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4 Signs that You Would Make a Great Foster Parent

Thousands of children go through the foster care system every year, and it is in great need of good foster parents to take care of them. The issue is that it takes a specific type of person to be a foster parent, and it’s difficult for foster care agencies to attract and find good candidates.

If you think you have what it takes to become one, you should definitely consider the option as it will allow you to give back, help the system, and get compensation for your efforts. Here are some of the signs that you would make for a great foster parent.

You Love Children and They Love You

The most obvious sign that you would make for a great foster parent is if you have a genuine love for children and they connect with you. It’s even better if you’re currently working or have worked with children before, but that’s not necessary.

People who truly understand children and can read them are the ones who do the best as foster parents. They’re better at understanding what a child is going through and adjusting their communication or discipline style to make them feel comfortable. They’re also much better at integrating themselves with the rest of their family.

You’re Financially Responsible

As a foster parent, there may be short breaks where you’re not caring for a child. During those periods, you won’t receive a fostering allowance and so having a small pot of funds would be beneficial.

However, the fostering agency will be working hard behind the scenes to find a child that would perfectly match your household and minimise time where you don’t have children in placement.

Note, however, that you don’t have to be rich to become a foster parent. It will be up to the foster agency to check whether you’ll be able to manage these short periods. If you’d like to speak with a foster organisation and learn a bit more about their requirements, you should check out

You’re Empathic

If you genuinely care for people’s well-being, especially children, then you have one of the most important traits for foster parenting. The foster care system needs more people who take in children because they actually want to help.

These are the kind of parents that foster children will remember. If you’ve always wanted to do something for others, then this could be the chance to completely change someone else’s life for the better and give them hope.

You’re Flexible

If you’ve always been great at adapting to different situations and finding solutions on the fly, you could use those skills as a foster parent, since you’ll have to work with children with different types of personalities and needs. 

Some of the children you welcome may be picky eaters or they may be more withdrawn than others. You could also welcome children with special needs. Being flexible is ultimately what will allow you to run a tight ship and keep everyone in your family on the same page.

If you recognise yourself in this article, then do the country a service and at least start looking into fostering a child if you can. This could be a life-changing experience for you, them, and the other members of your family as well.

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