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Project Pioneer Review – What I Wish Everyone Knew About Dropshipping

People who want to build a business and make money online often look for opportunities that seem too good to be true – and Project Pioneer is one of those opportunities. 

Is it as good as the hype surrounding it?

Well, the best way to find out is just to dive in and do it yourself. So that’s what I did. 

I took Project Pioneer through its paces to see if it could help you make real money selling products online using dropshipping. My Project Pioneer review is below, read on!

Project Pioneer Review – What Is It All About? 

Project Pioneer is Connor Shelefontiuk’s comprehensive dropshipping course on how to go from zero to hero with your own business, from planning your product range to building a profitable online store.

The course suits both complete beginners and experienced sellers, although I think it’ll be most useful for people who have some marketing knowledge but haven’t previously built an e-commerce business.

Who is behind this program?

The guy behind the Project Pioneer online program is Connor Shelenfontiuk. He has made it his mission to teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to start their own dropshipping business. 

In addition to Connor’s expertise, you’ll also get the chance to learn from his many successful dropshipping ventures. Along the way, he’ll provide insight into his successes and failures so you can learn from both.

He’ll also show you how to navigate the complex process of dropshipping so you can avoid common pitfalls

What do you get when you purchase Project Pioneer?

So, what are the benefits of joining Project Pioneer? What’s included? 

Here’s an overview:

  • Get your product launch up and running in 30 days
  • Learn how to set up an online store
  • Discover the best methods for gaining targeted traffic to your website
  • Gain insight into the essential steps of an effective product launch
  • Launch a product on Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and more. You can choose between different platforms
  • Have access to proven strategies that will help you create a successful product launch for any type of product
  • Explore new marketing tactics that will help you improve profits and reduce risk with each launch

For more details, check this review.

Project Pioneer Review – Course Summary

There’s a lot more to dropshipping than just creating a store and hoping for the best. You have to test, monitor, tweak and change your strategies if you want to make money. It’s not hard, but it takes work. Project Pioneer will give you all the tools you need to get started.

Here’s the full course outline:

Module 1: Mindset – Module 1 is a great start for anyone looking to get started with drop shipping. It covers the history of drop shipping, why you should be doing it, and the tools to get started.

Module 2: Getting Started – Module 2 teaches you how to establish a financially stable online store, and also includes all the eCommerce material you need for testing different product categories. 

Module 3: Picking Your Product. The third module will teach you how to find products that people want to buy, which is the hardest part about being successful in dropshipping. You’ll learn how to nail Connor’s Project Pioneer method.

Module 4: Test – This module dives into the fundamentals of ad testing to help you get an edge on your competitors.

Module 5: Optimize This module will go over how to build an effective ad campaign, how to optimize your advertising budget, how to increase the amount of interest you get from your traffic, and more.

Module 6: Scale Up – In module 6, you’ll learn how to expand your business without getting tangled in the process.

Module 7: Replicate The Method – You’ve made it through Module 6. It’s time to find out how you can keep the money coming, deal with your next big challenge, and become a long-term profitable business owner.

Module 8: Connect With Your Audience – In today’s world, email and SMS marketing have become two of the most effective ways to promote a business.In this module you’ll learn everything there’s to learn about them and use them to approach and connect with your customers. .

There’s also a bonus module that comes at the end of the Project Pioneer program. It shows you how to market your dropshipping business following some action-oriented videos on Connor’s blueprint for product launches, and you’ll also learn the most effective ways to reach new customers.

Can Project Pioneer teach you to make money?

The way I see it, Pioneer Project is a real game-changer. It has some serious potential which you can cash in on if you are willing to take action. 

So if you are looking for a full-blown dropshipping course that goes into great detail and includes A-Z videos of a self-made expert entrepreneur teaching his students on how to set up their store and everything else they need to know in order to start their own successful online business… 

Then yes, I believe it can teach you to make money.


There’s no doubt that Project Pioneer is one of the hottest courses in the dropshipping niche currently. Without going into much detail again, Project Pioneer definitely stands out from its competitors. 

It covers everything in great depth and it teaches you to be an entrepreneur; something that I believe is the goal of every dropshipper.

Throughout the course, you’ll be working with real-life examples, which makes everything far more interesting. You’ll learn how to start an eCommerce store from scratch, and also how to sell your products on any platform. 

The bottom line: I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in starting their own eCommerce store and wants a well-rounded introduction to dropshipping.

If you’re looking for a way to earn an income online, build a brand, and learn about starting an online store, then you can’t go wrong with Project Pioneer.

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