feels incredible sad to know you are not feeling very well. Please, waste no more time in recovering from this illness.

Get Well Messages for Mother or Father

I always used to get irritated about your scolding, but today I miss your scolding the most. Get well soon.

Please don’t take any stress about me I am okay but no fine without you, please come back home fit and fine. Get well soon.

You will recover speedily with my love and care and the blessings of the Almighty is always with you. Please get well soon.

I promise to listen to all your sayings for the whole life but please come back quickly. Get well soon.

Mom, your absence keeps creating a deep hole in my heart. I can’t wait to see you back at home. Get well soon, my angel.

It breaks my heart that my beloved mother is ill and there’s nothing I can do about it. Mom, speedy recovery, good health and joy are all I wish for you.

Mother, we have really missed your presence in our daily lives. We are sad to know how much you are suffering. We will stand by your side until you are completely healed. We love you.

Mom, you are my number one source of motivation. Please get well and come back home, for my heart can’t bear seeing you suffer.

Dearest Mom, hell is seeing you ill and not being able to heal you. I pray that you get better soon and take me out of this realm of hell. I love you.

I understood how valuable you are in my life, please come back healthy and lively, I promise to listen to everything you will say. Get well soon.

I know how strong you are and your strength inspires me every time, Get well soon.

Since God is still alive, I have absolute confidence that He will lay His mighty hands upon you and heal you soon. This sickness is only temporal.

Your swift transition from ill health to good health is all my heart desires because I love you very much, my precious father.

Dad, I believe you will be fine very soon because you are the strongest man I have ever known. Thinking of you and praying for your quick recovery. Love you.

I am the owner of a sad heart because my dearest father isn’t feeling his best. Dad, at this moment in time, all I want in this world is to see you strong and healthy again. Please, get well as quickly as possible.

We aren’t happy about your sudden illness, Dad. We won’t stop praying for you because we love you so much and want to see you smile again. Wishing you a remarkably fast recovery.

Dad, I will fight day and night together with you until we overcome this illness that is trying to steal your happiness. I am certain that at the end of the day victory shall be ours and your heart shall be flooded with immense joy.

Jesus loves you and he will surely heal you and bring you back to complete health.

Beloved Dad, please get well soon so that we can be happy together once again. I have missed your inspirational presence in the house.

Get Well Soon Messages for Coworker

Wishing you a quick recovery dear. Be back soon and save me from this mountainous work that you left me. All the best wishes for you!

The news of your illness hit me pretty hard. I am truly saddened by the unfortunate events that led you to become ill. Praying for your quick recovery!

Its been a wonderful experience working with you for all these years. Naturally, the news of your being sick made me sad. I wish you have a smooth recovery!

All my prayers and positive thoughts are with you during this difficult time. I wish for your quick recovery and good health!

You have so many things to experience in life. Don’t give up. You and I both know you can defeat this disease of yours. My prayers are with you!

It doesn’t matter how dangerous the disease may be, I know in the end, you’ll be back with the same charming smile on your face. Get well soon!

These messages that can be written on cards that will help comfort someone sick when it is read. Moreover, there are special messages that you can send to your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend who is sick inspiring them for a speedy recovery. As well as we have funny messages listed that will make the person reading have a good laugh that will help the person to get relaxed and to feel better.

Sending some get well soon messages to dear ones is very important. It makes them realize that you are thinking of them and there for them in their difficult time. Send some of your positive thoughts and how much you miss them because your right choice of words may bring a smile on their face. Beside the bitter pills and medicine let them feel the warmth of your love and give them the strength to hang in there. Your sincere thoughts and love to show your care and support on their vulnerable time will surely have an impact on their fast recovery!

Never underestimate the power of words because even the smallest dozes of encouragement can make someone find the sheer will and power to fight with whatever they’re going through. Half the battle is simply won when a person has the inspiration and positivity from their favorite ones being simply close by. So, be there for your loved ones via sending some sweet and encouraging get well soon messages. Hope your wise selection of words may help your loved ones to cope with the change of circumstances and bring a smile on their face in a tough time.


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