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Shopping For AMBUSH At Harrold

Ambush an experimental but innovative and creative line of jewelry that covers the aesthetics from Tokyo with its uni-sex collections made its debut in Paris and made its name for the shopping range.

Shopping for AMBUSH is made easier and much more accessible with Harrold’s. Harrold’s is a living fashion institute that covers about 100 local and international designer labels.

You can shop for AMBUSH clothing at Harrold’s as they are renowned for their esteemed signature service and excellent relations with clients. With their unique range of luxury wear, Harrold provides individuals with such an extraordinary experience in both online and in stores.

 Harrold has brought an iconic and eccentric brand as AMBUSH to Australia where their clients can explore the range provided by AMBUSH online or in stores, where they get to view clothing of unique approach of a Japanese brand.

 While shopping for AMBUSH at Harrold you are also offered free delivery at orders above in Australia and NZ, where you can also return your orders based in Australia. If you are shopping for orders of more than $3000 you can use after pay as your payment method.


 The Ambush collection includes fancy and decent at once jewelry which further deals with necklaces and bracelets. These pieces hold aesthetic designs and are constructed in such a way that the collections seem to celebrate different sub-cultures of Japan – going from the hip hop scene to contemporary pop art motifs.

The original intent behind the ambush is to shock, excite and challenge the fashion world with their bold ideas and designs. Harold has made it possible by making these available to a larger scale of people through their stores and team.


Under their vast variety, you can shop for all the cute stuff you need in your wardrobe. 

Bunny necklaces and earrings

With their vision, ambush continues to offer their funky and playful jewelry and what can be more attractive than a bunny charm necklace.

Made in Japan, with sterling silver and a cool chain. The bunny earrings are also one must in your collection. It is an original teddy bear in sterling silver and gold in a safety pin-shaped earring.


At Harrold’s, you can find the decent and attractive designs of AMBUSH which look extremely appealing in your collection.

This silver sterling bracelet will elevate your look and make it look much classier with the classic ball chain and features the logo engraved tab slot fastening. Clip this on to feel effortlessly cool.

You can review more on the fittings and sizes along with product features on Harrods. 

The conclusion 

AMBUSH has always been displaying their aesthetics for years through their unique designs, with Harrold serving as a platform for brands, it has been made easy for all local and international folks to get access to the bold and outstanding fashion pieces of the industry. Such pieces make you look cool with minimum effort.


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